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167 Surround
    Author: Unknown
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Why do the first three reconnaissance forces total defeat of an army, not because of they are not good enough, but because of manpower sometimes they are poor.

     No one can avoid zombies everywhere except by plane.

     No matter what strategy or method you use, if you can't avoid it or you can't avoid it, then there can only be one result in the end, surrounded by zombies.

     And once surrounded, there will be more and more zombies.

     Gao Yuan just looked back and glanced at, and found that the zombies behind him were uncountable.

     The lofty strategy is to run fast, don't stop, if there is a zombie in front of the way, just cut it over, never entangled.

      Already entered a densely built urban area, but it was just past the suburbs of Le. In terms of straight-line distance, it was only four or five kilometers away.

     It’s still faraway ne from the fifth ring.

     But the situation can still be controlled at present. Although there are many zombies, Gao Yuan can use his high speed to run out before the zombies are surrounded, so he has not fallen into the situation of being surrounded by zombies.

     Can you imagine that kind of scene?

     A person just ran, and the zombies in front of him came to face each other, but couldn't stop, just continued to run forward.

     There are more and more zombies behind him, and more zombies are attracted by the noise, from all around like flocking.

     In the beginning, Gao Yuan was indeed somewhat anxious, not afraid, just nervous.

     Not being afraid is confidence in oneself, nervousness, because it is the inevitable response to a job that knows the danger.

     But Gao Yuan soon became less nervous, not because of, but because of complete numbness.Never do any movement that wastes physical strength, Gao Yuan learned how to use the most labor-saving method to solve the zombies in the way in actual combat.

     After entering the city, a very unfavorable situation is that there are too many buildings, Gaoyuan has no choice but to run down the road.

     Unlike in the open field, there are countless routes to choose from at high distance. Only if there are no zombies, he can run anywhere, and it is easier to use the speed advantage to throw away the zombies.

     But in the city, he can only walk along the road no matter how far he runs, because although he is fast, he does not have the ability to Leaping Onto Roofs, Vaulting Over Walls, and there must be zombies on the road.

     I don't feel strenuous yet, but there are more and more zombies unavoidably, and this does not refer to the zombies following Gao Yuan, but that there are more and more zombies that will appear in front of Gao Yuan to block him.

     Running at high speed means that it is easy to get injured. Now, the roads in any city cannot be unblocked. Abandoned cars can be found on any road and become roadblocks.

     Gao Yuan must be careful not to fall, not to hit obstacles, and at the same time to deal with the threat of zombies.

     It takes physical effort to slash all the way, but Gao Yuan feels that it is not as labor-saving as slashing the past compared to running around.

     But as long as it is active, it will consume physical strength, and continuous strenuous activity must be very physical.

     The high speed is extremely fast and the power is great, but this does not mean that he is a perpetual motion machine and can run like this forever.

     Although I know that so far, Gao Yuan is only running leisurely, and at most he has played six or seven points.But Gao Yuan was cutting down a zombie and jumped into a car. When he jumped from one car to another, he found at least a few hundred zombies gathered at the intersection in front of him.

     The density of zombies suddenly increased.

     Gao Yuan always only used a knife, because he could always find a gap in the zombies that rushed forward, and he could avoid the attack of the zombies by using the small gap.

     But not anymore.

     The zombies used to be flocking, but now the zombies rushed towards the face like the tide of the sea.

     The width is enough to cover the entire road and the length is at least tens of meters.

     When the group of zombies squeezed and collided with each other, and opened his arms to pounce toward Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan finally pulled out his mace.

     Almost at the same time as pulling out the steel mace, Gao Yuan plunged into the tide of zombies.

     It's like a surfer ran into the sea with his skateboard and then faced a huge wave.

     There was no sound, but the high speed slowed unavoidably.

     A knife was swung diagonally, and a mae swept away, Gao Yuan opened a small gap in front of him, but this gap could not be maintained even for a moment, because more zombies had already squeezed out towards Gao Yuan hand.

     Must not be dragged, entangled, pulled or bitten.

     Gao Yuan, who had been numb, sensed a strong crisis for the first time.

      Warm water boils a frog. When Gao Yuan always thought that he could handle all the scenes, the gathered zombies told him what quantitative change caused qualitative change. By the time Gao Yuan realized this, it was already too late.

     Fast, but there is no room for running.Powerful, surrounded by zombies, even if Gao Yuan can use his weapon like an electric fan for a whole day, can the electric fan exhaust the air?

     Zombies are like air covering all the space,

     Gao Yuan finally had to turn his head and turn around for the first time. He swung in a circle on the spot, but he had to swagger again immediately.

     He fell into a panic in an instant, this was Gao Yuan's most direct instinctive reaction.

     The battle between being surrounded and handling a butcher's cleaver with ease is a completely different concept.

     No more procrastination, no more procrastination.

     In an instant, Gao Yuan exploded all his power.

     Kai Wushuang, Gao Yuan Kai Wushuang.

     But this is not a game after all, because Gao Yuan has no skills, he can't push all the zombies away like in the game, creating a no man's land in front of him.

     All Gao Yuan could do was to drop his hands continuously at extremely fast speed, headshot all the zombies in front of him.

     The zombies fell one by one, waving their hands high and far, stepping on the fallen zombies, and rushing forward with one foot and one shallow.

     Gao Yuan felt that his hands were beginning to become sore and weak. He began to feel short of breath, and his lungs wanted to explode. He felt that blood was pouring up his forehead. He felt that the zombies in front of him were vast and limitless. He felt that as soon as he stopped, he would immediately Torn to pieces by zombies.

     There's nothing about it. The move is to overlap the vast and limitless zombies in front of you.

     Just rush to the death.Just when Gao Yuan felt that his hands were starting to be weak, his eyes were empty, and then he jumped into the air with a sudden kick. After his feet landed again, he no longer had any reservations, and he died with the fastest speed he could reach. before.

     From crashing into the group of zombies to killing them abruptly, it took 15 or 6 seconds to go high.

     But in these ten seconds, Gao Yuan felt as long as a lifetime.

     Looking back and glanced at, in just a short moment, Gao Yuan had already pulled the zombie behind him thirty meters away.

     Finally took a deep breath, Gao Yuan knew that he underestimated the power of zombies, so he was in big trouble. Now, there is no large-scale zombies group in front of him, and the zombies behind him can still leave distance in between. Think of a way.