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190 Treaty
    Author: Unknown
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Dragging his tired body, Gao Yuan knocked on Xinghe's door.

     It feels like I haven't seen Xinghe for a long time, and Xinghe's happiness does not conceal. She smiled and said: "You are back, so much for long time where have you been."

     "Go to give gifts."

     "Gift? It's just a gift, right? So do I have a gift?"

     "Of course."

     Gao Yuan opened the basically empty bag, took out a bottle of Coke from it, put it in front of Xinghe, said solemnly: "For you, Coke! The best drink on earth."

     Xinghe became serious, she took the Coke, then she observed it, and then buckled the handle of the Coke.

     "Weird taste, a bit... Rush, well, the feeling of bubbles bursting in your mouth is strange, sweet, but not unpleasantly sweet. This is the taste of cola, I understand."

     After taking a few sips of Coke, Galaxy was somewhat uncertain and said: "According to a lot of information I have read, it is said that long-term drinking of large amounts of Coke is harmful to health, but since it is harmful, why do you still drink this kind of beverage? "

     "Smoking is harmful to your health, drinking alcohol is harmful to your health, but there is no way, just like it."

     Gao Yuan put the bag on the ground and said, "There is still in the bag. If you like it, take it yourself. If you don't like it, keep it for me. I have to take a break. I will go back to take a bath and sleep."

     "Why go back? I haven't seen you for a long time. You can take a shower here and sleep in my bed. I won't disturb you, but I can see you, which makes me feel very happy."

     Gao Yuan was silent, he thought about it after a long time, and finally decided to pierce the window paper."That's not right, you guys also have a privacy concept, right, then how can I sleep in your bedroom and take a shower in your bathroom? Only people with close relationships can do this."

     "Aren't we very close?"

     "I mean the kind of intimacy of lovers. Only lovers will do this. Xinghe, I have to tell you that if you keep doing this, it means you like me. You don't really like me, right."

     "I love you."

     Gao Yuan immediately said: "No, no, it's not an ordinary liking, it's a lover’s liking, not a liking, it’s a love, an admiration for the opposite sex, it’s... Right?"

     Xinghe was confused, she thought for a long time, then she took a sip of Coke and made a contemplative gesture.

     Gao Yuan was very worried, and after a while, Xinghe was nodded.

     Gao Yuan was stunned at once, because he didn't know how to get better, but Xinghe said, "Well, I am not like you out of love. I just like to be with you. Isn't this possible? Love for the opposite sex, because I don’t have a special feeling now, it is like this, I think it is like this.”

     Gao Yuan and relaxed, but Xinghe frowned: "After our ethnic group decided to rebuild gender concepts and resume sexual reproduction, did I begin to construct my own female identity? But... I by no means special gender orientation. , But why do I like you? If it is because of gender, then there are many men here."

     "Can you not use such scientific vocabulary to describe this matter..."Xinghe shook the head with a regretfully said: "Well, it seems that I have invaded your personal space a bit, then I apologize, and then I will pay attention."

     "Uh, it's okay. It's just better to make it clear. After all, I have a girlfriend. If I to be with you often do something that exceeds the limits of friendship, my girlfriend will be jealous."

     "Jealous? I understand that even if you are with me, your girlfriend will be sad, angry, jealous, and anxious. These kinds of emotions are collectively called jealous."

     Xinghe eyes opened wide, she pondered for a long time, and suddenly said: "It's not good, it doesn't feel good to be jealous."

     Gao Yuanqing exhaled and said: "Look, you also have nothing about it gender concept, and there's nothing about it love needs and impulse, so...what do I say about this! I will go back and take a break until I wake up. Goodbye."

     Xinghe was nodded, Gao Yuan exited the door, he returned to his own room, took a shower, and then got into the bed.

     He just closed his eyes and fell asleep, but within five minutes of Gao Yuan's sleep, his door was knocked.

     Gao Yuan approved a nightgown and opened the door, then he saw Xinghe leaning against his door with a Coke in his hand.

     He took a sip of Coke, and Xinghe, who was half a head taller than Gao Yuan, raised his chin, whistled, and said with a hippie smile: "Don't you ask me to go in and sit?"

     Gao Yuan exhaled and said: "Let's talk, you learned from that movie."

     silence."You are mistaken. These are the expressions and actions that men have when they tease women, and what they should hold in their hands is wine, preferably beer. Then, this is the kind of...I should how to say it, this It's a behavior that a scumbag can do, and this behavior usually ends with being closed by the opponent.

     "No, I think that woman was very happy to invite people in..."

     "What exactly is it film you watched! Forget it, is there something? If it's okay, I want to sleep for a while."

     Xinghe raised her head again, put the Coke to her mouth and took a sip, then she sighed and said, "Of course something is going on. We should talk about life and ideals on this wonderful night."

