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118 Medicine Man
    Author: Unknown
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Things that's it, and then I was sent to report. "

     Gao Yuan finished talking about the origin of Galaxy and the origin of the Orochiman in detail, and he said everything he knew, because he was worried that if something went wrong, he would have no chance to say these things.

     I don’t mention it when I have time and opportunity. I don’t have to wait until an urgent and important moment to say but I don’t have a chance to say that this kind of mentally retarded situation will not appear in Gao Yuan.

     The general heard Gao Yuan's narration. He was originally sitting on a chair, but after Gao Yuan finished speaking, the general had stopped/stood.

     The general stopped/stood, and all seven people in the entire conference room stopped/stood.

     "You mean, an alien named Xinghe is here to help us."


     "You have undergone a mutation now, the strength is extremely fast?"


     "Prove it to me."

     Gao Yuan looked around, and he was still in a cave. The cave was not very big, and it was neither suitable for speed nor strength.

     In the doomsday, resources are tense, waste is not a good habit, Gao Yuan does not want to show his power by destroying things

     Looking up, Gao Yuan found a suitable way. He jumped up and reached out to touch the five-meter-high roof.

     "Can this work?"

     The general took a breath, then he nodded and said, "Okay!"The general walked up to Gao Yuan, stretched out his hand towards Gao Yuan, and said: "Introduce myself, my name is Xu Manzhi, Lieutenant General, I am the commander-in-chief of the No. 12 sub-base. This is the command team of the entire No. 12 base. I Thank you for the good news."

     Gao Yuan and Xu Manzhi shook hands.

     Just now for the quickest introduction, Gao Yuan didn't even say his own name.

     "My name is Gao Yuan, Chief, now let's hurry up and get them back from Xinghe. Also, you have to draw me blood. Xinghe said that if you want to develop a vaccine that can resist the strong virus, it depends on my blood. "

     Xu Manzhi turned his head and said, "Let the base military hospital send someone to take a blood sample and tell the person in charge of the hospital that this is a top-secret task. Let him send me the most reliable person."

     After speaking, Xu Manzhi sighed and said, "It is not appropriate to make any big fanfare to respond to Galaxy. Neither mechanical troops nor large numbers of personnel can be dispatched, but the safety of Galaxy must be ensured. Now we are holding a military meeting to come up with a plan. Come out, you must understand the importance of this matter. If anyone has any thoughts or doubts, they must come up with a surefire method."

     "The report, this matter must be done by the special brigade. Chief, we are now seriously lacking in understanding of aliens. I have a concern that if too many people are sent, it will attract the attention of aliens. My idea is to have a scale of about a hundred people, all equipped with cold weapons, set off after dark, with all crews lightly loaded, and rush to the area where Xinghe is located at the fastest speed, and then escort Xinghe back."Gao Yuan raised his hand, he didn't know how to speak, because the lowest rank of the person present was also a colonel.

     Xu Manzhi saw Gao Yuan raise his hand and said, "Comrade Gao Yuan, do you have something to say? You say it."

     "I have observed on the way here, that is, there are a lot of zombies in the place where they are hiding, but the zombies are easy to be led away. I will go back with the support troops. It is not too difficult to pick up Galaxy."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan plucked up his courage, and said: "Um...I'm finished for the time being, can I go to eat first? I am particularly hungry now, and I am really hungry now."

     Xu Manzhi immediately said: "Oh, I'm really sorry, I forgot to ask if you are hungry, so, you..."

     An officer stopped/stood and said: "I'm going to arrange the canteen to cook immediately, Comrade Xiao Gao, you wait a minute."

     Gao Yuan said anxiously: "I can eat a lot, you have to let them do more."

     Xu Manzhi smiled and said, "Are you still afraid that you won't have enough to eat? Let Xiao Gao eat in the Senior Officer canteen and tell the canteen to prepare more and provide unlimited supply. Xiao Gao, the more you eat, the happier we will be."

     Gao Yuan smiled embarrassedly, and proposed to eat during the military combat meeting, so he was probably able to come out.

     At this moment, Xu Manzhi's orderly soldiers came in. He saluted him and said: "The chief, the people sent by the hospital have already arrived. See where the blood is appropriate."

     Xu Manzhi stopped/stood again and said: "right here, let them in."a man and a woman, two doctors in white lab coats and masks walked in. They also pushed a small cart full of things needed for blood collection.

     Xu Manzhi said to the two doctors nodded and said: "You are doctors in the army. You should know what the top-secret mission means. Collect blood samples first. After the blood samples are collected, you must keep the blood samples in strict accordance with the requirements. Then you need to isolate temporarily. Someone arranges your next work and life, well, let's start now."

     Gao Yuan rolled up her sleeves consciously. The female doctor held a small test tube, just as big as her pinky finger, and walked in front of Gao Yuan.

     "Three blood samples are required."

     The female doctor whispered to Gao Yuan, disinfected first, and then took a thin needle to pierce Gao Yuan's blood vessel.

     The needle is bent.

     The female doctor dazed for a moment, changed a thicker and longer needle, and pricked it again, the needle bent again.

     The female doctor obviously hadn't encountered such a situation before, and she looked at her colleague in fear.

     "Change the biggest number!"

     The female doctor took out the largest needle, but the needle penetrated halfway, and she was a little inattentive, the needle bent again.

     This situation is too rare, but the female doctor dare not ask why, because this is a top secret mission.

     The male doctor said with a guilty conscience: "I will try..."

     Xu Manzhi frowned as he looked at it, but he quickly whispered to the people around him: "The skin strength is too high, the needles can't get in, the mutation effect is too strong."The male doctor picked up the needle, sucked in a mouthful of air, and then stabbed it suddenly. The needle finally pierced the blood vessel. Then he sighed and untied the rubber band tied to Gao Yuan's arm.

     The blood flowed into the test tube, and I looked at it high and it was still red, which made he cannot bear relaxed.

     Gao Yuan thought that a lot of blood samples would be taken, but the three test tubes ended without being filled, he still cannot bear saying: "Is that enough?"

     "Enough, uh, In general must be enough."

     Until now, the doctors don’t know what the blood samples are for. Xu Manzhi thought for a while, and said, “Comrade Xiao Gao, I’m sorry, but you should collect more blood samples. They may have to be sent to many places. If there are fewer blood samples, it may not be enough. ."

     After speaking, Xu Manzhi said to the two doctors: "If it is for scientific research purposes, how many blood samples are needed without affecting his healthy body and high-intensity activities?"

     The two doctors glanced at each other, and the male doctor said, "Then take 200 ml. In general, it must be enough."

     The test tube was replaced with a blood bag, and Gao Yuan was drawn with 200 ml of blood. He didn't know whether it was a psychological effect or a real feeling. After the blood was drawn, he was even more hungry.