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180 Famous
    Author: Unknown
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Li Jingang is here.

     As a special forces member who participated in the action, Li Jingang already knew that something happened after Gao Yuan returned, but he really didn't know what happened.

     "King Kong, this is Dr. Sun, you can answer honestly what's the problem with Dr. Sun."


     When looking at Dr. Sun, Li Jingang was a little nervous, but Sun Yunxiang smiled kindly, and said: "You are somewhat anxious, just ask a few words, and it has nothing to do with treatment, you no need to be anxious ."

     "Yes, Dr. Sun, I am somewhat worried Gao Yuan."

     Sun Yunxiang looked at Li Jingang up and down, and then he suddenly said: "You practice Xingyi."


     "How many years has it been?"

     "I have practiced since I was a child, for more than 20 years."

     "Your name is Li Jingang, where do you come from?"

     "A native of Xingzhou, Hebei Province."

     "Well, good, I'll talk about you later, first talk about Gaoyuan, have you taught him Xingyiquan?"

     Li Jingang immediately shook his head and said: "I haven't taught him, he doesn't need to learn, and I don't have time to teach."

     "Not taught at all? Even if you have said a few words, you have taught him fist."

     "No, not a word."

     Sun Yunxiang frowned, shook the head and said: "Then... I can only ask after he wakes up. I'm very surprised. According to the high-level situation, if he hasn't practiced to a certain level, he how can it be broke out to that How much."After speaking, Sun Yunxiang looked at General Luo and said, "Do you know that even if ordinary people want to explode, they can only stay at a very basic level, that is, if they hit one hundred kilograms of strength, they can only explode 200 kilograms This is pretty good, but a master of internal family boxing usually hits two hundred catties, but if a punch can hit one thousand catties, this is the difference between Lianjiazi and ordinary person's."

     General Luo is nodded, and Sun Yunxiang continued: "Did Gao Yuan practice any other boxing? Otherwise, it doesn't make sense."

     Shi Lei looked at General Luo, and General Luo whispered: "Mr. Sun, there are some things you may not know, um, let me put it this way, Gao Yuan is not an ordinary person, he is... a superman."

     "Superman? General Luo, are you kidding me."

     General Luo whispered: "Really Not joking. He was infected by a viral infection from a zombie and also infected with another alien monster virus. Then, um... the alien friend rescued him with Genetic Weapon, so Gao Yuan Mutated, become super strong, fast, oh, now our vaccine or something is studied with his blood."

     Sun Yunxiang stared for a while and said: "This is too... sci-fi!"

     General Luo smiled and said: "Or why he is different, because he is different, you know why he is important, because he is a treasure house now."

     Sun Yunxiang took a deep breath for a long time, and then he repeatedly nodded, but did not speak. After a while, he suddenly said: "I have been thinking about what skills he has practiced. I didn't expect others to be... he is... what is this?"General Luo scratched the head and said: "No one can say that it's not good, even if it's...evolved."

     Sun Yunxiang smiled bitterly: "I put traditional martial arts on an evolved person. It doesn't match up, what is this, does science fiction meet tradition?"

     "Well, that's it."

     Sun Yunxiang fell into deep thought, and then he whispered: "You said Gao Yuan has such a good physical foundation. If he could practice this martial arts well, what would it look like?"

     General Luo smiled and said: "I can't say this well, we don't understand."

     Sun Yunxiang was silent for a long time, and then he nodded and said: "You can only ask after Gao Yuan wakes up, um, King Kong, you are from Xingzhou, do you know a person named Li Shitang?"

     Li Jintang stared for a while, and said: "Yes, that's my grandfather, do you know?"

     Sun Yunxiang smiled and said, "I guess so, there is only Li Shitang from Xingzhou, Hebei Province. Then your ancestor is Mr. Li Luoneng, the old man, right?"

     Li Jingang was very stared for a while, and then he shook his head and said, "Li Luoneng? No, my grandfather's name is Li Xiaodian. That's the name. The genealogy is gone now, so I know the grandfather's generation. What do you call them, I heard that I often get jokes for this."

     "What a joke, that is touch base matter and turn it to gold! Your ancestor Mr. Luo Neng has the ability to touch base matter and turn it to gold, otherwise why use touch base matter and turn it to gold to rank hierarchy? ."

     "Yes, my grandfather Li Shitang, my father Li Chengguo, our generation is a golden generation, should be touch base matter and turn it to gold, don't you know my grandpa?"

     "How good is your grandfather?""Passed a few years ago."

     Sun Yunxiang sighed softly and said, "Your grandfather and I do know each other, but it is a fate. This Li style Xingyiquan is still being practiced with yours. The rest are lost, and the real kung fu is lost. , When I was young, I played with your grandfather once. I knew that he was a descendant of Mr. Li Luoneng. He passed on the authentic Li's form and meaning and didn't have deep friendship, but I admire your grandfather's skill.

     The relationship between Li Jingang and Sun Yunxiang was immediately different. Li Jingang looked a little excited and said, "Then you are practicing boxing. I didn't ask you what kind of kung fu you have practiced?"

