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168 The Cost Of The Outbreak
    Author: Unknown
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No matter where is it, people can easily crush an ant, but a person is surrounded by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions of ants, and the purpose of those ants is just to give Who can survive when this person is just one bite?

     Gao Yuan is now Superman, but the zombie is not an ant.

     And Gao Yuan is a superman, super is not so powerful.

     Glanced at left and right, glanced at forward, Gao Yuan still reluctantly decided to enter the house and go to the house.

     Unlike in horror movies, people in horror movies like to run to the top of the building, like to run in the dark, and like to run to places where no one is there. That is a plot need, because each person is very rational and makes normal choices Basically, this film cannot be shot down.

     But running high into the house, but also thinking about running to the top of the building, that is to pursue a change from infinite to finite.

     What is infinity? Now the zombies are basically infinite, but as long as they can enter a closed place from a high distance, and the zombies outside cannot enter, then the number of zombies in the building is also limited.

     In the field, Gao Yuan can solve hundreds of zombies because he has space.

     Now, on the roads of the city, the same thousands of zombies will be surrounded by high distances. This is the different results caused by different terrains.

     So use methods in line with local circumstances is still necessary.

     But this place must be selected well. If you run into a building and are surrounded by zombies, then you really follow the path to one's own doom.

     The first thing you can see is the rows of small shops on the side of the road. Well, you can't enter this one, you can't get out if you go in.

     Small mall?Can't enter, nearby without other buildings, if they are surrounded by zombies, they still can't escape.

     The hotel, um, still can't enter.

     Residential building?

     He turned his head and glanced at high, and found that the distance between the building and the building was not very large, and this was an old community with only six floors, and there was only a small road between the two buildings, at most less than ten meters away.

     And below the building are rows of small houses with big poplar trees planted in the middle.

     This is OK, this is really OK.

     Gao Yuan entered the community as soon as he turned a corner, and then he knocked down a zombie and jumped to the height of the balcony on the second floor.

     Then lofty and landed.

     It was a bit embarrassing, because his left hand was a mace and his right hand was a knife. He jumped eagerly from afar and reached the height of the balcony on the second floor, but he did not have a hand to grasp the guardrail that sealed the balcony.

     Landing, Gao Yuan continued to run forward, and then he tried to put his mace back behind him, but he tried several times without success.

     I still have to practice, just a closing of the knife into the sheath, or the movement of closing the mace can be fatal.

     Gao Yuan can only run forward, because the zombies behind are catching up again.

     And it's hard to get the knife in the running.

     Gao Yuan could only jump on the roof of the small room of the storage room, and then he stopped on it, took a breath, and then quickly inserted the knife back into the scabbard and put the mace into the holster.

     After such a delay, the zombies have already swarmed over.

      by the thousands and tens of thousands?That's a polite statement. Anyway, it is densely packed. Zombies that can't be seen at a glance appear in front of Gao Yuan, quickly covering every space in this old community.

     Going high to retreated several steps, and then before the front zombie approached, he ran a few steps and then suddenly jumped to the building opposite the small room.

     A distance of four or five meters jumped over, and when Gao Yuan's body began to fall, he grabbed the upper edge of the window guard in a kitchen on the second floor.

     There was a loud sound, and the high weight made the guardrail unable to bear it. The anti-theft net fixed by a few expansion screws began to fall off from the top.

     He was about to fall, and Gao Yuan couldn't care about scolding his mother at the moment. He used both hands and feet. Before the anti-theft net fell off, he didn't know how to use force. He jumped up again and grabbed the kitchen anti-theft net on the third floor.

     The windows of the old quarters, small houses, and kitchens basically extend outward.

     So Gao Yuan was very embarrassed, he could only hold in the air, but there was no force on his feet.

     The zombies already arrived. At the feet of high and far, they were jumping and jumping crazy, and then the zombies in the distance were still squeezing forward.

     If this is a normal person, then this is a serious stampede.

     But this is a zombie, so some zombies began to crawl on top of other zombies. When they went up the tower, Gao Yuan knew one thing.

     Never use normal human standards to measure zombies.

     Zombies will not consider whether they will be trampled to death by the zombies under their feet, let alone whether they will be trampled to death by other zombies.

     So in just a few seconds, the towers of people piled up by the zombies are almost reaching the feet.words exceede 5100I'm not very hungry, but it's not the feeling of being full of Physical Energy when I was full.

     Gao Yuan was surprised, because it hadn't been long since he acted, and he was full, very full.

      In other words, in the outbreak just now, although the time was short, it still consumed his energy quickly.

     The explosion of spare no effort is indeed unsustainable.

     Gao Yuan still doesn't know where his physical limits are, because in normal training, it is difficult for him to really burst out of his potential like now.

     Long-distance running for ten hours, bursting for ten seconds, if it is such a ratio, then how to distribute the physical strength of the lofty distance will become a university question.

     But that will be something that will be explored slowly in the future. As for now, Gao Yuan must first ensure that he can survive, because even if he is Superman, there are enough zombies to grind him to death.