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187 Evil
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan pulled out his mace, one by one, breaking three legs.

     Seeing the three men wailing on the ground with their legs in their arms, Gao Yuan turned around and walked away, but after a few steps he walked, he suddenly stopped.

     "So complicated……"

     Gao Yuan felt a little troublesome, so he turned around again.

     The three of them rubbed back on the ground, standing in front of them Gao Yuan, and said, "Tell me where the rest are."

     "Where is it! Right there!"

     A person pointed at the location of a restaurant, glanced at high, and then walked over directly at the restaurant in the mall.

     Then, a man ran out of the dining room, and went across from Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan stretched out his hand and grabbed the man running around in the darkness. Then he pressed the person who ran out of the restaurant to the ground and said loudly, "Where are the others!"

     Gao Yuan took out the flashlight with one hand, and then lit the flashlight. He was not to see others, but to let others see him.

     The person being pressed by Gao Yuan was very thin, in his thirties, with a look of panic and confusion.

     Gao Yuan suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart, so he sternly said: "Where are the others!"

     "No, without other people."

     The person who was pushed to the ground by Gao Yuan said trembling with fear, and then he looked desperate and said: "Is this coming to save us? I knew it, I knew someone must come."

     The despair on the face of the speaker is not the joy and excitement after being saved, which shows that he does not expect to be saved.

     "So how many people, say!"Gao Yuan used his mace to stop the person who had fallen to the ground. He actually didn’t want to know what happened, but he had to know what happened because he didn’t want to let a bad person go, but he didn’t want to wrong an innocent person. .

     It's just that there are no good people here.

     "So there are... 11 people."

     "How many people are there now!"

     "Four people, plus me, four people, but I am not in the same group with them, really not!"

     The people who came out of the restaurant began to snivel in pain. He did not resist, but began to cry bitterly: "I am really not a group with them, I also can't do anything about it."

     "Where did the others go? Forget it, don't say anything."

     "They were all killed by the three of them!"

     Gao Yuan didn't want to listen, but the person he pressed pointed at the other three and shouted: "They were all killed. There were 11 people, a salesperson, two waiters in our store, and a cashier. The three of them were security guards. We were trapped here before we had time to run out. Then it was fine at the beginning, but later everyone was killed by them."

     "You killed someone too!"

     The man whose leg was broken began to yell.

     Now, no one can expect to survive. The lofty style and behavior clearly reflects this, but the person who stabbed lofty with the knife still wants to make a temporary back.

     Still listen?The person who was pressed by Gao Yuan looked mad. He said to Gao Yuan anxiously: "I was murdered, but I was forced. Listen to me. So we have nine people, three of six men. Girl, the three of them are security guards. The only ones in our restaurant are me and the proprietress, and the owner of the restaurant there is still one. At the beginning they were pretty good...

     Pointing to the three security guards, the people in the restaurant continued: "At the beginning, there were stocks in the restaurant, and we had some food, which was enough for us people to eat for a long time, but the power was cut off soon, and the materials in the freezer would be destroyed. , We ate a lot of things, and then... less than ten days later, they began to bully us, stop us from eating, beat us..."

     The order collapsed after the moral decay, really no need to listen again, because once the evil of human nature is released, it is impossible to take it back.

     "We began to resist, but the three of them were in a group. At first they had a quarrel, and then the three of them started together and killed the restaurant owner! But then there was nothing to eat, nothing...drink. It was the drinks stocked in the restaurant, but there was nothing to eat, we couldn’t resist, and my proprietress was very sick, so they killed my proprietress..."

     One person shouted: "You killed it, you!"

     "If I don't kill her, you will kill me. You forced me to kill."

     Sure enough, under the avalanche, no blood was innocent.

     Gao Yuan picked up his mace. He looked at the people coming out of the dining room and pondered for a long time. Then he whispered, "What about the other two women?""One... died of illness, one committed suicide by jumping off the building. If she didn't commit suicide, then I would definitely be killed first."

     "What did you not do? What is missing you?"

     Gao Yuan shook the head, and he said solemnly: "So, you were forced, but you and you were involved in all the evil deeds of the three of them?"

     The person who came out of the restaurant was silent for a moment, and then he yelled frantically: "I don't want to, I was forced! Forced!"

     Gao Yuan sighed saying, saying: "I don't want to save you anymore. You all make me feel sick. Killing you all makes my hands dirty, but I can't let you live like this."

     After finishing speaking, Gao Yuan took a step back and said indifferently to the people who came out of the restaurant: "They can't move, there is a knife here. If you can handle everything, just let you breathe."

     "Can you let me go?"

     "No, you either do it yourself or I do it, you choose the same."

     Gao Yuan took two steps back, just watching the four people quietly.

     Swearing, quarreling, and howling, these are the human reactions in despair.

     The person who came out of the restaurant finally picked up the knife, and then he was very calm, but he also needed to fight one by one before killing three people. Finally, he looked at Gao Yuan with a bloody knife, as if he wanted it all Fight with Gao Yuan.

     Gao Yuan didn't speak or move, just coldly looks at.The look on his face changed several times, with a knife in his hand, but after several times of looking at Gao Yuan, the person who came out of the restaurant finally let go of his hand, letting the knife fall from his hand, his face was dumb. Dazed's back, back, until his back rests on the railing.

     Turned over, climbed up the railing, and fell head down on the first floor of the mall.

     All four of them died, and Gao Yuan suddenly found it ridiculous. If he didn't suffer untold hardships and returned to Jicheng, but just wanted to come here to save people, maybe these people wouldn't have to die.

     Long and long sighed, now he only felt disgusting in this mall, so although there were useful supplies everywhere in the mall, he didn't want to take anything away.

     Gao Yuan didn't want to think of this mall and anything that happened here from time to time, so he turned around, quickly went downstairs, and then left the mall like he fled, not even looking back.