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185 Good Day
    Author: Unknown
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Is it too late for me to quit now? "

     Yu Shunzhou grabbed his hands on a horizontal bar, sweat has formed a small puddle under his feet, and Nie Erlong was on the horizontal bar next to him, sweat also formed a small puddle, but he was still clenching his teeth.

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said, "Guess what?"

     Yu Shunzhou tried hard to push it up again, but he really couldn't get it up, so he gnashing one's teeth and said: "I can't get up, I can't..."

     "Well, it's okay, it doesn't matter if you don't go up, just hang on it."

     Yu Shunzhou’s face is live without hope. He feels pain in his hands and arms, but he really doesn’t dare to let go and get off the horizontal bar. Xiang Weiguo’s rules are simple. Everyone has a hundred pull-ups, and he can’t do that. Just hang on the horizontal bar.

     Yu Shunzhou did forty-seven pull-ups, making Nie Erlong, who he despised, did seven. However, Nie Erlong has been hanging on the horizontal bar for 20 minutes, but he still insists.

     "Erlong, you don't take it anymore, go down, don't your hands hurt? Go down.

     Yu Shunzhou began to confuse Nie Erlong, because whoever drops his hand first will be punished, so will the second one be fine?

     No, that's not it, whoever falls off the horizontal bar will be miserable, but Yu Shunzhou is harm others without benefiting oneself. I want to see Nie Erlong's miserable appearance to raise his spirit.

     Nie Erlong didn't say a word, but grabbed the horizontal bar firmly for fear of falling off.

     Yu Shunzhou exhaled, and then he grabbed the horizontal bar and yelled in a loud voice: "A slut is tall! I've counted on you!"

     Xiang Weiguo didn't get angry either, he still smiled and said, "Very energetic."Yu Shunzhou looked live without hope's and said: "Uncle Xiang, be kind and kind. Gao Yuan only said that we should join the Big Red Third Company. If I am willing to enter, it will give him face, right? You can't bite the hand that feeds one, right? I didn’t say to train us in accordance with Special Forces. Can’t I just be a soldier of nothing special? You’re not the same. Can I not be a soldier?”

     "No, do you think this is a hotel, wants to come then come wants to leave then leave."

     "Uncle Xiang, you can't do this..."

     "Call the instructor."

     "Instructor, we are so familiar. Why do you torture us like this? It's almost all right. What's the use of fighting aliens, no matter how strong the physical strength is?"

     Xiang Weiguo lightly smiled and said: "Well, I don't know either what's the use, but it's definitely better to have good physical strength than bad."

     "Instructor, you really don't talk about feelings at all? With our relationship, you can't be nice to us, can't in sequence, step by step?"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled kindly, and said: "Our relationship is not ordinary, it is not ordinary, so, I have to teach you well, your foundation is too bad, I will treat you better, and I will give you some more. Add 20 minutes."

     Yu Shunzhou wanted to say it again. Nie Erlong said in grief and indignation from the side: "You sand sculpture! Can you keep your mouth shut! The more you talk, the worse you are, you still babble endlessly, I was hurt by your sand sculpture!"

     Yu Shunzhou also knew that the more he talked, the more he owed, the more miserable he would be.

     But he cannot bear, Yu Shunzhou just couldn't help but owe him, trying to find some balance in his mouth."I'm not convinced! You call Gao Yuan to let him hang with us, damn! I’m here exhausted and exhausted, he goes to see his girlfriend, there is still a reason!"

     Xiang Weiguo smiled and said: "He's here to hang it? He can pull the gear lever again, you, still think about how to practice well, don't drag Gao Yuan back."

     Yu Shunzhou was desperate, but he still wanted to say something, but at this moment, Gao Yuan finally came.

     "Yeah, are you practicing? Uncle Xiang, practice them hard. If you don't die, you will practice to the death. Especially this fat guy, you have to say hello."

     Yu Shunzhou wanted to see Gao Yuan but couldn't turn his head away, so he angrily said: "A bitch is tall! You are shameless, I will break with you!"

     Xiang Weiguo complexion turned stiff, said: "Insulting the squad leader, this is a serious violation of discipline, you add a hundred pull-ups."

     Yu Shunzhou's face turned pale, Gao Yuan smiled very proudly, very small, he stood in front of Yu Shunzhou, winked and said: "You come down and beat me, do you dare? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haha..."

     After a very happy laugh, he looked at Nie Erlong from a high distance and said loudly: "Erlong is a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage! Hold on! Try to let Yu Shunzhou this bitch fall first, come on! "

     After stimulating the two separately, Gao Yuan faced Xiang Wei Guodao: "Uncle Xiang, I will start to learn boxing with that Dr. Sun today."

     Xiang Weiguo nodded, said: "Study hard, practice hard, have you seen Xiao Yu?"

     "I have seen it, Xiao Yu is very good, just arguing to come to train with you, I did not let it.

     "Why not, in these years, good practice is better than nothing."Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Her dad wants her to study. Xiao Yu is now taking a high school course, but she doesn't have to take exams. She will soon receive university education. She wants to study science. Now there are so many good teachers. "

     Xiang Weiguo thought for a moment, then nodded, and whispered: "Well, it's better to learn culture, but it doesn't hurt to let her train for a while, tell her not to give up training. A good body is more important than anything."

     At this moment, Yu Shunzhou, who was holding the horizontal bar, released his hands uncontrollably, and then Yu Shunzhou's feet were wordless and uncommunicative and fell to the ground.

     Xiang Weiguo, who was talking to Gao Yuan, suddenly moved forward, and a thin stick in his hand was pulled out, and the wordless and uncommunicative stick was pulled into Yu Shunzhou's inner thigh.

     "My time!"

     Yu Shunzhou seemed to be stung by a scorpion, but he didn't run or hide. Instead, he shook his hands frantically. He wanted to take the opportunity to relax his hands quickly, but Xiang Weiguo's second stick hit forward again.


     It was not an ordinary pain, but a pain that was in the bone marrow. Yu Shunzhou immediately jumped up, grabbed the horizontal bar with both hands, and then said with eyes brimming with tears: "No physical punishment..."

     Xiang Weiguo indifferently said: "No, I didn't see it, who took physical punishment?"

     Those who looked far away were all unbearable, so he turned around and said, "Uncle Xiang, are you just practicing like this? Do you want to add some projects or something, or that sentence, as long as you don't die, you can practice. "

     Xiang Weiguo chuckled and said: "Take it slowly, the foundation is too bad, first train the upper limb strength, in sequence, step by step step by step, their good days are only these few days."Nie Erlong finally cannot bear, and said: "Is this a good day?"

     Gao Yuan said with emotion: "Yes, you will soon understand what prefer death over life is, ah no, what is painful and happy."

     At this moment, Shi Lei ran over in a hurry, and then he whispered: "Gao Yuan, the chief is looking for you, hurry up with me and tell you a good news, your application has been approved by the chief!

     Xiang Weiguo didn't ask what Gao Yuan had applied for, but Gao Yuan was overjoyed. Then he turned to Xiang Weiguo Road: "Uncle Xiang, I'm leaving. I want to go out and bring you wine when I come back."