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109 Blown Up
    Author: Unknown
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Xiao Yu, my name is Li Changfeng. I used to be in the same team with Gao Yuan. look so beautiful. Watermark advertising test Watermark advertising test"

     "Xiao Yu, have you eaten? I'll help you look at Gao Yuan. You can eat quickly."

     "Xiao Yu, what do you plan to do if Gao Yuan keeps doing this? I mean he has completely become a vegetable. Will you keep guarding him like this?"

     "Xiao Yu, I learn a foreign language, let me read a poem to you, this is a famous poet..."

     "Li Changfeng, you don't need you here. When I'm with Brother Yuan, can you stay away?"

     "Li Changfeng, get out of here!"

     "Li Changfeng! I've seen you uncomfortable for a long time. Jia Weidong has shot me and shot me and it's more pleasing to your eyes. I tell you, from now on, if you dare to get closer to Xiaoyu, I will shoot your shit out! Hear no Did you hear that! Ciao! Don't run!"

     Gao Yuan could hear a lot of voices, and sometimes these voices made him feel angry.

     There is no sadness, no joy, Gao Yuan doesn't have any mood swings for a long time, even if Luo Xingyu talks to him every day, even if Yu Shunzhou frigid irony and scorching satire to him all day, Gao Yuan will not have any mood swings.

     Because I think, I feel pain.

      I don't feel the pain anymore, but Gao Yuan has also lost the ability to think, except for occasionally seeing the redness in my heart.

     But hearing the name Li Changfeng, hearing Li Changfeng's words, made Gao Yuan feel angry.

     To this day, after he heard some conversations in the entirety, his sometimes sober and sometimes chaotic consciousness was completely angry."Xiao Yu! Gao Yuan can't wake up, Xinghe said so too, are you still reluctant to give up?"

     "Can he wake up mind your own business! You have forgotten how terrible you were beaten by Yu Shunzhou, get out!"

     "Fuck? I today... I have to do you today!"

     "Do you want to die? Ah! what are you doing?"

     Accompanied by the sound of to punch and kick, Li Changfeng's panting heavily growled.

     "Die or die, you might as well die in such a day, I rely on, you still want to run, ah! Do you dare to kick me, I will beat you to death, I will put you back when I die, do it first, you will say..."

     Luo Xingyu shouted desperately: "Uncle Xiang, Yu Shunzhou... Uh, uh, Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan, save me..."

     Anger, extremely intense anger, his consciousness is returning quickly, and he wants to move, but he can't feel his body at all.

     "Ah! Dare to bite me and kill you!"

     Accompanied by Li Changfeng's painful cry, followed by a muffled sound hitting people.

     Struggling, Gao Yuan is struggling hard.

     Suddenly, Gao Yuan's body seemed to be electrocuted, but for a moment, a long-lost feeling returned to him.

     Gao Yuan opened the eyes.

     The strong white light greatly stimulated Gao Yuan. He closes the eyes, but immediately opened the eyes again.

     Then Gao Yuan sat up.

     Luo Xingyu was riding under him by Li Changfeng. Li Changfeng's left hand pressed Luo Xingyu's right hand, and his right hand pressed Luo Xingyu's neck, while one hand of Luo Xingyu was desperately pushing Li Changfeng's chin, another hand was Desperately trying to lift up, as for her feet, they are desperately fluttering on the ground.The first scene Gao Yuan saw when he opened his eyes was this scene.

     Gao Yuan stopped/stood and walked to Li Changfeng's body, and then Li Changfeng, whose head was pushed up by Luo Xingyu, saw Gao Yuan, and he suddenly became stunned with a hideous look.

     Gao Yuan stretched out his left hand and grabbed Li Changfeng by the neck, then he lifted Li Changfeng up.

     Li Changfeng grabbed Gao Yuan's left hand with both hands, kicking desperately with his feet. He is 1.77 m tall, but at the moment he is 1.8 metres' Gao Yuan grabbing his neck and lifting it in the air.

     What nonsense, Gao Yuan hit Li Changfeng’s chest with a muffled sound, Li Changfeng’s chest sank in immediately, and then Li Changfeng who was struggling immediately stopped struggling, his eyes protruding, just staring firmly. Looking high, eyes full of panic and puzzlement.

     Luo Xingyu sat up, she only needed to turn around to see Gao Yuan, and then her eyes opened wide and she became speechless.

     "Li Changfeng! High? High!"

     A special forces member stood at the door, just glanced at, and then he immediately raised his gun at Gao Yuan, but at this time, after Yu Shunzhou saw Gao Yuan next to him, he pushed it out subconsciously.

     Luo Xingyu woke up like a dream, she quickly got up from the ground, opened her arms and stood in front of Gao Yuan and said: "Don't shoot! He is awake! He is not a zombie!"

     Luo Xingyu's voice was extremely pleased.

     Gao Yuan turned his head and glanced at, and then he turned his head back, Silent just opened his right arm again, clenched his fist, and let Li Changfeng down a little, and then punched Li Changfeng's face hard.puff~, Li Changfeng's face is completely sunken, his head is like a smashed watermelon.

     Gao Yuan let go of his left hand, and Li Changfeng fell down. However, Gao Yuan only felt weak. Then the plop sound fell down and fell to Li Changfeng's side.

     Yu Shunzhou at the door, a special forces member, and Luo Xingyu in the room, all stayed.

     Gao Yuan felt very weak. He couldn't even move his little finger. The only feeling he felt was hunger, unbearable hunger.

     "I'm very hungry……"

     Yu Shunzhou finally took a deep breath fiercely, and then he said anxiously: "Hungry? Hungry? Find something to eat, hurry."

     Yu Shunzhou was crazy. The special forces member next to him put away the gun, and then he said to Yu Shunzhou: "He just hit Li Changfeng's head with a punch!"

     Yu Shunzhou was still turning over the bag behind his back and said angrily: "He deserves it!"

     "I said he smashed Li Changfeng's head with one punch, it was blasted! It was blasted!"

     Yu Shunzhou stopped for a while, he looked at the heights on the ground, then at Li Changfeng, and then he said angrily again: "He deserves it!"

     Gao Yuan really didn't even have the strength to speak. He was very hungry and weak, and he was in a state of dread returning to the past.

     At this moment, Luo Xingyu took out a small plastic bag from her pocket, opened the plastic bag, there was a piece of chocolate inside, and after opening the folded chocolate packaging bag, she took out from the inside there was still 3-two Month chocolate.

     "How did you wake up, how did you wake up..."While questioning Gao Yuan, Luo Xingyu put chocolate in Gao Yuan's mouth. Gao Yuan opened her mouth, so she put the chocolate in Gao Yuan's mouth.

     The chocolate has been stored for a long time, so it is very hard and crisp.

     But very sweet.

     Gao Yuan ate the chocolate, so he quickly gained the strength to speak.

     "You still have this chocolate..."

     "I can't bear to eat it."

     Luo Xingyu was just as crazy. She kissed Gao Yuan’s face several times, and then after she held Gao Yuan’s head in her arms, she smiled and said with a cry: "Why did you wake up? Scared to death! Badass! You scared me to death..."

     Yu Shunzhou brought a piece of meat to Gao Yuan's body. He smiled with tears in his eyes. After putting the meat to Gao Yuan's mouth, a proud face said loudly: "I knew that you bitch can't die. So, if you eat, I will find something for you. You are waiting for me!" For mobile users, please browse and read for a better reading experience.