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163 Just Ask If You Are Afraid
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan is grinding the blank knife on the belt machine, this time Luo Xingyu noiselessly stood by his side.

     Stopped his work, looked at Luo Xingyu from a high distance.

     Luo Xingyu was a little bit sad, Gao Yuan could only be unable to discern, he smiled, and said: "My hands are dirty, I said I will look for you later, but you came here first, and your father told you."

     Luo Xingyu was nodded, and then she still looked directly at Gao Yuan.

     As a man, he must be foolish at the crucial moment, and he must learn to be foolish.

     "Why look at me like this, it feels like I made a mistake."

     Gao Yuan said half jokingly, but Luo Xingyu said seriously, "Do you also know that you are wrong?"

     "Am I wrong? Did I make a mistake? No, tell me where I was wrong."

     Luo Xingyu still stared at Gao Yuan. After a long time without saying a word, Gao Yuan smiled, moved his face to the side, and said, "Just kiss."

     Luo Xingyu took a step back, and then she said loudly: "I'm not happy, I'm very angry!"

     "What are you angry about..."

     Luo Xingyu sucked in a mouthful of air and said: "Did you get Yu Shunzhou and Nie Erlong into Dahongsanlian?"

     "Well, yes, I can only find them two, What happened?"

     Luo Xingyu tilted his head, pointed at himself, and said, "What about me?"

     "You? What do you want to do? Do you also want to be in the Big Three?"

     Luo Xingyu said angrily: "Nonsense! Gao Yuan, you What does it mean, Yu Shunzhou and Nie Erlong have both entered the big red three consecutive, I can't compare to them, Xiang Shu said that I am a good seedling."Gao Yuan looked helpless and seriously said: "Don't make trouble."

     "Why am I making trouble!"

     Gao Yuan said seriously: "It's impossible for me to make you a soldier. Don't be kidding me. It turned out that there is no way to train you. I want you to have the ability to protect yourself. Now you are here, what else are you practicing? ?"

     "As a survivalist, do you really think training is useless?"

     Gao Yuan was speechless, because what he said now did not match his usual style.

     "Uh, then you can't join the Big Red Third Company, don't think about it, I will never be able to agree."

     Luo Xingyu was really angry, she said loudly: "Okay, do you want to leave me alone, so that you can flirt with Xinghe?"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, then he frowned and said, "Don't talk nonsense about this kind of thing, is this something that can be said nonsense?"

     Gao Yuan was very serious and looked somewhat angry, so Luo Xingyu of obstinate was frightened. After she stopped talking several times, she finally whispered: "I'm sorry."

     "Well, don't talk about it later."

     Luo Xingyu’s anxious tears were about to fall, she said with a grieved expression: "But people want to see you every day, but they just can’t see you. You always stay where Xinghe is. I have to make an appointment if I want to see you. I have to ask for leave, what is this, I just thought if you brought me into the Big Red Third Company, wouldn't we be able to meet every day."

     Loudly whispered: "You know whats the matter, Xiaoyu, you know everything, you know how Galaxy came, we...can't be too selfish, it's not the time for bill and coo at all."Luo Xingyu was still very angry. Gao Yuan thought his hands were dirty, so he put his arms around Luo Xingyu and said in a low voice: "Besides, your dad won't agree with you to join the army. What you should do now is study. Learning is good. I heard from your dad that you can continue to study in the base and you can also study with the best scientists. You must know that technology is now serving the country and saving mankind."

     Luo Xingyu still had a sad look, she whispered: "Are you going out?"


     "Don't lie to me, you must leave the base and go to war, otherwise you don't need to be a knife at all."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said, "I will definitely go out in the future. You know, now your boyfriend is Superman, there is always something to use for me. I said, what are you worried about? I always like to think about it. I just didn't expect to be on time, right now, what zombies can hurt me?"

     Luo Xingyu's long sighed saying, whispered: "Well, I won't bother you anymore, you make a knife first."

     "You go outside and wait, the noise is weird."

     "No, I like to see you being very focused and handsome."

     Gao Yuan smiled, then he turned and turned on the belt machine to continue sharpening the knife.

     You can't delay business because of your children's personal relationships, and more importantly, Shi Lei and the others are waiting here.

     What Gao Yuan is making is a traditional Chinese Yanling knife. It is a knife that has been used on the battlefield. It has the right length, weight and arc. The more important thing is that Gao Yuan has played it before, and now has it. a plan in mind.The blade is cut out of 8mm carbon steel plate, not the forging that Gao Yuan is more familiar with. However, with modern steel technology and heat treatment, this modern knife is definitely better than the ancient Tempered Steel Blade. And it's much better.

     It is by no means comparable to the knives produced when Gao Yuan was in Shimen No. 2 churn out large quantities without regard for quality.

     At least it's done fine and beautiful, and it must be very, very suitable for high-end use.

     The blade has a one-piece keel body, but the handle will not be directly attached, which is strong enough but shakes the hand, so Gaoyuan will use the conditions that can be met in the base to make the handle, that is, use plastic for the handle.

