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104 True Hero
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan stopped their advance, because if the second group can't solve the monster, then they don't have to run.

     I didn't see it very clearly, but Xiang Weiguo knew that Xinghe was right in front of him, so he whispered: "Xinghe, if we all die in battle, you have to go by yourself, I believe you will be fine."

     Xinghe's voice came out.


     Xiang Weiguo looked at the captain of the special forces, and he said solemnly: "If the monster cannot be solved and we continue to follow Xinghe, we will only lead the monster to his side. So from now on, Xinghe advances alone, and we are the others. Everyone stays!"

     Li Changfeng cried faintly, a special team immediately covered his mouth, and whispered: "No noise!"

     At this moment, a special forces member excitedly raised the volume and said: "It hit!"

     Observed with a night vision device, it was clear that the rocket hit the monster.

     The captain let out a long breath, and then he whispered: "It can pierce the armor by 180 mm, I don't believe it..."

     It doesn't work if you don't believe it, the monster just paused for a while and didn't fall down, and the second group of eight people didn't move anymore.

     More than a cold heart, this is the real despair.

     Xiang Weiguo said solemnly: "Xinghe, go!"

     "Prepare for combat!"

     The commander of the special forces command, and now he doesn't have any way to solve the monster.

     Gao Yuan and Luo Xingyu looked at each other, and then Luo Xingyu hugged him.

     Gao Yuan kissed Luo Xingyu's mouth, and then he whispered: "Let me go."Luo Xingyu let go of Gao Yuan with tears, and Gao Yuan said to the special forces member beside him: "Give me two grenades. I am very accurate in throwing grenades, really."

     Xiang Weiguo said solemnly: "Give it to him."

      The special forces member did not hesitate, took two grenades from his body and gave it to Gao Yuan.

     Yu Shunzhou said anxiously: "Give me one, give me one!"

     No one cares about Yu Shunzhou, because people who have never used a grenade are more likely to injure themselves.

     Li Changfeng finally cannot bear crying.

     Xiang Weiguo drew the pistol, he said to Yu Shunzhou: "You three hide aside."

     Li Changfeng sobbed: "I don't want to die..."

     Yun Shunzhou said angrily: "Shut up and don't cry your mother, useless!"

     "Disperse! Look for the weakness of the monster and shoot. It must have eyes!"

     The commander of the special forces spoke very dissatisfied, and then they watched the monster start to speed up and run towards them again.

     When encountering a threatening firepower point, the monster will first eliminate the firefighting power point, even if there are people around it, it will turn a blind eye, but without the threatening firepower, the monster will kill every creature around it. This is still in the refuge. Li Gaoyuan discovered it.

     So Luo Xingyu didn't need to run, and they couldn't run.

     Gao Yuan held a grenade in one hand. He looked at Luo Xingyu and said, "Where to go, Shunzhou, take her over."

     "The monster is injured."

     I don't know who shouted, Gao Yuan also noticed it at this time, because the speed of the monster was much slower than just now.It's a lot slower, and it's still very fast. It's just a lot slower, but it's still not a speed that humans can match.

     In less than two minutes, the monsters had already arrived Gao Yuan before their eyes.


     Two special forces members fired from two directions, and the monster immediately rushed to the left that was closer to it, and after an instant, it split the fired special forces member in half with one blow.

     But Gao Yuan seemed to see the monster's side somewhat abnormal, and a piece of the carapace that was originally shining with strange light had lost its luster.

     The first special forces member was sacrificed, and the monster turned back again, killing the special forces member on his right with one blow.

     The monster passed by at a distance of less than three meters in front of Gao Yuan's eyes, and rushed to a special forces member that shot.

     "What about the eyes! What about its eyes!"

     Accompanied by a desperate and angry roar, the third special forces member sacrificed.

     Gao Yuan also shouted at this time, and he shouted: "There is a wound on the right side of the monster, there is a wound! Hand grenade...cover me!"

     While roaring high, the fourth special forces member sacrificed.

     But Gao Yuan swore that he really saw the left side of the monster's body, close to the hind limbs, it should be regarded as a wound on the outer part of the abdomen.

     The rocket in the end still caused damage to the monster.

     In other words, the armor is broken.

     Gao Yuan felt he saw an opportunity.

     But there was no time to elaborate, so he shouted: "Create a chance, give me a chance!"

     Gao Yuan didn't know if anyone understood what he meant, but the special forces captain seemed to really understand what he meant."Involvement! Tactics interspersed to involve monsters!"

     The commander of the special forces fired. He was on the far right back side. At this moment, he was running while firing. The monster immediately moved towards him, but when he found the monster coming towards him, the commander of the special forces immediately stopped shooting.

     The soldier on the other side opened fire, and the monster abandoned the special commander without the slightest hesitation, and instead rushed towards the shooting soldier.

     If you are poor, tactics are interspersed, and if you dare, you will blow up.

     Now that there is no heavy firepower, as long as the tactical interleaving creates an opportunity for Gao Yuan, fortunately, for the special forces member, the tactical interleaving is simply easier than drinking water and eating.

     "It works! Keep getting involved!"

     Extremely pleasantly surprised, but Gao was ten meters away from the monster. At this distance, he really couldn't throw a grenade into a wound of high speed movement.

     It must be close, the monster must be slowed down, and he must be alive.

     Gao Yuan shouted: "Too fast, too far, create opportunities for me..."

     The fifth special forces member was sacrificed. He stopped shooting, but the monster was too close to him. Instead of turning, he continued to approach and waved his forelimbs.