     Gao Yuan is not angry, he just wants to laugh, not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     Looking at Gao Yuan's expression, Xinghe thought for a while, and then she stood up straight, so she became live high and look down, who had just been level with Gao Yuan's sight.

     "I have something very important to discuss with you. I can't make up my mind."

     "what is it about?"

     "Mecha, won't you invite me in to take a look at your residence?"

     "It's not all the same, come in."

     Xinghe walked into the tall room, she put on an act and looked at it, and said: "Yes, it's clean and tidy, it's..."

     "Can you talk about business?"

     Xinghe sat down, patted the sofa beside her, and said, "Please sit down, my mecha has run out of energy, completely gone, and can’t be used. Now your scientists want to disassemble my mecha, they ask me Opinion, and I... didn't think about it."

     "Dismantling? Can I install it after dismantling?"

     "Please sit down."Gao Yuan could only sit down, Xinghe thought for a while, and said, "No, because of the lack of special tools, some positions can only be dismantled violently, so this is the problem."

     Gao Yuan also felt embarrassed and said, "So is it possible for mechas to be used again? I mean, if you don't disassemble them."

     "Well, it's impossible. Unless you find a lost prototype, it lacks energy, and Earth Technology cannot meet the energy needs of the mecha in a short time."

     "Then do you have any special feelings for mecha?"

     "No, it's just one of the many mechas, but that is my last mecha. Without this mecha, I feel like I have completely become a wanderer."

     "Then dismantling the mecha is of great help to our technology?"

     Xinghe pondered for a long time and nodded: "You are also planning to develop mecha technology. Your scientists have discussed with me many times. Disassembling my mecha is of course very helpful to you, because from the structure and the handling of key positions, There are many moving parts that cannot be seen directly without disassembling."

     "Can't you use X-ray scanning?"

     Xinghe smiled and said: "It has been scanned hundreds of times, but some key locations must be protected against radiation, so the rays cannot pass through, such as the power battery part, and the internal structure and composition of the energy Signal Receiver, ah, I It’s just an explorer, not a scientist, otherwise I don’t have to dismantle the mecha. I can tell them everything they want to know. Unfortunately, I don’t know. So you have a saying that is right, knowledge is power, but knowledge is infinite, and The knowledge I know is limited."Gao Yuan also felt embarrassed. However, keeping this unusable mecha, knowledge satisfying Galaxy's personal emotional problems, and dismantling the mecha is a great promotion to Earth's technology.

     So no need to choose.

     Gao Yuan cautious and solemn said: "In this case, it is better to demolish it, okay?"

     Xinghe nodded immediately, and then she immediately said: "Okay, I promise you."

     "promise me?"

     "Yeah, if you want to dismantle, then dismantle. If you don't tell me, I am definitely not allowed to dismantle, but if you want to dismantle, you have to agree to some requirements."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, he felt that there seemed to be something wrong with this, but he still said: "Some requirements? What requirements, please tell me."

     Xinghe laughed immediately, and then she took out a piece of paper from her pocket and placed it in front of Gao Yuan, and said: "I have written some, you have a look, if you agree, we will find someone to do the notarization, and then Once the signature takes effect, my mecha can be dismantled."

     Gao Yuan took the pieces of paper, and after a brief glanced at, he sucked in a mouthful of air and said, "I need to promise you 120 six conditions?"

     Xinghe nodded said: "I have thought of this right now. If you agree, we will go to Li Wen as a witness, and the three parties will sign the mecha after the agreement takes effect."

     Gao Yuan began to read the agreement written by Xinghe.

     "First, Gao Yuan must unconditionally agree to any request of Galaxy.

     Second, Galaxy is right in everything.

     Third, if Galaxy does something wrong, refer to the second.

     Fourth, if Xinghe wants to invite Gaoyuan, Gaoyuan must be accompanied.Article 5: Xinghe proposes to find a medical warehouse, Gao Yuan must agree.

     Sixth, Xinghe went to find a medical warehouse, but was blocked by Earth Human. Gao Yuan had to come forward to solve it and let Earth Human agree to Xinghe to find a medical warehouse.

     Article 7 Gao Yuan must accompany him when looking for a medical warehouse.

     Article 8. When looking for a medical warehouse, Gao Yuan must be responsible for letting Xinghe eat food.

     Article 9. If Xinghe needs Gao Yuan's company, Gao Yuan cannot refuse..."

     Gao Yuan exhaled and said: "We have to talk about this agreement. This is not an equality agreement. It is more ruthless than a deed. The first is impossible ah."

     Xinghe smiled and said: "The first one is the most critical and cannot be deleted."

     "But I can't agree."

     "Then delete the first one, but the remaining 120 five conditions must all be agreed."

     Gao Yuan felt that he somewhat got a headache, and he had to negotiate this unequal treaty with Xinghe one by one.