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160 Latitude
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There is a longitude and no latitude, which is very troublesome, because the longitude of Li Wenbao is 15.1748657, and this longitude runs through the entire Europa and across Africa.

     So if you find it by longitude, it can be from Northern Europe through Southern Europe, but through North Africa, Central Africa, and South Africa.

     Sun Ping looked dazed, and he whispered: "Why don't I say in Africa first instead of reporting the coordinates directly?"

     If you directly say that it is in Africa, then the range will be greatly reduced, but only the longitude is reported. Then this longitude does not bring convenience to the recipient, but also brings misleading.

     Because this longitude passes through the Alps vein.

     According to previous information, the holy cabinet is hidden in the Alps vein.

      In other words, after Poseidon got the longitude, he might turn his sights that had moved to Africa back to Europa, and this was absolutely unacceptable to Sun Ping.

     Sun Ping was blaming himself, extremely self-blaming, in a short time, he looked like he was a teenager.

     He looked far away and stayed, in fact, he didn't know what happened, but he was able to discern things messed up, and the snake man destroyed all the efforts here.

     Several people want to understand the key.

     A general stopped/stood, and he gnashing one's teeth loudly: "I propose! Then start the satellite! Damn, don't fight the satellite! You have to report the latitude when you become a pants!

     Li Wen was hesitating, when he didn't hesitate for a long time, he suddenly stopped/stood.

     Sun Ping's self-blame on his face, he turned around and said solemnly, "I'm sorry, I made a serious mistake."Li Wen said seriously: "If you make a mistake, you have to bear it, but this time you are not mistaken. We still miscalculated the method of the big snake, it doesn't matter! We still have six satellites, activate the remaining satellites! All have been found, and the latitude must be reported!"

      Staff member cautious and solemn said: "The report leader, there is still a satellite available. If the rest is to be activated, it must be changed orbit, and the orbit change of the satellite may lead to the detection and destruction of aliens."

     The calm and atmospheric Li Wen was anxious. This time, he was really anxious.

     "Then open one first, Sun Ping! Let's talk about it in Africa first, and then report the coordinates!"

     Not only was Li Wen anxious, but he was fierce. In order to get the medical warehouse, in order to grab the last glimmer of hope, he must be fierce.

     But then Xinghe suddenly said: "I know your communication method. Don't turn on the satellite anymore. It's useless. When your satellite is just turned on, it will be destroyed by the snake man. I'm pretty sure of this. Now I want to know about you. How can these satellites not be immediately destroyed by the serpent man?"

     Li Wen exhaled, said: "Disguise, disguise as space junk."

     Xinghe continued: "Why do you want to authorize? I observed that it took at least ten seconds."

     Li Wen waved his hand and motioned to others to say that Sun Ping whispered at this time: "Because our satellites are mainly used for top-secret calls. It can be said that they are exclusively for military use and spy use. In order to prevent ground receiving terminals from falling into the enemy's hands , The user must enter a unique password before they can get the call authority."Xinghe still wondered: "Then why is it set up like this? Big Snake people won't snatch your receiving terminal and then eavesdrop. They just need to destroy it directly."

     Li Wen sighed saying, whispered: "Because these methods are not to guard against aliens, but to guard against people on earth, people from other countries."

     Xinghe frowned, and Li Wen looked helplessly and said: "There is no country on your planet, but here, the contradiction between countries is the main thing. In fact, before the arrival of the serpent people, humans have no hope of achieving true cooperation. , Even now, how many people can truly cooperate..."

     Sun Ping takes a deep breath deeply. When Xinghe said that he could no longer use Quantum Communications satellites, he really grew older in an instant.

     Finally, someone could not help but sighed saying, and then the entire combat command room fell into an atmosphere of frustration and helplessness.

     Sun Ping sank down on the chair. He bowed his head, blankly looking at the chair in front of him for a long time, but suddenly stopped/stood again.

     "There is a way! There is a way!"

     Everyone looked at Sun Ping, and Sun Ping said excitedly: "In addition to Quantum Satellite, we also have a long distance communication method, ultra-long wave! Very long wave radio for submarine communication!"

     A general in a navy uniform also stopped/stood, and he said anxiously: "But is there an ultra-long wave radio station? Do your people have an ultra-long wave radio station?"When the submarine is underwater, the commonly used short-wave radio and external contact cannot be used, because the short-wave attenuation is very fast in the water. If the submarine sailing in the ocean wants to receive instructions, it can only float on the water or release an antenna to the water. Use radio to communicate with the outside world.

