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183 Tell Stories About Kung Fu
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When I wrote about martial arts, I was really impressed, so when I got interested, let me tell you a few stories. They are really stories.

     I’m from Hebei. Many people know that there is a martial arts meeting here on the tenth day of the first lunar month in my hometown. Each village is a team. Pull your team to the county street to practice and show everyone the performance. There are a bunch of old men who can get through.

     I don't know that village, but I clearly remember that every year the leader of the village is an old man with a pair of mace.

      there is still one The old man in the village holds a pair of steel whips.

     Every time the martial arts meet at the busiest intersection, the old people in the two villages will fight with double whips.

     I told you that it was really beautiful, but it was really boring. Two old men took an iron stick and you hit me. I hit you, ping-pong and clamored for a match, and no one could hit anyone. In the end, it was so loose, far It's not as good as what a double knife versus a single shot, what Unarmed Against A Naked Blade looks good.

     After two years, the old man with the steel whip did not come. I heard that he was dead. Then the old man with the mace still went to the martial arts meeting every year, but he never fought against anyone, only to the team in the old man village with the steel whip. During the cutscenes, stand on the side and watch for a while.

     I was a teenager at the time, but I could probably understand what desolation is.

     Ask the knowledgeable, there are so many people who practice steel whips, why no one in the martial arts will practice with steel whips and maces, they said it is a blunt weapon, heavy and heavy, and most people don’t dare to play it at all. There was an accident, and no one dared to practice against each other except those two old men.The old man who had practiced his mace for another two years died, and I never saw anyone with a steel whip or a steel mace.

     The Wuhui has been suspended for 20 years now, and I don't know either whether the level of the two old men is high or low.

     Thinking more casually, tell another story.

     My grandfather was a blacksmith. When he was a child, he followed his master to learn how to strike iron. When he was thirteen years old, he was caught by a devil and picked water from the bunker on the mountain.

     The bunkers are on the mountain, and the guerrillas often harass them, and the devils often come out to sweep up. On the first day of the new year, the devils fired mortars from the bunker on the top of the mountain to a town down the mountain. On the same day, the guerrillas went. Shit on the mountain for the devil's spring.

     Does it feel weird?

     That's right, the devil's bunker is on the top of the mountain, and the draught can only go to the spring on the mountainside to fetch water. This is me Grandpa and a few other civilians did the work, and the guerrillas went to the spring to shit and make the devil sick.

     Shit was originally done in the middle of the night, but on the first day of the new year, the devil fired a cannon, which made the guerrillas really angry, so they went to the spring and shit in broad daylight.

     However, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the devils fired cannons on the top of the mountain and also ambushed people on the mountainside, because the guerrillas hated devils and the devils hated the guerrillas who fed them shit.

     Then the guerrillas fell into the middle, and two people died, and one of them my grandfather still knew.

     The famous Lianjizi in my hometown has a mutual respect in marriage stick, an iron rod, and the iron rod was beaten by my grandfather’s master.It's a pity that the guerrilla who practiced the stick failed to kill a devil. He was shot twice and died on the spot. There was no chance to rush to the devil and practice the stick technique he had spent a lifetime.

     To make a digression that has nothing to do with martial arts, my hometown is in a small village. It was very small, and at most it had more than 200 people. But do you know how many people died in my home village during the Anti-Japanese War? 21 people died. It is the number of people who died in the battle between the guerrillas and the Eighth Route Army. The smallest is 14 and the largest is unknown.

     Let me tell you another story. I have seen this one. I have seen it with my own eyes.

     From my childhood, I heard that there was a martial arts bull in a neighboring village, and this man was a half-idiot, an old bachelor, and lived by feeding cattle. Later, this man went to my home village to herd cattle, taking turns in each house. Eat and live in an old house provided by the village.

     We have all heard of this man practicing martial arts, but no one has seen it. We only know that he practiced secretly when no one was there, and let him show his hands in front of others and never refused. And this man is indeed a bit silly. The words are lack of roots.

     One winter, the cattle herder ate and ate dinner at my little friend’s house, and there was a bucket next to him. It was two buckets of water he had just pumped from the well. After eating, he would take the water back to his residence. , And while taking him to eat, my friend and I threw the clods into his bucket.

     The cowherd said to us and continued to eat. Then my partner and I laughed on one side. Then while he continued to eat, we picked up the soil and ran to the other side and threw it into another bucket.The cowherd was stopped/stood. He was very angry. He stomped on the stone bar he was squatting just now with his rice bowl. He made a loud noise in his mouth. It scared me and my friend. .

     Then the cattle herder continued to squat down to eat. After the meal, he brushed the bowl where he put it, and waited for my friend to collect the bowl and go home. Then he poured out the dirty water in the bucket and went to the well and took two more buckets of water back. Home.

     At that time, many people gathered together for dinner. After the cattle herder left, the person next to him was surprised to find that he had broken the squatting stone with one foot.

     The stone is placed on the side of the road in the village. People sit on it in the summer and squat on it in the winter. How big is it? I’m afraid you don’t know how big it is. The stone is used to build a house in the countryside. It is more than one meter, thirty centimeters wide, and twenty centimeters thick.

     With just one kick, the cattle herd broke the stone bar.

     Then, less than a week later, maybe even shorter. When I returned to my grandfather's house from the city again, I heard that the coal in the cattle was poisoned to death.

     That stone strip has always been on the side of the road. The stone strip was broken because of a prank by my friend and me. How many years have passed since the cattle herder died. When people in my home village still sit on the stone strip and chat, they will Speaking of how the cattle herd broke the stone bar with one foot.

     It wasn't until the cement road was built in the village a few years ago that I didn't know where the stone was dropped.

     So far, I don't know either what the name of the cow is called, it seems to be Xi Niu'er, it seems to be this name, and when I talk about him with my friends, I often feel that I was ignorant and feel sorry for others.But do you know what is magical? The magical thing is that I don't think that foot is so magical to this day. It wasn't until I wrote the first two chapters that I suddenly realized that it was really magical.

     Believe it or not, because these years, you are unlikely to see those magical people and magical things anymore. The times are different, and those magical people are eliminated by the times.

     I dare not say how good martial arts can be, because there is no martial artist to stand up and persuade everyone, but I know that there are strange people among the folks, because I have seen them, I have heard them, and have seen them with my own eyes.

     I was quite emotional. I wanted to write again, but my neck hurts. I can just write wherever I think, so you can just read the story.

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