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182 Master
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan finally opened the eyes.

     It's a bit uncomfortable, my back is sore, and my head still aches, but it's the kind of pain after sleeping for too long.

     When he opened his eyes, Gao Yuan saw an old man standing in front of the bed. In addition, there were a large group of people in white coats behind the old man.

     "Are you really awake?"

     "It's amazing, my heart rate hasn't changed."

     Gao Yuan sat up. He looked at the surroundings and said with a strange expression: "I this is what? Am I injured or sick?"

     I feel okay, but looking at the surrounding environment, it is clear that he is in the ward, Gao Yuan dare not think he is really okay.

     "You are not sick, but you have suffered some internal injuries."

     The old man talked, Gao Yuan wanted to laugh a little, and was internally injured, could he cultivate a cultivation deviation or something?

     "Come on, don't sit down and walk around."

     Immediately a doctor came over and took off the various monitoring instruments connected to Gao Yuan's body, and went down to the ground. After two steps on the ground, he still looked astonishedly and said, "Uh, who can tell me what is this?"

     The old man smiled and said: "You are overstretching, injured the strength. I have seen the footage taken by the battlefield recorder on your body. I can shake a dozen zombies into the air at once. This is really powerful. Come out first. , Many people are waiting for your news."

     Gao Yuan ignorantly followed the old man out of the ward, and then he saw a bunch of people outside the ward.

      "All right, whoever should be notified, um, but now I have to chat with him alone, this is also for the sake of his condition."After speaking, the old man said to Gao Yuan: "You come with me, it will take a while."

     Gao Yuan still looked dumbfounded, but he followed the old man to the one room, and in this room, there was one of his acquaintances, Li Jingang.

     "King Kong brother, hello."

     Li Jingang smiled, but he did not speak.

     "My name is Sun Yunxiang. I am a Chinese medicine doctor and a martial arts lover. It is not easy to have a private chat with you. It took me a long time to apply for half an hour. Then I will open the door and see the mountain. Having said that, Xiao Gao, do you want to practice martial arts?"

     Gao Yuan stared for a while, then he nodded and said: "Practice, I practiced thirteen."

     "Thirteen are external weapons, which are styles of play, but what you need now is to practice internal boxing. I can tell you responsibly. Based on your current physical condition, practicing internal boxing can make you like a tiger that has grown wings! And I also told you that your current style of play is a waste, you have wasted most of your strength, I say something nasty, I watched your video twice, I dare say You are a silly boy sleeping on a cool Kang, relying solely on firepower."

     Gao Yuan dumbfounded: "What does it mean?"

     "It's just that you don't know how to give full play to your advantages, so you can only fight with brute force. Think about it, are the thirteen you practiced useful when dealing with zombies?"

     "Uh, it's useless, but that's because I killed the zombies with just one tap, so I don't need any moves.""But if you can make the most of your own advantages and be surrounded by zombies, you can also handle a butcher's cleaver with ease. This is the benefit of practicing footwork. Then if you hit a zombie, you will also hit it with all your strength. Do your best, waste no waste, if I teach you kung fu, let you use 10% of your strength to solve the problem, okay?"

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "Okay, can you teach me? That's great!"

     Sun Yunxiang has yet to talk about it. He prepared a lot of rhetoric, just to impress Gao Yuan and follow him to practice martial arts.

     But it seems to be useless now.

     Why does Sun Yunxiang need to think about moving Gaoyuan first?

     Because martial arts has been mythological and stigmatized for too long, so that nowadays, when people hear martial arts, they first think of kung fu movies, and then think of the performances of liars. The first reaction for many people is that martial arts is a lie Human.

     So it really takes a little effort to persuade people to practice martial arts. In addition, the lofty physical fitness has reached the level of superman.

     A person who has obtained what he wants with no difficulty, and then asks him to spend hard work to practice new things, is definitely rejected by the vast majority of people.

     It's like telling a sniper with a gun that you should practice martial arts. It is good for you to practice martial arts, but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time.

     So does the sniper choose to kill the enemy with a gun, or spend extra time practicing martial arts?

     As long as it is a normal sniper, he definitely doesn't practice martial arts.Gao Yuan is not a sniper, but he has no opponents among normal human beings. Let him go back to practice martial arts at this time. As long as Gao Yuan is a little lazy, he will definitely not practice. Even if he does, he will definitely not practice with all his heart.

     But Gao Yuan is different, because Xiang Weiguo said that he had the opportunity to learn Xingyiquan from Li Jingang, and he just didn't have the time and opportunity before.

     In addition, Gao Yuan believes very much in the role of martial arts. Why, because Xiang Weiguo taught him thirteen, and he saved Luo Xingyu with this skill. This is called practicing the true knowledge. He knows the role of martial arts. And meaningful.

     Sun Yunxiang was beaten no time to deal with it, he couldn't think Gao Yuan would agree in one fell swoop, and he was very happy.

     "Are you really willing to practice?"

     "Ken, why not Ken?"

     "Then martial arts training is very hard."

     "I know, I'm not afraid of hardship."

     Sun Yunxiang had nothing to say, then he thought for a bit and said, "It's really bitter."

     "I'm really not afraid of hardship!"

     Sun Yunxiang smiled, and then he said very satisfied: "Very good, very good, now I will give you a pulse, and then I will prepare a medicinal bath for you, you have to take a dip, which is good for your body, and then... Take care of your personal affairs first, and then you can start practicing with me tomorrow."

     Gao Yuan is nodded, but he immediately said: "Tomorrow, tomorrow may not work, I have a lot of things to deal with in a hurry, uh, how long have I slept."

     "Fifty hours, fifty hours."

     "so long!"Gao Yuan turned pale with fright, but he thought for a bit. Since the people in that mall have been insisting on it for more than half a year, it must be the same for these two days, but in terms of Gao Yuan’s character, he definitely can’t continue to drag on. .

     "I have to go to Jicheng again. After I come back, I'll be fine and I can practice with you. Well, Brother King Kong, what are you doing here? Is there anything wrong?"

     Li Jingang smiled bitterly and said: "This is my grandfather, um, I came to persuade you to practice martial arts, but now it seems I don't have to persuade you."

     What can I persuade? It is really two people from baffling.

     At this time, Sun Yunxiang smiled and said: "It's okay, Gao Yuan, you should be busy if you have things to do. Many people are waiting for you. You should take care of your own affairs first. I'm waiting for you. Oh, if it's convenient, let's do it. Let’s go to the ceremony of apprenticeship, just a moment’s meaning, do you think how is it?"

     Gao Yuan is still a little confused, why does he need an extra master in baffling?

     Should I ask first?

     But watching Li Jingang rushing to himself repeatedly nodded, as if you hurriedly agreed, he said in a high and low voice: " should do, I have to ask Uncle Xiang first, he said it will be fine."