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136 Have Me!
    Author: Unknown
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"Wang Hu...deserves to be an armored tiger, a real tiger!"

     A general uttered a sigh, then he cannot bear smeared his face.

     "This is my subordinate, my subordinate!"

     A general trembled when he spoke. He held his hat flat and said: "Chief, I have nothing to say, first class!"

     "Don't talk about the first-class merit, I think the first-class merit is not enough! The honor of the special merit should be restored!"

     Li Wen sighed for a long time, and then he pointed to the general who was speaking, and said: "General Luo is right. It is wartime, and it is a critical moment related to the entire human race matter of life and death. He used special honors to commend some people in peace. Soldiers who have made great contributions in the alien battle, I think it is very suitable."

     "Yes, special merit! Special grade combat hero, but it must be issued strictly!"

     "Comrade Wang Hu won the special grade merit, but if the standard is determined by his contribution, will the standard be too high, and latecomers will not get the special grade merit."

     Li Wen waved his hand and said: "As for the restoration and awarding standards for the restoration of special power, let's discuss and make a decision later."

     Loudly whispered: "Sorry, I know I shouldn't interrupt, but I want to say that Shimen No. 1 Institute has contributed a lot. They gave all the artillery to No. 2..."

     Li Wen looked at Gao Yuan, and then at Xiang Weiguo.

     Xiang Weiguo's sighed saying, said: "The two schools are not small, but the first is equally great."

     At this moment, Xinghe suddenly said: "Do you need to play the recording? I have their call records."Li Wen hesitated for a moment, and then he said to Xinghe: "Not for the time being, we will ask you to show us their conversation later, we will record it in detail, and now we do not have means to record it."

     Xinghe nodded and said, "Okay."

     General Luo is Wang Hu's superior. Gao Yuan didn't know the specific name of General Luo, but General Luo said in a deep voice at this time: "I propose that the 33258 Brigade be awarded the honorary title of Tiger Brigade!"

     Li Wen not the slightest hesitated, he said loudly: "Agree!"



     The generals present did not have one person objected. Seeing that everyone immediately expressed their attitude, Li Wen nodded and said: "This work, we have to be more careful, and then we have to inform the whole army."

     General Luo continued to whisper: "There is one more Tiger Brigade in the military history of our army, but there is also one less Tiger Brigade. What a pity..."

     At this moment, Gao Yuan suddenly realized what General Luo meant, so he hurriedly said, "Wait, no, there are people!"

     Xiang Weiguo faced Gaoyuan nodded and motioned to him that he was right.

     To put it bluntly, relying on the relationship between Gao Yuan and Xinghe, and Xiang Weiguo and the others also spent a period of time with Xinghe day and night, otherwise, like Gao Yuan and Luo Xingyu, their identities how can it be mixed here, but Xiang Weiguo Wei State may be invited.

     But here, there is no place to speak to Weiguo.

     Gao Yuan hurriedly took out a red flag from his pocket, and then he cautious and solemn opened the red flag."There are people in the 332588 brigade! That's me! I am a recruit for the third company of the red. Really, there are people in the third company of the red, so there are people in the 33258 brigade."

     Everyone was stunned, and said in a hurry, "Am I clarifying? That's what happened. Dahong Sanlian served as a blocker mission. They knew that none of them could survive, so the company commander gave the banner to the company. If I let me keep it and let me join the army temporarily, then I will be a member of the Big Three."

     General Luo sighed saying, he wiped his eyes with his hand, and said in a low voice: "I am getting older, sorry..."

     After speaking, General Luo walked to Gao Yuan. He patted Gao Yuan on the shoulder and said in a low voice: "Xiao Gao, I understand your feelings, but you don't understand. Wang Hu and his brigade died, but They will write a lot in the history of the military, and there will be a lot in the history books. We want to tell everyone their spirits, but you are a temporary recruit, in fact, you are not a recruit, you You know, we..."

     Gao Yuan was a little anxious, he said loudly: "What does it mean?"

     General Luo whispered: "The 332588 brigade doesn't exist anymore, it just exists in a different way. The spirit of the Tiger Brigade will never die, and the spirit of Wang Hu will always be there."

     This is to put the 33258 brigade on the honor wall, but it only means the honor wall.

     Gao Yuan immediately looked at Xinghe and said, "You have the recording at that time, right? You play it! You play the recording for me!"

     Galaxy without the slightest hesitation, said: "Does it start from where you pick up the flag? Okay."

     "Yes!"Galaxy's mecha immediately began to play sounds, and then immediately remembered the voice of Zhou Shaoqiang.



     "You are a volunteer, not a soldier, right?"

     "Report, I am not a soldier."

     "Very well, now I invite you to join the glorious Red Third Company, are you willing?"

     "Report to the company commander, I am willing!"

     "Very well, from now on you are a member of the third company. I order you to take good care of our company flag. Don't die! You are not allowed to die! If you don't die, the third company will have seeds. You can't dismantle me, you are not allowed to die, this is an order!"

     "I promise Mission Completion!"

