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129 Handshake
    Author: Unknown
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Vanity, Xinghe's answers and actions greatly satisfied the lofty vanity.

     Gao Yuan knew why many people were looking forward to him outside the base, and he also knew that Xu Manzhi would come to meet him personally, because Xinghe would not speak if he did not come.

     Although the reason for this much-anticipated is Xinghe, it feels good to be lofty as the person who is highly-anticipated.

     Turning to look at the person next to him, Gao Yuan said to Xinghe, "Why are you waiting for me?"

     Yeah, why do you have to wait high?

     If there is any special relationship between Xinghe and Gao Yuan, it seems that there is no such thing.

     Yes, Gao Yuan was the first person to talk to Xinghe, but it was a while earlier than being caught. Later, Xiang Weiguo and the others communicated with Xinghe a lot, because Gao Yuan was in a coma at that time, think I can't speak.

     So Xinghe's attitude is a bit unusual.

     Xinghe looked at Gao Yuan, leaned down slightly, and calmly said to Gao Yuan, "Because I know all about you."

     This answer made people more puzzled. Others didn't understand. Gao Yuan himself also is unclear. Fortunately, Xinghe immediately added.

     "So you are trustworthy."

     Gao Yuan pointed to his nose, baffling said, "I am trustworthy?"

     Galaxy continued indifferently said: "I want to meet the highest ruler of the earth. This is a very important moment for both civilizations. At this important moment, I hope you will be present."Xu Manzhi repeatedly nodded, and then he said to Gao Yuan: "I understand, I understand, Xinghe trusts you very much. When he meets our Supreme Chief, he wants you to be present. This mood can understand, you are his familiar and People who trust, so you are me, representatives of the earth, does that mean?"

     Xinghe said to Xu Manzhi: "Yes."

     Xu Manzhi immediately said, "Since we know why, let's go to see the Supreme Chief and get in the car."

     It should have been arranged long ago, but Gao Yuan didn't know when he came back, but as soon as he said to get in the car, Xiang Weiguo and Yu Shunzhou immediately walked out of the crowd and got on the waiting car outside the crowd.

     It is also possible to drive in the base, and it is also an electric car. Gaoyuan doesn't know why the electric car here can avoid being damaged in electromagnetic storms. I think it should be the effect in the cave.

     What I prepared for Xinghe was a car without a roof. It looked like it had been modified to transport ammunition and used it as a VIP car for Xinghe. There is no way, because Xinghe’s mecha is very tall and large. , There should be no special courtesy car in this Underground Base, so I can only make a living at this time.

     They didn't go far in the battery car, and they got off at Gao Yuan because there were railroad tracks in a separate tunnel.

     They changed to a train at Gaoyuan, or a high-speed train to be precise, and told that the train had only three carriages. After Gaoyuan got on the train, the high-speed train began to travel in the tunnel.

     The high-speed train travels very fast, and there is a light at every other section of the tunnel. Although the overall light is still dim, overall the line of sight is basically not affected.There is an iron door every other segment in the tunnel, but all the iron doors are closed.

     Watching Gao Yuan have been watching those iron gates that often appear, Xu Manzhi, sitting on his side, whispered: "We are in the cave command post of the Supreme Command of China. Base 12 is part of it. Now we are going to prepare for combat. The road is also the main road. This road links all the sub-bases and the main command post together. Every an iron door you see leads to a relatively independent area. For example, the door in front leads to the industrial area. , The thickness of these doors is fifty centimeters, two layers, after being closed, a completely enclosed and independent environment can be formed."

     Gao Yuan turned to look at Xu Manzhi and whispered, "Isn't this a military secret?"

     "Forget it, but you are qualified to know."

     Yes, I will meet the Supreme Chief soon, and these relatively big road secrets are no secrets.

     "Then can we tell where we are going?"

     Xu Manzhi added hesitated for a moment and said: "Go to Base 10. Our No. 12 base is a base with more production and livelihood than combat readiness, but the only purpose of Base 10 is combat readiness, so it is safer there."

     Gao Yuan was nodded, and Xu Manzhi seemed to explain to him, or to Xinghe, loudly saying: "Originally, the highest chief wanted to rush to base 12 immediately after receiving the news, but the comrades responsible for the safety of the highest chief are determined not to Agree, because the Security Level of Base 12 is relatively poor, and the Supreme Chief also hopes to invite Xinghe to the safest place."Gao Yuan took a look at the environment in the carriage. It couldn't be said to be luxurious, but he knew that the carriage was for senior leaders.

     It's impossible to say no emotion, but it seems that there is no emotion. After too much life and death, many things naturally fade.

     The high-speed train has traveled for 40 minutes, and Gaoyuan does not know how far it has traveled, but according to the speed of the high-speed train, this period of time should have traveled a long way.

     The train slowed down, there was no platform in the tunnel, but the space where the train stopped was obviously much larger.

     When the train stopped, Xu Manzhi stopped/stood as impatient, and then he said to Xinghe: "Xinghe...please."

     Xu Manzhi wanted to use the honorific title, but what to use this honorific title really made Xu Manzhi really bothered.

     It’s not right to call a husband, or a girl. It’s definitely not appropriate to call a VIP. In the end, you can’t call a comrade, so Xu Manzhi had to omit the honorific name and can only be more polite in his tone.

     Xinghe walked behind Xu Manzhi, high behind Xinghe, and the three of them got out of the car backward.

     As soon as he got out of the carriage, Gao Yuan saw a group of people standing on the platform beside the railroad tracks.

     It's really star-studded. This is not the starlight of a star, but the most powerful group of people in the entire human race right here.

     In fact, there are not too many people. The admiral Gao Yuan saw three of them at a glance.

     Of course, the person with the highest status is the person at the front of the crowd.

     Shenzhou Supreme Leader, Li Wen.People who could only be seen on TV actually appeared in front, Gao Yuan suddenly felt that his face breathing became a little difficult. This is the so-called power.

     There is no need to introduce at all. When Xinghe came out of the carriage, everyone knew that this was the alien visitor they were expecting.

     Li Wen stepped forward, he stretched out his hand to Xinghe, smiled and said: "Hello, I am Li Wen, I am glad to meet you."

     Xinghe stretched out his hand. He did not shake hands with Li Wen, but he knew the etiquette of shaking hands, but he was not suitable for shaking hands with Li Wen.

     Extending his palm, Xinghe tapped Li Wen's hand, and then he said in a very serious tone: "Hello, I am Xinghe."

     After speaking, Xinghe took back his manipulator and put his hand in front of Gao Yuan, and then he said to Li Wen: "Introduction, he is my friend, Gao Yuan."

     An alien introduces another earthling to another earthling. How does this scene feel weird?

     When Gaoyuan was not knowing what to do, Li Wen had already stretched out his hand to Gaoyuan, smiled and said, "Hello, Gaoyuan, it's nice to meet you."

     Gao Yuan in fear and trepidation stretched out his hands and held Li Wen's hand, and then he quickly said: "I, I am also very happy, really happy..."