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181 Decline
    Author: Unknown
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What Li Jingang said was unclear, but Sun Yunxiang couldn't ask more, because he asked only two words at the end, keeping it secret.

     Because of confidentiality, Li Jingang didn't know exactly what's going on, except for knowing that his younger brother was better than himself, that was really not knowing anything at all.

     Sun Yunxiang is very fascinated.

     "How old is your brother?"

     "One year younger than me."

     Sun Yunxiang sighed with emotion, and said: "One year younger than you, I can really practice internally and externally. This is amazing, um, amazing. But then again, if your brother really has qualified successors to inherit Why did you go abroad? What a pity, what a pity! But then again, it is impossible to practice to this level without going abroad, oh, okay..."

     Sun Yunxiang seemed extremely disappointed, a little bit painful when he was happy, but a little relieved beyond the pain.

     General Luo was puzzled. He whispered: "Doctor Sun, what do you say?"

     Sun Yunxiang whispered: "I have practiced boxing since I was six years old. I am 76 years old this year. I have practiced for seventy years. I am at what time from the outside to the inside. I have truly mastered the essence of the internal word "Neijiaquan? At the age of forty-seven, I practiced for more than forty years before I reached the threshold of inner strength."

     Li Jingang whispered and said: "That's amazing, my father hasn't touched his inner strength in his entire life."

     Sun Yunxiang said with a look of disappointment: "How many can I practice? In my generation, I don't know who has actually practiced internal strength, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Gossip, the so-called three internal martial arts, so many descendants. None of them have developed internal strength, is this still an internal boxing technique."Shi Lei whispered: "I watched an old lady on TV, she fell down with a single touch of a bunch of people..."

     Sun Yunxiang immediately said: "That's a fool! Whoever believes in who is a fool, the reputation of traditional martial arts is corrupted in the hands of the bastards, but at first glance it is a trick to fool fools, but some people believe it, you say How to do."

     After slamming Shi Lei very unceremoniously, Sun Yunxiang said helplessly: "The true kung fu handed down by this ancestor is about to be broken, no more, it must be absolutely rooted, alas..."

     A long sigh revealed the helplessness.

     General Luo coughed lightly and said, "It can't be regarded as lost, right? Young people like King Kong also have a good inheritance."

     Sun Yunxiang said with a cold face: "Yeah, maybe I say he is good? I haven't seen a youngster practice like him in the past 20 or 30 years, but how many? How many? I just traveled all over the country. I met a Li Jingang, what about the others? What about the heirs? No more! How many people can feel the real Kung Fu? Now they are very popular liars, real Kung Fu..."

     Sun Yunxiang shook the head again with a look of helplessly said: "There is no such environment."

     General Luo said in a puzzled way: "What is said, isn't the country vigorously promoting the inheritance of intangible culture."

     Sun Yunxiang sorrowful smile, said: "Promote? What is promoted? It is sports, do you understand? Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the positioning of martial arts is sports, but what is the real martial arts, martial arts is murder! Skills, not sports, are not something that can be competed in the ring."

     "Fight..."Sun Yunxiang looked helplessly and said: "It's not that fighting is not good, but the upper limit of fighting is too much different from that of martial arts. The times are different, guns have risen, and martial arts have declined. In the past, people practiced martial arts to protect themselves. Even if you can’t perform in the court, the folks can still find food. But now, the root of martial arts is still the national policy. Now martial arts is sports and gymnastics. As for fighting, fighting can be played in the ring, but fighting is not a martial art."

     Lightly sighed saying, Sun Yunxiang continued: "Martial arts are amazing, not as magical as martial arts and movies, but how can real martial arts be comparable to fighting this kind of fur? Let me tell you this, I will hit you. Palm, let you die in a month, you won’t be able to delay it for two months, let you die in half a year, you won’t be a day earlier, General Luo, believe it or not?"

     Sun Yunxiang was agitated. What he said was a bit rude and should not be said, but General Luo was still nodded and said, "I believe it."

     Sun Yunxiang said miserably: "There are not many who really practiced at home, but if you want to practice at home, you have to practice, and you can’t build a cart behind closed doors. People learn from each other. Look at those martial arts people. They didn't visit famous artists when they were young and challenged them everywhere, because only in this way can they have a real chance to compete with masters and improve themselves."

     General Luo nodded, said: "This is true, I understand."Sun Yunxiang looked at Li Jingang and said, "He is a soldier. It stands to reason that his physical condition is also very good, and his boxing skills can be used a bit. Coupled with years of hard training, this is what I have now. After all, he didn’t have the opportunity to really use his boxing skills, so he is still groping outside, but his brother has practical opportunities abroad, so his brother can become a martial artist. This is the difference. There is no such environment in China. Ah, you can't afford to pay for the injuries you hurt by discussing with people..."

     Sun Yunxiang was very distressed, but General Luo said seriously: "If that is the case, I would think that the declining of martial arts will decline. It is also a good thing to lose the hand. Do you think, martial arts are booming at what time? We are in troubled times. The country is a legal society and a stable legal society. Doesn't the decline of martial arts represent the strength and stability of the country? If turmoil can breed martial artists, I think it is better to let martial arts decline."

     Sun Yunxiang stared for a while, and then he nodded, and whispered: "You are right, it is the truth, so martial arts is not in decline, and now it is almost lost, no, it is overwhelming majority. Lost."

     Li Jingang whispered: "But now, isn't it a troubled world again..."

     A few people were all stagnating, and then, Sun Yunxiang shook the head with a look of loss and said: "At this time, I hope that martial arts will be lost, and I don't want this troubled world, alas."General Luo sighed and said: "Dr. Sun, in this situation, it is better to focus on Gao Yuan. Let's not talk about more. We will communicate privately in the future. Now I want to know how long Gao Yuan can wake up? "

     "At least two days."

     "So long?"

     "Well, at least so much for long time, injured the strength is not so easy to recover. By the way, I need some Chinese medicinal materials. I'll make a list. Get ready first. Besides..."

     Sun Yunxiang hesitated for a while, and then he whispered: "When Gao Yuan wakes up, I want to try how good his physical fitness is."

     Li Jingang smiled bitterly at this time and said, "Master, let me tell you this. His physical fitness is not as strong as humans. Just like me, he beats me like a play."

     Sun Yunxiang was very happy when he heard it, he thought for a bit, and said: "Well, that must be seen."