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143 What Relationship?
    Author: Unknown
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The communication with the scientist has been going on for a long time. Li Wen finally signaled to the people around him, and then a staff member walked to the front desk to announce the end of the meeting.

     Communication is of course important, but Xinghe is already here and has been talking for a long time. It's very tiring, and I can't keep talking like that.

     After all the scientists had left, Li Wen walked forward and shook hands with Xinghe. Then he said gratefully: "Thank you for your help. Let’s come here today. We want to learn. There are a lot of things, wait for you to rest, then talk to our scientists, you see how is it?

     Xinghe was nodded, and then he suddenly said: "Yes, I am indeed a little tired today. Although my body has adapted to the air and gravity of the earth, it still makes me feel a little uncomfortable after leaving the mecha. I need to sleep well. ."

     Base No. 10 is a pure Military Base. There is no production and living area here. In the Supreme Command Post, Base 1 is where Li Wen really lives and works.

     The exchange is temporarily over, but Gao Yuan has always had a question to ask, that is, where will they be placed, whether it is Base 10, or Base 1, or other somewhere.

     "Okay, you can take a rest right here for the time being. This is the safest place to keep secrets."

     Xinghe is naturally there's nothing about it opinion, and after Li Wen finished speaking, he said to the people around him: "I will go back to Base 1 first, and I will leave it to you here. Please keep me informed of any situation."

     As the highest leader, Li Wen has been delayed here long enough.After Li Wen left, those who stayed obviously relaxed a lot.

     Xu Manzhi, the commander of Base 12, waved his hand at Gao Yuan, and then he smiled and said, "You must live here for the time being. At what time, the things here are over. You should return to Base 12. , Where there are more people in Shimen."

     Gao Yuan nodded, and then he finally had the opportunity to ask something that he always wanted to ask but had no chance to ask.

     "Well, General Xu, I want to ask something, is there a person named Luo Guodong in our base 12? If not, can you please..."

     "Luo Guodong? Yes, he is at Base 12, you know?"

     Gao Yuan was stunned, he still Didn't finished speaking (yet), Xu Manzhi gave him the answer directly.

     "Luo Guodong! Luo Guodong, the richest man in Shimen?"

     "Yes, when we built this Underground Base, it was not enough to rely on state-owned enterprises. A large number of private enterprises participated in the construction. A precision machinery processing plant in Luo Guodong was moved to Base 12. The Company is responsible for opening the tunnel..., wait, Luo Guodong, what is his relationship with Luo Xingyu?"

     Luo is a small surname, and it's okay not to mention it. When Gao Yuan asked specifically, Xu Manzhi quickly contacted Luo Guodong and Luo Xingyu.

     "That's Xiaoyu's dad..."

     Xu Manzhi dazed for a moment, then he patted his hand and said excitedly: "Hi! I guess so, so, then, what are you waiting for, take Xiaoyu to see her dad!"

     Xu Manzhi and Gao Yuan were both excited.Gao Yuan turned around and was about to find Luo Xingyu, Xu Manzhi said anxiously from behind: "I will take the train back, you let Xiao Yu go with me."

     "it is good."

     Gao Yuan was about to leave, but Xinghe said, "Wait a minute, are you all leaving?"

     Gao Yuan stopped and said, "Uh, I guess I will go to Base 12 with Xiao Yu."

     Galaxy without the slightest hesitation said: "Then let's go together."

     When Xinghe said this, the atmosphere instantly solidified.

     Gao Yuan looked at Xu Manzhi, Xu Manzhi looked at an admiral who dazed for a moment and said, "Well, it's better to stay here, right?"

     Xinghe looked puzzled and said, "Is my freedom restricted?"

     "No no!"

     "This absolutely no!"

     Several people hurriedly explained together, and then the admiral said in a low voice: "The main reason is that it is safe here, and here is ready to receive you. The conditions of Base 12 are not as good as here in every respect. We don't mean it, let alone I want to limit your freedom."

     Gao Yuan felt the pressure was on him, because after explaining, Xinghe looked at him, and the general also looked at him.

     "Xinghe, otherwise..."

     Gao Yuan doesn’t know what to do. Luo Xingyu’s father is still alive. Needless to say, Luo Xingyu must have asked her father to meet him. As Luo Xingyu’s boyfriend and relatives, he is not accompanied. He also felt sorry for himself.

     But at this time, what is Xinghe adding to the chaos.

     Gao Yuan cautious and solemn said: "Xinghe, or we will come back tomorrow?"Xu Manzhi is also in one side saying: "It's okay, I will send Luo Guodong over!"

     This is also a way, but Gao Yuan feels that this is a bit too exciting, so he said to Xinghe: "You just wait here, you should go to bed, right here, rest, and when you wake up, we will also Arrived."

     Xinghe was still hesitating, and said from a high level: "Be good, obedient, don't make trouble."

     Several people changed their faces, and Xu Manzhi almost stared out his eyes.

     But honestly speaking, who knows the relationship between Gao Yuan and Xinghe?

     Gao Yuan himself can’t say what the relationship between him and Xinghe is, even he himself is confused, OK? Xinghe seems to be inseparable as form and shadow with him, but when the two of them are together, they are no better A more intimate relationship, if you say that a friend is not like a friend, or that it is any other relationship, then there will be no more.

     So Gao Yuan doesn't know at all what to do with Xinghe, and then he accidentally regarded Xinghe as a child, because Xinghe now looks like a child who depends on adults and does not want to leave.

     Xinghe hesitated for a moment again, and then he nodded and calmly said: "Well, then, you try to come back as soon as possible."

     Gao Yuan didn't think much, but his dialogue with Xinghe was very meaningful in the eyes of others.

     This alien depends on Gao Yuan and to see, hear and obey, this means a lot of good or not.

     However, Gao Yuan didn't really feel anything. He wanted to tell Luo Xingyu the great news of this big day quickly, so he felt that after Xinghe was done, he immediately said to Xu Manzhi: "Let’s go, let’s go now. ?"Xu Manzhi hesitated for a moment, but still walked toward the combat command room with Gao Yuan. At this moment, Xinghe shouted from behind, "Gao Yuan."

     Gao Yuan turned the head around, Xinghe still had a calm face, but his tone was feeling somewhat wronged and said: "You come here early. They said they must give us donkey meat. I will wait for you to come and eat together. You should be early."

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment and said: "Oh, yes, it's not late."