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171 Decisive Opportunity
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If you dare to talk to Li Wen like that, it is estimated that apart from Xinghe, you will be far away.

     "Chief, I didn't give up, I just came back to prepare. Judging from the current situation, I hope to succeed."

     Li Wen frowned and said nothing. He ignored Gao Yuan. After thinking about it for a long time, he looked at Shi Lei and said, "You are the commander. Should you let Gao Yuan continue the mission? I want to remind you first. , Don’t have any worries, tell the truth."

     Shi Lei without the slightest hesitation said: "Reporting chief, I think the mission can continue, because since Gao Yuan can go in and come back safely, it has already explained the problem."

     Gao Yuan also said anxiously: "Yes, Chief. Since I went in and met a large number of zombies, I can still come out safely. This shows that I can, why give up halfway."

     It's not to blame Li Wen for being careful, the problem has to be seen from two aspects.

     A critical bridge in communication with aliens, or emotional bond, is also a mobile vaccine library for human beings, a genetic treasure.

     One side is the key material for controllable nuclear fusion.

     You say it's important over there?

     In fact, if you really want to say something important, Gaoyuan is much more important than nuclear materials, because if you can't get nuclear materials, you can still think of ways. If you can't clear the way with tactical nuclear weapons, you can get nuclear materials back.

     But Gao Yuan only has one. If he dies, no one can say what the subsequent chain reaction will be.

     However, it is too attractive to be able to retrieve nuclear materials as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring high-level safety.Li Wen finally nodded, and he said solemnly: "Okay, I believe your judgment, so just ask what you need."


     Gao Yuan was very happy, and then he immediately said: "I need to make a shield, carry more energy bars, and also need some equipment that can make sounds to attract the zombies. In addition, nothing is needed."

     What Gao Yuan wants is actually very simple, so the Supreme Command doesn't need to prepare much, and can meet his needs immediately.

     This shield requires a little bit of thinking, is it to use a ready-made explosion-proof shield or is it a special one?

     After discussion, plus a study and judgment on Gao Yuan's anticipated usage scenarios, the military industry experts decided to give Gao Yuan a special shield.

     It must be strong enough to keep it as light as possible, and then the shape is quickly determined.

     Instead of a circle, use a rectangle, but the length is relatively short, which is enough to cover his upper body when raised high, and the legs do not need to be protected.

     Then the shield should be made into a triangle-like shape as much as possible, that is, the middle of the shield is protruding forward, and the angle is still very large, because the main purpose of the high shield is not to protect itself, but to push open the roadblock, flat plate The shield can knock the zombies flying, but in this case, it is better to push the zombies to both sides to save effort.

     The shield was quickly made. It is a steel frame covered with engineering plastics, which looks like folding a piece of paper in half and then unfolding it at a certain angle.

     In fact, it is still very simple, but it is easy to use.After repeated experiments, I confirmed that the shield met my requirements, and the biggest goal of Gao Yuan's return was completed.

     Then the next thing to do is simpler, that is, rest. In addition to eating a full meal, a good sleep is also necessary.

     Eating enough and sleeping, Gao Yuan basically impossible to wait another two days before taking action again. That night, the group of them once again came to the place they had set off during the day.

     There is no zombie activity around, some moonlight, but very dim, and spring is also the season with the most wind.

     Moon Black Wind High Murder Night.

     "Turn on night vision."

     Gao Yuan turned on the night vision device, he glanced at all around, and then he said in amazement: "Wow, it's so clear, and it's still in color."

     Except for some chromatic aberration, the night vision device used by Gaoyuan looks almost there during the day, very clear and very bright.

     "Test the thermal imaging mode."

     Gao Yuan switched the helmet-mounted night vision device to a thermal imaging mode, and then there was no color in his eyepieces, but Shi Lei, who was crouching opposite him, looked red.

     "Red hot mode, thermal imaging is normal."

     Gao Yuan lifted the eyepiece of the dual-mode helmet-mounted night vision device from before his eyes, and Shi Lei whispered: "Why, are you not used to taking activities?"

     "It's really not used to it."

     "You must adapt as soon as possible. If there are no special circumstances, don't take off the night vision goggles."

     Gao Yuan put the eyepiece back in front of his eyes, and said in a low voice, "Well, then I’m going."Shi Lei whispered: "No, you just move on the spot, at what time you have adapted to the activity with the night vision goggles before you set off. This is an order."

     Don't fight against experts, no matter if Gao Yuan feels it is necessary, since Shi Lei said so, then he will definitely follow suit.


     The others dispersed their vigilance, and a person wearing a night vision device was walking back and forth in a circle surrounded by others, and then he ran and jumped from time to time.

     At the beginning, he could clearly feel the presence of the helmet and the weight of the night vision goggles, but after walking back and forth in the same place, he didn't seem to feel the existence of the night vision goggles anymore.

     Seeing Gao Yuan move more and more freely, Shi Lei whispered: "How is it? Do you feel dizzy and nauseous?"

     "No, completely without."

     "Very well, let's set off. Be careful. Still, I'd rather give up the mission and come back safely."


     This time Gao Yuan directly pulled out the knife, and then he raised the shield diagonally in front of him, and ran forward at the height of his chin.

     One advantage of the night is that no need to be worried will be found by zombies far away.

     Gao Yuan changed a route different from that during the day and ran towards the city. His speed was very fast, but there was almost no sound, thanks to his shoes and pants.

     The shoes are very sturdy. He made special shoes with Kevlar fiber directly. The sole is a new type of polymer. It was originally made for airplane tires. It is very soft and elastic, but the most important requirement of the sole is that it will not be strong in the distance Break under pedaling.The weight on his body was tens of kilograms, but this weight was barely noticeable to Gao Yuan.

     The journey went smoothly. Gao Yuan took the initiative to approach after discovering the zombie and tested it very carefully, but when the distance was 30 meters, the zombie finally discovered his existence.

     When the zombies have not gathered in large numbers, you can test as much as you like. Gao Yuan cut down the first zombie, and then searched for the zombie test. After being found, the zombie was hacked again wordless and uncommunicative. After repeated six times, Gao Yuan Get a rough figure.

     The farthest was found at 41 meters, and the most recently at 17 meters. Compared with daytime, this distance is greatly shortened.

     After completing the test, Gao Yuan's confidence greatly increased. He felt that this evening was the chance to win.