     So how do submarines accept orders when they are underwater. For example, when a nuclear submarine is responsible for a nuclear counterattack, when it can’t float or release its antenna to ensure safety, it’s time to use ultra-long waves or ultra-long waves to communicate.

     But because the wavelength of the very long wave is greater than one hundred thousand meters, the amount of information transmitted in a certain unit of time is very small. What does it mean? The communication speed will be very slow.

     How slow is it to send a signal with very long waves? It takes two minutes to send a letter, four minutes to send an ok, and dozens of minutes to send a slightly more complicated command with more words.

     Therefore, apart from submarines, no other service will use ultra-long wave wireless communication.

     However, this problem is easy to solve with a long time and a small amount of information. It is to send a password when contacting the submarine. The agreed phrase or number represents What does it mean, and the submarine will know it immediately after receiving it.

     There is also a very long wave signal that determines the transmission distance and underwater depth according to the power of the transmitting station, so the station that communicates with the submarine must be very large, very large.

     The radio station that receives the signal is not that big, but the question is who has such an extremely long wave radio station that is only used on submarines.

     "Poseidon has a very long wave radio station!"Sun Ping said to chop the nail and slice the iron, he said with excitement and relief: "Because we discussed this problem, he has been worried about what to do if the communication is interrupted. When we discussed, I accidentally said something Very long wave radio can be used. Very long wave radio can guarantee global communication. Unlike short wave radio, there is no guarantee of contact without relay. I did not take this seriously at the time, but Poseidon took it seriously. He also agreed with me. A set of very long wave communication passwords, I... I really didn't expect it, it might really be used."

     Li Wen frowned and said, "At what time?"

     "When Poseidon were still in China."

     "A few years have passed, are you sure they have extremely long wave radio stations?"

     Sun Ping was very serious and said firmly: "Please believe me, just like I believe in Poseidon. Since he said that he wants to use extremely long wave radio as the last communication method, then he must have extremely long wave radio! But we are sure There is only one-way communication."

     Very long-wave radios require very large transmission power, so there is not much requirement for receiving equipment. A radio that can transmit signals requires a special communication station.

     Li Wen thought for a while and looked at the general of the navy, and the general of the navy hesitated not too many, and said: "Let's take out a very long wave radio transmitter station!"

     Li Wen exhaled and said: "Okay, it's so decided!"

     A not very smooth process, but the result still retains some hope.

     At this moment, Xinghe once again said: "I'm going to find the medical warehouse, personally, and I need to bring a communicator, which is what you said."Li Wen hesitated. He looked at Xinghe and said, "Is it necessary?"

     Xinghedao: "It's very necessary. If you can't combine the medical warehouse and the communicator, it doesn't have any meaning."

     Li Wen thought for a while, and said: "We need to study this problem. I hope you can wait."

     Xinghe nodded, said: "Surely your spies can find the medical warehouse? Can they be sent here after they are found?"

      Who dares to answer this problem in the affirmative, because no one can guarantee the completion of this problem, of course, it is impossible to give a definite answer.

     Li Wen shook the head and said: "I don't dare to guarantee, but I must do my best."

     Xinghe was silent, he looked at Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan didn't know why Xinghe had to look at himself, but he was able to discern, Xinghe was hesitating now, or he was starting to worry.

     After thinking about it for a long time, Xinghe whispered: "You need a medical warehouse. There is a medical warehouse. No matter how big snakes upgrade their virus in the future, the medical warehouse can produce a vaccine in the shortest time. All you have to do is copy the vaccine. ."

     With such a function as the medical warehouse, do you think it is important?

     Xinghe continued: "The communicator is not very useful now. You can't use the communicator to communicate with our planet. The power is not enough. And the communicator now only has the function of finding a medical warehouse."

     "It can also monitor the Orochiman's spacecraft."

     A general whispered, but Xinghe nodded and said, "Yes, that's right, but the spaceship of the Orochiman is in the sky, what can you do if you know the location?"Yes, what's the use of knowing the location?

     Li Wen nodded, then he solemnly said to Xinghe: "We will definitely get a medical warehouse. This is my promise to you!"

     "So just relying on the Uranus and Pluto plans is not enough?"

     A general's words resonated with many people. Everyone nodded. Even Gao Yuan felt that it was not unreliable to put humanity's future on the spy, but it was indeed not enough.

     Even Sun Ping said solemnly: "The Cleaners Organization has an army in Africa, and they started preparing it a long time ago, I without the slightest doubt, they now have a very significant army."

     Li Wen made up his mind. He said to Xinghe: "We are going to have a meeting to discuss, please give me a little bit time. I will tell you when we have made a detailed plan."