     Plastic is the lowest-end material in manual knives, but in terms of performance, plastic is actually the best material, better than wood or animal teeth.

     There should be no stress points on the blade tongue. Such strong slashing may cause the blade to break at the stress points. In short, this blade is truly forged.

     To be precise, it should be carefully polished.

     While sharpening the knife, try a few swings at the same time until Gao Yuan feels that the knife blank is ready for heat treatment.

     When Gaoyuan sharpened the knife, the steel whip and the steel mace were made, and the warhammer was also made, and they were waiting for the furnace to heat treatment.

     Putting the knife blank aside, Gao Yuan picked up a bamboo whip that had just been finished.

     "The weight is right and the handle is very comfortable to hold, but..."

     Gao Yuan frowned. After swiping the steel whip twice, he shook the head and said, "Forget it, the steel whip is no longer needed."

     Zhang Delin was a little strange and said: "Why, where did it go wrong?""It's not that it's done wrong, but the steel whip is easy to carry, but it's not easy to get out of the sheath quickly."

     The so-called bamboo whip is not the kind of nine-section whip. The nine-section whip is a soft weapon. The bamboo whip is a kind of steel whip. To put it bluntly, it is an iron stick, but this iron stick has a shape and a handle, and it is attached to the iron rod. There is a bump every other segment.

     In ancient times, the whip, mace, and hammer were specially designed to deal with heavy armor. The enemy was wearing heavy armor, and nothing could be cut by a knife. However, if the hammer or whip hits it, the armor may be intact, but the person in the armor is affected. No more.

     Gao Yuan had never played this heavy weapon before, but what he taught him was thirteen. Using a steel whip or mace to use it is definitely no problem. In addition, Gao Yuan found the iron rod when he slashed a zombie with a knife and an iron rod. It's better than a knife, so he has to make himself a steel whip or steel mace.

     But in actual use, Gao Yuan found that the joints made by this bamboo whip to strengthen its power were not suitable for him. The ancients used steel whips to be generals. There was a place to hang heavy weapons immediately during battle. Sometimes I don't hang a steel whip on my waist like a sword.

     The most intuitive way is to look at the two door gods to know what the steel whip and mace look like, and how to get this heavy weapon.

     According to Gao Yuan's carrying method, this heavier steel whip is more suitable for other uses, but it is not easy to carry.

     Then, the same thickness is the best choice.Simply put, it can be used with an iron rod at a high distance, but the mace has a handle and a hand guard. It is much more obedient than an iron rod. The most important thing is that the mace has four edges, which are like four ribs. It will not bend like an iron rod.

     Gao Yuan picked up the steel mace a few times. The weight of this mace is nine kilograms. It is easy for others to pick it up. But you have to be careful not to hurt your wrist or smash your leg. In Gao Yuan's hand, the nine-jin-heavy mace was as light as wicker.

      "All right, heat treatment for both."

     The heat treatment master 50 years old, he said in a deep voice: "If you are sure you only use the mace, I will heat the mace alone, and the effect of the separate treatment will be better."

     In the past, carbon furnaces were used for heat treatment. Now, heat treatment is basically an electric furnace. The advantage of electric furnaces is that the temperature is controlled very accurately. In the past, people with ample experience could control the temperature. Now, you only need to set the number.

     But even so, heat treatment is still not something that each person can do well.

     A powerful heat treatment master is a master in any machining factory.

     The knife was fine, and the whip and mace came out, even though the warhammer was not ready yet, but at this moment a worker came over with a bright hammer.

     To say that it is a warhammer is actually a bit the name does not reflect the reality, because the high-end warhammer is not as big and exaggerated as the hammer in the game.

     Gao Yuan wanted to be a gourd hammer, but he finally chose a particularly rotten and vulgar shape, with one pointed end and one square end. To put it bluntly, it was just a geological hammer...It’s just that Gao Yuan didn’t directly use a geological hammer because the handle of the geological hammer was short and light in weight. The geological hammer he specially made was fifty centimeters in length and had a larger hammer head. But other than that. the difference.

     Or the biggest difference is quality.

     For the same hammer, what Gao Yuan has to do is to combine the best materials from China, the best heat treatment, and the best craftsmanship to create a...geological hammer.

     Holding the hammer in his hand, Gao Yuan smiled in satisfaction, and said: "Yes, there is no need to change it. Let's take it for heat treatment."

     Shi Lei is always waiting for the height, this time, he finally cannot bear, so he whispered to Gao Yuan, "Are you going to hold these things for use?"

     "Yeah, What happened?"

     Shi Lei hesitated and said: "It's not too much, just these things add up to 20 catties, right? Then think about you with a hammer on the left and a knife on the right, and a mace, um, think about this scene. I feel pretty good..."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "There is still an axe, but I don't need to make the axe. I can use the original one. So I have a hammer and axe in my waist, a long knife in my hand, and a steel mace in my arms. "