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192 Operation Spark
    Author: Unknown
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The days are boring and fulfilling. In addition to missing the sunshine outside, Gao Yuan does not miss anything outside.

     Because he was too busy, although he practiced boxing every day, this practice took up the overwhelming majority of his time, because he really wanted to make up for his shortcomings.

     Although Gao Yuan is not a martial idiot, the experience of being surrounded by zombies and under pressure is already a mental shadow of Gao Yuan.

     That feeling was too terrible, and the experience was too terrifying. Gao Yuan definitely didn't want to experience it again. So, since practicing boxing with Sun Yunxiang can make up for his shortcomings, it is natural to practice doing something with all one's heart.

     In Xinghe's living room, Xinghe was watching TV, while Gao Yuan was punching slowly.

     "Can you not just do Tai Chi slowly in front of me? You have a lot of time to practice. Now, it is your time to watch TV with me. You can't take my time to practice your fists."

     "It's a fist, not a fist, and how is this yours time."

     Xinghe immediately said: "Do you need me to come up with a treaty?"

     Gao Yuan sighed saying, he stood up straight and said: "Fine, I will watch TV with you, and then I have to go to Base 12 in the afternoon."

     "Find your girlfriend?"

     "of course."

     Xinghe silent for a moment said: "I'm going too, I'm here I'm very upset, I'm fed up here, for a long time there is no donkey meat to eat, only those few foods, I want to go with you Number base."

     "No, that's impossible, that would be World War!"Xinghe was puzzled. She looked at Gao Yuan and said with a puzzled expression: "Why would my trip to Base 12 trigger World War? Is it a causal weapon?"

     Gao Yuan scratched the head and said, "Anyway, you'd better not go."

     "But I know Luo Xingyu. I don't need your consent to see her. The most important thing is that I want to know what you will do with her, because you are happy to come back every time you meet her. So what are you doing?"

     "Don't do anything, just pull your hands and kiss your lips. Her dad has been around and can't do anything else..."

     Xinghe was silent, and then she began to approach Gaoyuan, but Gaoyuan jumped back and retreated two meters away.

     Looking at Xinghe's movements, you know that something is going to happen next, and the high-level choice is never to happen.

     However, such an obvious avoidance action seems to be more troublesome.

     After Gao Yuan retreated subconsciously, he was suddenly confused.

     Although he has a good relationship with Xinghe, this relationship is too strange, and he is with Xinghe every day. To put it bluntly, it is a political mission and the country needs. Is it possible that he will eventually dedicate himself to the country?

     Xinghe was really angry, she said loudly: "I can't do what you and Luo Xingyu can do? Come here!"

     Gao Yuan swallowed, and then the door was knocked just then.

     When someone knocked on the door, Gao Yuan found a way out, so he immediately ran to the door and opened the door.

     A man raised his hand and was about to knock three times. He never expected the door to open so quickly, so his hand went down towards Gao Yuan's face.Gao Yuan shook his head, and the knocker hurriedly closed his hand, and then he stunnedly said: "Hello, the Supreme Chief invites you to come to the meeting, and Xinghe..."

     "Okay, go right away."

     Gao Yuan said towards Xinghe: "Go, go to the meeting, it is probably something you have been looking forward to, otherwise we won't let us pass by."

     Xinghe's face was a little cold, and when she was angry, she was not different from the earth woman.

     Galaxy stopped/stood, deadpan came out.

     "this way please."

     The two got into the battery car until they reached the meeting room, and Xinghe's expression didn't have any warmth.

     When I entered the conference room, there were not many people in it. I was discussing something. After Galaxy was the first to walk in, Li Wen stopped/stood and smiled and said, "Hello, I invite you to come because..."

     Xinghe slowly turned around, and after looking at Li Wenyi indifferently, coldly said: "Hello, I am not good."

     Xinghe sat down, and Li Wen looked at Gao Yuan in surprise, because it was the first time Xinghe was so obviously angry.

     Gao Yuan stretched out his hands helplessly and said, "Don't look at me, I... I also can't do anything about it."

     The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing. Li Wenqing coughed twice and said: "Please sit down, Xinghe, are you here to tell you, we already are ready to find the medical warehouse. The troops have been assembled and are undergoing intense training. The preparation of materials is also nearing completion, just waiting to pick a suitable day to start."

