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125 Communication
    Author: Unknown
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When Gao Yuan caught up with Xinghe and Xiang Weiguo's group, they had not gone too far.

     Everyone is shocked when they see the height of the whole body covered in blood, because it seems like he just got out of the blood. No part from head to toe is clean, and it exudes extremely strong The smell of blood.

     He waved his hand not to approach him, and walked to the side of Xinghe.

     "Can you spot the zombies in advance now?"

     Gao Yuan asked casually, but he really wanted to know one thing.

     If Xinghe can spot the scattered zombies in advance, then he said why not.

     Galaxy said calmly: "No, I currently already closed the observation function, leaving only the most basic life-saving functions."

     Gao Yuan felt very sorry, but he no longer doubted.

     "You should have told us earlier, because you could find zombies from a long distance before, so we think you can still do it now. This will cause misjudgment."

     "But you can't do anything for me, even if I say it, it doesn't have any meaning."

     It seems that communication is not just about talking.

     Gao Yuan turned his head and glanced at Xinghe, and said, "It makes sense. If I knew earlier that you could not find the zombies in time, I would search for the zombies more carefully. You should tell us your situation in time. Ability, so that we can make better arrangements. I am not accusing you. I want to tell you how to do it better for us."Xinghe silent for a while, then he nodded and said: "I understand, it seems that my habits are not very good, and I have not adapted to treat you as equal communication partners."

     Xinghe's words were a little awkward at first, but after thinking about it carefully, they were right.

     It's like humans don't explain anything to animals, because humans subconsciously don't regard animals as objects of communication. For example, Jia Weidong refuses to leave his hounds, but Jia Weidong obviously won't explain to his hounds why he did so.

     A high-level civilization does not have the habit of actively communicating with low-level civilizations.

     Gao Yuan sighed lightly and said to Xinghe: "Then what functions does your mecha have now?"

     "Some basic recording, life support, and communication functions, and other functions have been discontinued. Otherwise, I cannot support it until it can adapt to the earth's air."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Then what do you eat?"

     "Eating? Eating is a relatively primitive way of ingesting energy. At present, I rely on the Life-preserving System of the mecha to obtain the energy the body needs."

     "You have been in the mecha, how can the excretion problem be solved?"

     "This problem is too private."

     "Uh, it's kind of, then just assume I didn't ask."

     "But you have asked, the answer is that when using an external Life-preserving System, there is basically no need to excrete."

     Gao Yuan couldn't hear the change in Xinghe's voice, so he whispered: "Then how long can your mecha last?""According to the current consumption level, it can last two hundred hours, but if you turn on the detection function, it will be three hours, plus visual deception, it will be one hour and twenty minutes. If you add fast movement, you can use it for two hours. These functions are all turned on, and you can still use it for one minute and forty seconds."

     Gao Yuan was puzzled: "Does investigation consume more energy than moving fast?"


     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "I see, how fast can you move quickly?"

     "Earth speed, 160 kilometers per hour."

     "Then can you fly?"

     "If you have the main energy supply, you can fly short distances. With auxiliary means of movement, you can't fly without the main energy supply, because the energy supply level is not enough for flight."

     "Ok, um, I there is still one question."

     "You ask."

     "How big is the universe? Does the universe have a margin?"

     Xinghe silent for a while said: "I don't know."

     "do not know?"

     "We do not have found the edge of the universe, so I can't answer your this problem accurately."

     "Well, then I have There's no problem temporarily."

     Gao Yuan asked the question he most wanted to ask, which is how big the universe is, but he didn't get the answer as expected.

     Xiang Weiguo was on the side, just a few meters away from Gao, so he heard Xinghe's words very clearly.

     Gao Yuan faced Xiang Wei Guodao: "I'll go ahead and make a way.""You don't need to open the way, King Kong and the others can find the zombie's trail a kilometer away. It doesn't make much sense for you to go ahead and open the way. You stay by Xinghe. If something happens, you protect him and leave together.

     Now that I already left the densest place with zombies, the next thing to do is to avoid the zombies and move forward slowly.

     Gao Yuan felt that it really didn't make much sense for him to go ahead and open the road, and the most important thing was of course to protect Galaxy.

     Qing sighed saying, Gao Yuan whispered to Xiang Weiguo: "How many dead?"


     Three more people died, two of them still died in front of Gao Yuan.

     That kind of powerlessness is coming again, the sighed saying is gentle and high.

     Even if he is Superman, nothing can be done. After all, Gao Yuan has only one person. Even if he is noble, he is only one person.

     Gao Yuanqing sighed saying, Xiang Weiguo seemed to understand Gao Yuan’s distress, and he whispered from the side: "You have to remember that you have done very well, and without you, we would never have the chance to leave like this. There is no way to get here at the expense of three people."

     "But you shouldn't have died."

     Xiang Weiguo glanced at Gao Yuan, and said: "Don’t think of yourself as a god, Xiao Yuan, you just gained greater power and faster speed than ordinary people, but you are not a god, and doing whats the matter is the same. Start I tried to plan carefully before, but once the action starts, then you must face various sorts and varieties of accidents. Just like others, you have to deal with all kinds of accidents."

     Gao Yuan really blamed himself a little, although Xiang Weiguo enlightened him in this way, he still blamed himself a little.Because Gao Yuan was covered in blood from zombies, Xiang Weiguo did not get too close to him, but as a special forces instructor, Xiang Weiguo was still very accurate about Gao Yuan's psychological changes.

     "Xiao Yuan, you have done enough and good enough. It is okay to strive for perfection, but no one can really achieve perfection, just do your best."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and nodded: "Well, do your best."

     Ask yourself, are you really doing your best?

     Gao Yuan's answer was that he really did his best and did his best. Then, since he did his best, he can be sad or angry, but he doesn't need to blame himself.

     So Gao Yuan's mood finally relaxed a little.