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184 Decision Making
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The form of war has changed. First of all, we must be clear about this. That is, war is no longer carried out in a situation and method we are familiar with. What war is now is the slaughter of an advanced species against a backward species.

     The form of the war has changed, but the nature of the act of war has not changed. After all, the war is to eliminate the opponent's vital forces, and the enemy's fundamental purpose is to occupy the entire star. Then it can be determined that the war is fought by national power and technology.

      It is currently already confirmed that the enemy’s scientific and technological strength is not at the same level as ours. With this premise, the strength of the country is completely meaningless. Even if the big snake man only sent two large airships, it is too big technology. The difference also makes traditional concepts of national power such as the number of people lose their meaning.

     I think that better hidden strength and better preservation of ourselves are the key to determining whether we can maintain a long-term stalemate with the enemy. Now our fundamental purpose is to survive. Mr. Survival, let’s talk about the key to certain technological points. Break through, and want to survive, and then talk about counterattack. If we fail to hide ourselves well and let the serpent man discover the existence of the Supreme Command, then we will lose our last chance of survival. "

     A gentle-looking general with glasses finished speaking, but a general next to him said immediately: "I admit, what you said makes sense, but have you ever thought about it? Xinghe said that the second group of snakes will be there. It will be reached in more than three hundred years, so we have time, and the Orochi-men invaded to the present, which embodies an extremely obvious feature, that is, you beat you, I beat mine, which is a typical asymmetric warfare.So far, Orochi has used three methods of warfare. First, the Orochi released the virus. Second, the Orochi did not allow any of our aircraft or missiles to be launched to avoid threatening their spacecraft. Third, In the Battle of Shimen, the aliens put armored beasts for the first time, so we can think that the three methods used by the serpent are enough to complete the goal. "

     "No, I totally disagree with your point of view. As you just said, Orochi uses three kinds of weapons, namely viruses, microwaves, and alien bio weapons. Then why does Orochi not use the fourth weapon, the fifth What kind of weapons?"

     "What I mean is that since the Orochimen are enough to complete the occupation after using the three weapons, then they can't pay too much attention to the movements of the humans on the ground. Xinghe said, the common practice of the Orochimen is to complete the preliminary work by the advance team. When the main part of the serpent man arrives, the invaded planet will have no power to resist. They can accept it directly, so I think it is time to take advantage of this precious free period and use all means to develop and grow ourselves."

     "Yes, it is necessary to develop and expand our strength, but precisely because of this, we cannot agree to Gao Yuan to leave the Supreme Command and go to Jicheng to rescue the survivors. I also hope that all the survivors can survive. Everyone was rescued, but is this idea realistic? Also, since Gao Yuan is precious to us, we can’t let him go to Jicheng. His own safety and risk of exposure. If you agree to let him go to Jicheng, I think this behavior is radically reckless and impulsive, to Gao Yuan and our entire command post!"This is a small-scale closed-door meeting, and the discussion is a trivial matter.

     Gao Yuan was going to Jicheng to see if there were any survivors in the mall he found.

     The base closed the door and it really couldn’t even fly out even a mosquito. Since Gaoyuan came in, he had to apply if he wanted to go out, and Li Wen couldn’t make up his mind about Gaoyuan’s application, so he simply discussed how to get there. At the meeting to find the medical warehouse, let's discuss by the way whether to agree to Gao Yuan's application.

     Now it is divided into two factions. One thinks that Gao Yuan should not go out at all, and the other thinks that this is a trivial matter. Let Gao Yuan go there. Nothing else is a big deal.

     Things are trivial, but the meaning behind the problem is great, so the discussion about whether Gao Yuan can enter the city has risen to the level of how to fight this war.

     Because lofty actions have been given more meaning.

     "All our actions now are actually exposing our existence and our means, such as our wireless communication. Yes, our means of communication are very backward, but if the Orochiman completely masters it, the Orochiman will attack again. Wouldn’t it be easier for us, if our base location is exposed, the Orochimen can fight if they want to fight, everyone, now it’s not a question of whether the Orochimen can be defeated, but a question of whether the Orochimen want to fight!"

     The general who holds an opposing opinion is still speaking frankly with assurance. It is undeniable that what he said makes sense, but at this moment, Li Wen coughed slightly, and then he removed the lid of the teacup."Let me just say something. What you said makes sense, but I am considering this matter from the perspective of yet another. First of all, we all know the special significance of the lofty nature. The research on his gene is still in progress. , The scientist in charge of this project said that mass transformation of Genetic Warriors of ourselves is completely promising. Although you are weakened compared to the high, this is a very critical direction. Then, if we can really carry out genetic modification, how to use Genetic Warrior? How to fight? Should we prepare for these?

     The second point is the circumstances require action to seize the medical warehouse. The main difference now is whether to send a small-scale army or a large-scale army. If, I mean, if we can send a genetically modified super warrior Not low, so should the preliminary research work start now?

     The third point is that Gao Yuan is a young man, and his impulse to do things is affirmative, but Gao Yuan is not that kind of reckless person. I believe he can make rational judgments at the critical moment. For this special young man, should we? Focus on training? If you want to train, is it necessary for him to do more actual combat?

     The fourth point, I repeat, since the serpents have been hiding on the moon for decades, they should be very clear about the development of humans over the past few decades. If they want to study us, they should have studied them thoroughly. In that case, my idea is that if you take a risk, you have to take a risk. There is no need to hide yourself. Of course, it is extremely necessary to hide and protect our final counterattack, but this should not cause us to dare not make a difference. I finished talking. "When Li Wen finished speaking, he rarely spoke at military conferences, but now, he is the first time he has expounded his ideas and concepts.

      After a spell of silence, a general said in a deep voice: "Vote by raising hands, I agree to Gao Yuan's move to Jicheng, and also, I propose to set up a reconnaissance team to remotely observe and monitor Gao Yuan to obtain valuable hands. data."