     This is what Xinghe has been waiting for, and the action to find the medical warehouse is finally on the agenda.

     "Very good, how many people are there? Departure at what time?"Li Wen said seriously: "There are currently 3,120, and 6 people confirmed. As for the departure date, it has not been confirmed, but it is expected that all preparations will be completed in fifteen days."

     Xinghe nodded, said: "More than 3,000 people, yes, just let me know when you leave."

     Don't talk to an angry woman about business matters, especially those who are special and too special aliens.

     Gao Yuan sighed inwardly, so he turned to Li Wen nodded with an apologetic look, and then sat down in his seat.

     The lofty seat was next to Xinghe. If it weren't for Xinghe, he wouldn't be qualified to come to this conference room.

     After sitting down, Gao Yuan stretched out her hand from under the conference table and grabbed Xinghe's right hand. Xinghe's right hand struck a bit and didn't get rid of the hand that opened Gao Yuan. Then she quickly released her fisted right hand.

     Gao Yuan's palms were all sweaty, but Xinghe's complexion quickly turned cloudy, cloudy to fine.

     Xinghe was about to laugh, her emotions changed so fast that many big men headed by Li Wen couldn't hide their admiration while looking at Gao Yuan.

     Worthy of a nemesis!

     Xinghe smiled to Li Wendao: "This is good news. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I really hope I can set off as soon as possible. Under the current extremely difficult environment, I can make all preparations so quickly. I personally express my admiration for your work. ."

     The informal diplomatic rhetoric came out, and Li Wen looked at Gao Yuan and once again expressed his admiration."Ahem, okay, Comrade Xinghe, this time I invite you to think about it carefully. Do you really want to participate in this operation?"

     Xinghe brows raised in delight, eyes laughing and said: "Yes, I have said it many times, no need to say it, as long as Gao Yuan goes with me."

     Li Wen sighed and said: "Well, then we need to add some manpower again to protect you... and Gaoyuan's safety. It is estimated that the total number of expeditionary forces will reach 5,000."

     Xinghe is nodded, and then she smiled and said: "In fact, there is no need to send that many people to protect me, it's enough to be high."

     Gao Yuan lowered his head, he didn't dare and couldn't face the sight of others.

     Li Wen was silent for a long time this time. After he lowered his head and rubbed his face in Unable to Restrain Emotions, he said, "Well, the code name of this operation is Operation Spark, which means a single spark start a huge blaze, and the unit code is The Spark Expeditionary Army, also... Well, Comrade Xinghe, otherwise you and Gao Yuan will go back to rest first, and we will inform Gao Yuan about the specific plan and time of the Spark Operation, and let him relay it for you."

     Xinghe immediately stopped/stood and smiled: "Okay, let's go back first, bye."

     Xinghe stopped/stood and forgot to let go of Gaoyuan's hand.

     So Gao Yuanmu stopped/stood with a face, and whispered weakly and without strength: "I'm sorry... we are leaving now."

     Gao Yuan lowered his head, Xinghe raised his head, and the two people left the meeting room.

     Gao Yuan's back is very bleak.

     After the meeting room door closed again, Li Wen, who had been watching the wooden door for a long time, finally lowered his head and let go of the stack of documents in front of him.After flipping it casually, Li Wen finally let out a long sigh and said, "What is this?"

     "Win honour for one's homeland? No, count as honoring the earth."

     "Old Chen, don't be kidding."

     After Li Wen finished speaking, he also couldn't bear smiled bitterly, and said, "Is it necessary to open this? How many times have we discussed it, and will we discuss what we have decided here again."

     "What kind of meeting will be held? Is the name of Operation Starfire changed?"

     Li Wen turned his head and said, "Oh, why?"

     "A single spark start a huge blaze, this has a good meaning, but Xiao Gao is called Nemesis, and then called Spark Project, this...what do you think?"

     "You don't need to change it, it's good. Xinghe is the nemesis. I heard that there is a Luo Xingyu, right? Adding an outer snake man can also be good, and operation Xinghuo...or call it Operation Liaoyuan! "