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179 Pure Curiosity
    Author: Unknown
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Li Wen knows some basic medical knowledge, so he doesn't know who to listen to now.

     If it is superstitious of Chinese medicine, then Sun Yunxiang is what he says. If he is superstitious of Western medicine, then everything Sun Yunxiang said is wrong.

     But because Li Wen’s status is too high and his status is special, he can not only enjoy the highest Chinese medicine in the world, but also the best Western medicine, so he must be the most sensible kind, but he is not Know whom to listen to.

     Li Wen looked at Sun Yunxiang, which meant that he could also explain.

     Sun Yunxiang continued to smile and said: "It has something to do with adrenaline, but it is not just a problem with adrenaline. This is a common reaction of the whole body function, but his physique is much stronger than ordinary people, so at most, he just sleeps well. The time will not be short, but it will definitely be fine."

     "How can this be guaranteed? Who can guarantee? His blood pressure has dropped to a dangerous level. According to his physical data, this level is fatal."

     A young doctor said something very politely, but the content was refuting Sun Yunxiang.

     Li Wen looked at Sun Yunxiang again, and Sun Yunxiang didn't refute anyone, he just said indifferently: "Chief, I can wake him up immediately, as long as three stitches."

     "We just took blood for him, and he didn't wake up."

     After a doctor finished speaking, hesitated for a moment, and then he whispered: "We also took some stimulus measures because he did look like sleeping, but he didn't respond to any stimulation."Sun Yunxiang shook his head and said, "Don't wake him up. It's not good. You can't wake him up even if you stick a needle, but my needle is different. As long as I get three needles, he will wake up immediately."

     Li Wen whispered: "Wake him up first?"

     Sun Yunxiang immediately said: "No, I can wake him up, but it's not good for him. He has entered Deep Sleep. According to us, he has entered a state of fetal breath. Now you are putting a gun in his ear. He can't wake up, because this is the self-protection performed by his body. If I give him a needle, it will stimulate his vitality, so that he can wake up immediately, but such a result, he also lost this rare self -protection and chance of recovery."

     After speaking, Sun Yunxiang said seriously: "It is easy for him to wake up, but it is difficult for him to fall asleep again. Besides, his body is not as strong as... Ordinary people, if he is forced to stimulate his blood To operate, that is, to mobilize his vitality to wake him up, then his body must be left with some problems. Even if it is recuperated, it will not only take a long time, and it is difficult to say whether it can be restored to the best state."

      Spoke until here, Li Wen's frowning brows finally relaxed.

     "Then he is all right?"

     "Well, I think he can recover on his own, but it's better to take some medications after he wakes up so that he can recover to his best condition as soon as possible.

     "Okay, Mr. Sun, this matter is entrusted to you, he is very important, please do your best."

     Sun Yunxiang nodded, said: "The chief rest assured, I must make an all-out effort."Li Wen sighed for a long time, then he laughed and said, "What should I do now?"

     Sun Yunxiang looked at the medical equipment in the room and said, "It's best to remove these things, but you can keep them. Well, just let him sleep well and don't disturb him."

     "But what if he has an accident?"

     Sun Yunxiang looked at the doctor who was talking, and said with a confident expression: "He will not have an accident. If something really happened, it is my responsibility."

     Li Wenwen trusted Sun Yunxiang, otherwise he would not call Sun Yunxiang, and now, he has no doubts at all.

     "Everyone, go out, keep the equipment, and the left behind one person can watch the situation high up. Please feel free to check if there is any changes."

     Li Wen said that this matter is a certainty.

     A group of people filed out.

      "How is it?"

     Li Wen waved his hand and smiled and said, "Doctor Sun said it’s okay, don’t worry, um, you don’t have to wait here anymore, I’m going to the Academy of Sciences, and you will all go back to deal with the work at hand. Don’t notify Xinghe. Wait for Gao Yuan to wake up."

     After speaking, Li Wen said to Sun Yunxiang: "I beg you here, I will let other people cooperate with your work."

     The matter was explained clearly, Li Wen left in a hurry, and after Li Wen left, Sun Yunxiang said to the people left: "Who knows what happened to the young man inside?"

     Shi Lei stepped forward, cautious and solemn said: "I know."

     Sun Yunxiang nodded, said: "This is not a place to talk. Let's go to a quiet place and talk. Is there any suitable place?"Sun Yunxiang and Shi Lei were quickly invited to an office, the office of the base hospital, and then General Luo stayed, so he also stayed in the office.

     "Comrade Shi Lei, I want to ask, does the young man inside practice boxing?"

     As soon as it was settled, Sun Yunxiang immediately asked Shi Lei a very crucial question.

     Shi Lei dazed for a moment and said: "No, uh, he is just... just..."

     Shi Lei looked at General Luo, and General Luo nodded and said, "It doesn't matter if you say it."

     "He is not as strong as a person, but he doesn't seem to practice boxing."

     Sun Yunxiang looked puzzled, and said, "Don't practice boxing?"

     General Luo whispered: "He didn't practice boxing, but he seems to have practiced thirteen hands. Well, it's called thirteen hands."

     "Thirteen are External Martial Art, and they are external equipment, not right."

     Sun Yunxiang still looked confused. He looked at General Luo and said, "Outside Kungfu, there is no such a situation of severe damage. I think he seems to have practiced inner strength Kungfu. After exhaustion, forced luck will cause This kind of vitality hurts."

     General Luo dazed for a moment and said: "I asked Xiang Weiguo, who taught him Kungfu, but he learned thirteen hands and didn't teach any internal boxing. Or, let me ask again?"

     At this time, Shi Lei suddenly remembered something, and then he cautious and solemn said: "The chief, Dr. Sun, there is a soldier in our team who has practiced Xingyi Quan from his family since he was a child. He said that this is internal boxing, and he I have been with Gao Yuan for a long time. Could he have taught Gao Yuan Xingyi Quan?"

     Sun Yunxiang nodded immediately, and said, "That's right! Can you confirm?"General Luo immediately said: "It's not right, we did a background check, you said Li Jingang, he said he didn't teach it."

     Sun Yunxiang shook his head and said, "I didn't teach the way of boxing, but I taught boxing, or the fist will not work, can you ask?"

     General Luo immediately said to Shi Lei: "Call Li Jingang over, right away!"

     Shi Lei immediately led the way. After Shi Lei left, General Luo said to Sun Yunxiang cautious and solemn: "Mr. Sun, do you know if he has practiced internal boxing and it will be helpful to his treatment?"

     Sun Yunxiang dazed for a moment, and then he was a little embarrassed and said: "Uh...this, in fact, I am purely curious."