     However, it is not the monster's strong point to flick and move in a small area. In addition to being injured, the speed of the monster is unavoidably slowed down.

     A soldier opened fire behind Gao Yuan, so the monster ran towards Gao Yuan, and Gao Yuan was between the monster and the soldier.

     Gao Yuan let go of the grenade that had been pulled away. Three seconds, almost.

     The soldier behind Gao Yuan stopped shooting, and at this moment, the commander of the special forces running at Gao Yuan fired. He was on the right side of Gao Yuan, less than ten meters away from the monster.The monster turned immediately and passed by Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan did not throw a grenade, too fast, he was not sure.

     But at that moment when the monster passed by, Gao Yuan directly put a grenade into the monster's wound.

     The commander of the special forces flew high, and it was less than one-tenth of a second. There was a loud sound, and the monster's wound suddenly spewed a lot of blood.

     No screaming, only weird high-frequency screams.

     The monster finally fell to the ground, but after only a short while, the monster tried to stand up again, and it seemed that it would indeed stand up again.

     When the first grenade was inserted, Gao Yuan had already opened the pull ring of the second grenade.

     Gao Yuan accurately threw the grenade into the monster's big wound.

     The grenade explosion failed to kill the monster, but it enlarged the wound of the monster, but the monster was still immortal, and the monster was stopped/stood extremely fast.

     Gao Yuan threw the grenade into the monster's wound, but the grenade fell out immediately.

     He was running high, and he was so close to the monster, so close that he could pick up the grenade immediately.

     Picked up the grenade, stood high on the ground and directly stuffed the hand holding the grenade into the monster's wound. After reaching in with the entire arm, he hooked his hand, feeling that the grenade would not fall out again, and quickly pulled out his hand subconsciously. .

     The grenade exploded as soon as he took out his hand. Gao Yuan couldn't avoid it at all. With a dull loud noise, Gao Yuan felt his body hot, and then the monster's huge body crashed to the ground in front of him.The monster fell to the other side, otherwise Gao Yuan would be crushed to death.

     But Gao Yuan also fell to the ground.

     The grenade exploded too close to the heights.

     The monster did not crush Gao Yuan, but a small amount of steel balls from the explosion of the grenade flew out of the monster and hit the half of Gao Yuan's body.

     Shoulder, right arm, right waist, and right leg.

     "Ah... it's worth it!"

     Gao Yuan had completely lost his strength, he was injured, but he did not die.

     Gao Yuan was very happy, so he laughed.

     "First aid!"

     Excitement is everyone's feeling, but Luo Xingyu and Xiang Weiguo are rush forward, and at this moment, Xinghe's voice suddenly rang.

     "Don't get close to him, he is about to become... a zombie. There are a lot of disease-causing viruses in the monster, which is what you call Zombie's Virus. Gao Yuan has been severely infected."

     Luo Xingyu and Xiang Weiguo had already rushed to Gao Yuan's side, because they weren't far away.

     Gao Yuan didn't hear what Xinghe said, but Luo Xingyu, who was looking at his concerned face, suddenly stopped, and then looked behind him with astonishment, and then at Xiang Weiguo's extremely astonished and shocked eyes, he suddenly Want to understand one thing.

     "Isn't it? I'm still going to die, as a hero is not a good one..."

     With a wry smile, Gao Yuan raised his left arm towards Luo Xingyu and swung it, and then he said as loudly as possible: "Xiaoyu, go, Uncle Xiang...what's the matter?"

     "There is a virus in the monster."

     What Xiang Weiguo didn't want to say, but he still told Gao Yuan truthfully.Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, and then he immediately said: "Uncle Xiang, give me a good time, I don't want to be a zombie, I really don't want to!"

     Gao Yuan could see Luo Xingyu crying and was about to pounce at him, so he immediately shouted, "Uncle Xiang."

     Xiang Weiguo grabbed Luo Xingyu, then flicked it aside, and pushed Luo Xingyu to a special forces member that ran over. He faced Gao Yuan with a sad face and said, "Don't worry, I will Take care of Xiao Yu..."

     Xiang Weiguo had a smile on his face, a very sad smile. He pointed his pistol at Gao Yuan's heart and said in a low voice: "You are a hero, a true hero, not the kind of hero who said a few words on the radio. You are worthy of the excellent style of Dahongsanlian. I will send you one last trip. You can rest assured."

     Gao Yuan began to twitch, his face was impatient, he felt that he was losing consciousness quickly, so he was so panicked that he couldn't hear what Xiang Weiguo was saying now, he just put his hand on his heart. Shaking, trying to put his hands on his heart.

     Xiang Weiguo suddenly understood that Gao Yuan had a red three consecutive flag in his heart.

     But if you don't hit your heart, you can only hit your eyebrows if you are fatal.

     So Xiang Weiguo aimed his gun at Gao Yuan's eyebrows, and this time Gao Yuan laughed.

     Luo Xingyu was grabbed by someone, and she struggled and shouted: "No! Don't shoot, don't kill him!"

     It's time for Xiang Weiguo to pull the trigger, but listening to Luo Xingyu's yelling, he really couldn't do it. He hated his incompetence, but he couldn't leave this to others to do.

     "Are you going to kill him? I don't understand, why are you killing him?"Xinghe spoke suddenly, and Xiang Weiguo immediately turned the head and looks to Xinghe.

     Gao Yuan was already rolling his eyes, and was convulsing violently. The virus carried by the monster was far more violent than the airborne virus.

     But Xiang Weiguo suddenly turned around and immediately put away his gun. Then he looked at the emerging Xinghe and said loudly, "What does it mean? Do you have a way?"