     Sun Yunxiang nodded and said: "My ancestor was Sun Lutang, who practiced Tai Chi, Xingyi, and Bagua Zhang. Speaking of which, we learned the Xingyiquan from Mr. Laoneng, so the two of us are considered family acquaintances. "

     Li Jingang bowed respectfully, clasped his fist and said, "Meet Master Grandpa."

     Sun Yunxiang received a gift from Li Jingang, and then he smiled at Li Jingang: "Jingang, just now I heard that you practice Xingyiquan well and you have real skills. Let's join hands?"

     "Hands up? Okay, let's ask Grandpa Master for advice."

     Li Jinfang has absolute self-confidence for his own kung fu, which is a necessary quality to become a master, and Sun Yunxiang, he seems to be in one's seventies, but this is the inspection and guidance of the elders to the younger generations in the inheritance of kung fu, even if Li Jingang Young and vigorous, he also cherishes this opportunity to join hands.

     The two came to one side and put their hands together. They were very slow, touching each other with their forearms. After a moment, Sun Yunxiang's arms shook, and Li Jingang took two steps back.Li Jingang looked shocked, while Sun Yunxiang raised his arms again and said, "Don't be afraid that I am getting old, come."

     Although Li Jingang is still careful this time, he dared to exert his strength.

     Both Xingyiquan and Taijiquan have a hand, but the power of the two methods differs to some extent. Both of them use the Xingyiquan method, but this is not a test of physical strength. More The experience is the mystery of the subtleties.

     After a while, Li Jingang dashed forward with the body led by Sun Yunxiang, and after passing Sun Yunxiang, he staggered for two steps.

     "Oh, grandpa, you are amazing!"

     Li Jingang convinced in heart and by word, but Sun Yunxiang smiled and said: "Actually, I am a generation older than your grandfather. If you call my grandfather, that's a generational difference. Why don't you ask yourself clearly."

     "Ah, you are a generation older than my grandfather, and that's also called Grandpa Master. There are people who practice plum blossom boxing there. They are older than my grandfather. My grandfather asked me to call Grandpa Master. Then what should I call you? ?"

     Sun Yunxiang waved his hand and said, "You should call my ancestor, but forget it, it doesn't matter what you call, tell grandpa to listen and kiss, I ask you, do you practice anything other than form and mind?"

     "No, there is nothing, just the form and meaning."

     Sun Yunxiang pondered for a moment, and then he nodded: "Well, you can't call my grandpa for nothing, so let's do it, you have time, I will teach you Baguazhang and Taiji boxing. At the end of the three internal family boxing, all You have to get in touch and mastering through Fusing and Linking can be accomplished."

     Li Jingang excitedly said: "I know that Mr. Hutou Shaobao Lutang is proficient in Xingyi Taiji and the three methods of Bagua."Sun Yunxiang smiled and said: "Go hand in hand, um, in the past twenty years, you are the best young man I have ever seen. Young generation is really good at training to your level. I dare to say that looking at the whole country, you are Xingyiquan. I’m the first person to be, and I’m complimenting you, you must not be proud."

     Li Jingang was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't come forward to join hands with Sun Yunxiang, and then he said somewhat unnaturally: "That...I don't dare to say that I am the best, um, my brother is better than me, and much better..."

     Sun Yunxiang was surprised again, he said with a look of surprise: "Better than you? Who is your brother? I haven't heard of it."

     Li Jingang twisted and said: "My brother's name is Li Jinfang. He is not in China, but he is abroad. Hearing from my uncle, my brother has now practiced internally and externally, well, much better than me..."

     Sun Yunxiang was shocked again. He put down his arm and said, "Through inside and outside? Or is it your brother? How did he practice? Have you tried hands?"

     Li Jingang rubbed his chin and looked at General Luo. General Luo said, "You said, what else is there?"

     Li Jingang coughed slightly, and said: "The situation is more complicated. I was also implicated by him. I was almost forced to retire from the army. Because, who is my brother abroad... Well, mercenary, but he However, he has made contributions to the country. Now he has recovered his reputation in the original army. Well, the key is that his kung fu is trained in actual combat. This is better than me. I practice, he fights, and I am myself. Practicing, he is fighting for life and death, so he is really at home now."Sun Yunxiang looked surprisedly and said, "It turned out to be killed in actual combat? That's no wonder, but what's going on your brother? What regain one's good name, what mercenary?"

     General Luo was also at a loss, but Shi Lei just smiled bitterly. Li Jingang said helplessly, "In fact, I don't know the specific situation very well. Jin Fang was also a soldier. Later... he committed a crime and ran away. , Um, in the end, what happened I don't know either, I knew he was abroad, like a mercenary. At that time, the army almost asked me to switch jobs early because of my overseas relationship. Then I didn’t know what happened and I was fine. Later, I went home to visit relatives and heard what my uncle said. Now my uncle and his family have also gone abroad, so what happened later I don't know either."