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154 I Can Get In
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Gao Yuan saw Li Wen, but he didn't see Xinghe.

     Li Wen and a few generals were sitting in the combat command room, and Gao Yuan also went directly into the command room. After seeing Gao Yuan, Li Wen waved his hand with a serious face, and said to Gao Yuan: "Xiao Gao, sit down here."

     Loudly and whispered: "Yes, chief."

     Gao Yuan really sat beside Li Wen.

     Li Wen hesitated for a moment, and then he slowly said: "Xiao Gao, the relationship between you and Xinghe is very special. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are a bridge between mankind and heaven, or the only bridge, so it is not particularly important. I would never agree to call you here."

     This is something, this is definitely something.

     Gao Yuan immediately said: "Chief, what's the matter?"

     Li Wen said seriously: "For us now, it is unrealistic for us to rely on the existing military technical conditions to fight against the Orochiman. After obtaining the technology of Heaven and Human, our theoretical foundation has made great progress, but in The progress in specific applications is not optimistic."

     Gao Yuan thinks that he knows what Li Wen asked him to do, and must ask him to help Xinghe talk about military technology.

     The technology Xinghe gave was very important before, but he only gave basic science theories and systems, but did not give any specific military technology, just like Xinghe explained to the people of the Han Dynasty what Gravity is, but did not give them a hand. Knife, not to mention a gun for the Han Dynasty super era.

     So Gao Yuan thought that Li Wen wanted to let Xinghe give some specific technology to make some weapons.

     But it turns out that laymen can also watch the excitement.Li Wen continued to say very seriously: "Because the development of science and technology is the most important, so I am personally working on this aspect of the work, and if we encounter any difficulties, we will eliminate all difficulties and put the development of science and technology first. level."

     Gao Yuan nodded, did not speak, but Li Wen looked at him and whispered: "Do you know what the highest priority is?"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, and then he still shook the head.

     Li Wen Shen said: "There are three large-scale first-level underground bases in China. They are the highest headquarters of Taihang Mountain where we are located, the western base set up in the Qinling Mountains, and the southeast base set up in the Wuyi Mountains. The large-scale base is connected by optical cable and can communicate in time. We already passed all the information obtained to the other two bases."

     Gao Yuan nodded, and then Li Wen said seriously: "The so-called highest priority is to expose one of the large bases and meet the breakthrough progress of key technologies!"

     Gao Yuan eyes opened wide.

     The so-called exposing is synonymous with sacrificing.

     I would rather sacrifice a large base to complete breakthrough progress. This is determination, courage, to break the cauldrons and sink the boats, and fight with one's back to the river, which is to trade life with the last card in exchange for hope. Get a future.

     High and deep takes a deep breath, but Li Wen is long exhaled, and then Li Wen looked at Gao Yuan and said: "Now that we have reached this kind of critical moment, our controllable nuclear fusion has become a critical development, but It's only theoretical. Our scientists are confident that controllable nuclear fusion can be realized in a short period of time."Gao Yuan nodded, whispered: "Good thing!"

     "But we have encountered a problem, that is, the lack of nuclear materials and the key materials for building controlled nuclear fusion."


     Li Wen looked helplessly and said: "Our artificial solar project has been underway for many years. The entire laboratory and all the researchers have moved into the base as a whole. However, time is still too hasty. What is never expected is that a new type of nuclear material is needed now. And this material, only has one place, is in the National Laboratory of Nuclear Physics in Jicheng, the capital."

     "Ah, didn't this one move in?"

     Li Wen said bitterly: "I have moved in, but only important moves can be checked. This is not a move to move. When we prepare the Taihang Mountain base, and then Nuclear Physics Laboratory can start moving here, time It has already come without enough time. Many equipments can't be thrown in the cave, and the supporting environment is needed."

     "Well, I understand, I think I understand what you mean."

     Li Wen sighed saying, "Xiao Gao, how long have you been here."

     "For half a month, I'm not very clear. There is no day and night. The concept of time is slowly blurred.""You have been here for seventeen days. Eleven days ago, I signed an order and sent the first team to try to enter Jicheng and enter the National Laboratory of Nuclear Physics to get key nuclear materials, but this team quickly lost contact. A week ago, we sent a second unit to investigate, but this unit also lost contact. Three days ago, we sent a third team with a total of 12 people, just to find out the situation in the city. This time, we boldly activated the battlefield real-time communication technology."

     Li Wen made up his mind and said, "The third team also failed to come back, but we finally know the situation outside Jicheng."

     The three teams, gone forever, just knew the situation outside Jicheng.

     Gao Yuan was silent.

     Li Wen waved his hand, and then the big screen in the combat command room lit up.

     "have a look……"

     A shaking picture appeared on the big screen. It was taken by the camera carried by the soldier. The picture was taken at night, so the big screen was green, which was taken by the low-light night vision detection equipment.

     "We are in the outskirts of Jicheng, but scattered zombies have appeared. We found that during the day, the activities of the zombies would be slightly more active, and there would be obvious feeding behaviors, but at night, the heat on the zombies would increase as the temperature dropped As a result, the activity is slightly slower."

     "Already entered a large number of zombies appeared in the suburbs, but we can still find the gaps through which we have not had any contact.

     "Report to the commander, we were found, a large number of zombies appeared and came quickly!"Then came the gunshots, Gao Yuan subconsciously said: "You can't shoot, the more you shoot, the more zombies!"

     The fate of the person shooting the picture has been determined already, Gao Yuan knows it, but he still cannot bear feeling impatient and uneasy.

     "We are surrounded, use cold weapons, don't shoot! Ah! Ah!"

     Accompanied by fierce but fast silent gunshots, after the final picture shook violently, several zombies' hideous faces could be seen rushing up, and then the picture fell into darkness.

     The three best troops only got such information, but Gao Yuan said very helplessly: "Didn't I say it a long time ago? You can't use guns against zombies! And no matter how many people are sent in, it will be dead."

     "I know, but we still need to try to enter Jicheng. It seems that conventional means can no longer do it."

     After speaking, Li Wen said softly: "Now we have two options left, one is to open the way with nuclear weapons, and the other is to let those who can get in.

     Gao Yuan did not hesitate, without hesitation, he immediately whispered: "Second, I can go in."