     In the dialogue between Zhou Shaoqiang and Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan held the Lianqi in one hand and pointed at the mecha in the other: "Have you heard it? Hear it! Am I right? I'm a soldier of the Red Third Company!"

     At this moment, Zhou Shaoqiang's roar came from the mecha: "Give up the fantasy and welcome death!"

     In Zhou Shaoqiang's roar, Gao Yuan also yelled: "Our company commander said, we don't want honor, we don't want any honor! We will have the big red three consecutive, and we cannot dismantle it! No!"

     Xiang Weiguo said loudly to Gao Yuan: "Gao Yuan! Calm down!"

     Luo Xingyu was very scared. He had never seen Gao Yuan so excited, so she ran to Gao Yuan and took Gao Yuan's hand.

     Li Wen looked very embarrassed, and General Luo looked at Li Wen eagerly.

     Li Wen whispered: "This situation..."Gao Yuan said loudly: "There's more! There's more! As Brigadier Wang said, I must survive. I am the seed of the 33258 Brigade! Xinghe, release it!"

     General Luo whispered: "Can you make an exception?"

     A general next to him said with an embarrassed expression: "But the order has been officially issued for a long time, so many meritorious troops have been wiped out and their establishments cancelled. If this is an exception, then other troops... The army reorganization is not good."

      Military orders are like mountains. This sentence is absolutely not wrong. It is too much to change the order that has already been executed. It’s not an exaggeration to describe it as touching the whole body.

     Li Wen also felt embarrassed, because everyone knew that the approach of the brigade commander Wang Hu and Dahong three consecutive Zhou Shaoqiang was definitely seize every opportunity.

      The higher ups have policies while the lower downs have their own ways of getting around them., but the problem is that now it’s up to you whether or not to recognize the following countermeasures.

     How many troops are watching eagerly.

     A general whispered: "Whether it is recruiting new recruits or mobilizing manpower from other troops to form the 33258 brigade, it seems unrealistic at present. Otherwise, we will temporarily shelve this number without revoking or rebuilding how is it?"

     "No, the Hero troops notified by our entire army have either sacrificed all and become a spiritual symbol, or they will continue to fight on the front line. Although this lack of performance can be concealed, I think it is against the Tigers. Honor is no good!"

     Hearing what the generals said, Gao Yuan was really impatient. He didn't understand what was worth discussing.

     What is there to discuss?"Don’t you understand? Didn’t you understand? Didn’t I say clearly enough? I’m a soldier of the Red Third Company, I am not dead! I am alive! If there is me, there will be Red Third Company, and if there is me, there will be Tiger Brigade. , I am the Tiger Brigade! Who of you refuses to accept!"

     Gao Yuan shook off Luo Xingyu's hand, then he patted his chest with his hand, and shouted: "I'm just standing here! Can't you see it? Dahong Third Company is all standing here! The members are assembled here, standing in front of your eyes, can't you see! Who dares to revoke our number! Who dares!"

     Xiang Weiguo was stunned, and then he shouted: "Gaoyuan! What are you doing!"

     Gao Yuan didn't have the so big temper and the so big courage before. He really didn't. But now, he seems to have lost the ability to control himself. He knows who is here, but he seems to have lost the ability to awe and fear.

     Gao Yuan continued to pat his chest and shouted, "We don’t need honor! Don’t honor! You don’t need to deploy troops. Anyway, the Tiger Brigade can recruit new recruits. The Tiger Brigade will not be on the wall! In the exhibition room, we continue to fight with the flag!"

     Xiang Weiguo was anxious, he ran to Gao Yuan, suddenly pulled Gao Yuan's hand, and said loudly: "You are crazy! The chiefs did not say not to promise you, why are you crazy!"

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Wen immediately.

     Li Wen smiled, and then he slowly said: "Giving up the illusion and welcoming death, I think the third company commander of the Dahong Company who said this must be desperate at the time."Looking at the generals who looked expectant, Li Wen continued to slowly said: "Such a company is indispensable, and a team like the Tiger Brigade is also indispensable. We decided to withdraw the entire unit because the honor belongs to the past. We have to meet new challenges, but since the old troops have achieved new brilliance, why must they be dismantled? Not to mention...Isn't there still people in the third company of the Red Tiger Brigade!"

     Li Wen pointed to Gao Yuan and said, "Xiao Gao, don't worry, we will keep the designation of 33258 Brigade, and we will also give 33258 the honorary title of Tiger Brigade."

     Gao Yuan was long and relaxed, and he felt that he was going to collapse. After desperately taking a deep breath, he whispered: "Thank you, sorry, thank you chief, sorry..."

     Li Wen sighed saying, saying: "But conditionally, I think, for a long period of time, the Tigers may be really only you alone. There is a reason. I will explain it to you later. Now we There are more important things to talk about. Our scientists have already arrived. I would like to ask Xinghe to communicate with our scientists first. I hope you can understand."

     Gao Yuan immediately said: "I understand, I'm sorry, I was too excited just now, I can't control my emotions, I'm sorry! You talk, you talk about business, let's go first, I'm sorry..."