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204 Can't Block Both Ends
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan didn't see Zhao Qiang's micro expression, so he only regarded it as a gravely mistaken by Rikiko.

     Although it was ridiculously wrong, Zhao Qiang seemed very surprised at the moment, he said loudly: "Oh, it turned out to be... well, you can go ahead and count."

     Rikiko picked up three copper coins and said, "One thing, one hexagram, one hexagram, one thing, brother, can the calculation be accurate?"

     Zhao Qiang didn't nod or shook his head, but after thinking for a long time, he suddenly said, "Please count on the master."

     Rikiko was a little reluctant, but he looked at Zhao Qiang, and then at Liu Muyang, who was wearing camouflage uniforms next to him, but still surrounded by a group of officers wearing uniforms. He decided to start another question.

     "What kind of?"

     "Testing good and bad, we can calculate whether our business is good or bad."

     Rikiko mind shook, said: "I'm the best at this, wait a moment."

     Throwing three copper coins on the ground again, Rikiko leaned over to look, and immediately frowned, and said loudly: "Oh, this isn't right ah...oh, oh, oh, it's okay, it should be Is such that."

     Zhao Qiang said with a look of concern: "Daoist, please explain what the hexagram is?"

     Li Shuzi sighed saying, "This hexagram is not good at first, it is omen of great misfortune, but it can misfortune turns to blessing, so brother don’t have to worry too much. In the end this...well, it’s still very good. very good."

     Said it was very good, but Daniel Shuzi's worried look could not be concealed at all, or he did not want to conceal it.Looking at it from afar, Zhao Qiang was dizzy, but Zhao Qiang was browsing tightly frowns, and said: "The Chief Dao will give you a detailed explanation. It is best to give pointers on how to seek luck and avoid calamity. We have a major military mission this time, Chief Dao. You have to do the calculations for us."

     Rikiko's face froze, he thought for a while before he whispered: "This..."

     "Are you asking for money? Oh, now the money is useless, then just say what you want, we will definitely meet your requirements."

     "No no, it's not for money, it's this..."

     "Then what do you want?"

     Rikiko coughed lightly and said, "Well, as the hexagram says, you should go west for a while, then turn south, and then southeast, so that you may be able to avoid the crisis, that is..."

     "Oh! Time will be too late!"

     Zhao Qiang still looked very anxious, Rikiko scratched the head, and then he was suddenly very frustrated: "I can't make up anymore, brother, misfortune turns to blessing everything is made up by me. , If you have something important to do, how can you believe that others can do it casually? I want to say to what did you say to the west first and then to the east. It’s not...that’s a delay.”

     "Dao Master, you are not good at blocking these two ends."

     Rikiko said with bitter expression: "is not impossible, I'm going to talk nonsense, what should I do if you delay your business..."

     Zhao Qiang smiled and said: "Let’s see, for the sake of your nonsense, you have passed, and ah, your hexagram is called Shuilei Tun, Tun hexagram, all things are born, full of untold dangers and Difficulties, but as the times happen, it must be flourishing."Rikiko smiled bitterly and said, "I know, so I said that the first is bad and the good is later."


     "No, no, no, brother, you are an expert!"

     Rikiko gave a thumbs up, Zhao Qiang smiled, and said, "It's just a little understanding."

     After finishing talking, Zhao Qiang said to Liu Muyang: "I don’t have any matter here. Look and deal with it. He’s okay. He’s just an ordinary Taoist priest. Maybe he’s a bit patriotic and wants to do something practical. That’s it. Up."

     Zhao Qiang turned to leave. Gao Yuan watched a good show. In fact, he still wanted to see how Liu Muyang handled Rishiko, but he even wanted to ask Zhao Qiang what kind of thing it was.

     "Zhao...Boss, you tell me what's going on?"

     Zhao Qiang smiled and said, "Oh, it's okay, don't you look at it all?"

     "How do you judge Rikiko no problem?"

     "Micro expressions, actions, speech and manner, it fits all of a Taoist priest, and then, he has no bad thoughts."

     "Aren't you afraid of him hiding well?"

     Zhao Qiang smiled and said humbly: "In my eyes, there is no need to torture."

     This doesn't sound right at first, but when I think about it carefully, I understand that Zhao Qiang means that he doesn't need any torture in his eyes, and he will know what he wants to know.

     Well, looking humble, you are actually extremely confident.

     Gao Yuan wanted to call Brother Zhao, but he didn't dare to call his name even more so he finally decided to call the boss Zhao Qiang's fixed title.

     "Boss Zhao, those hexagrams?""Oh, nonsense, remember, six lines of gossip, Plum Blossom Calculation, sixty-four hexagrams, basically there’s nothing about it great luck, great profit, and there’s nothing about it. Sign, all hexagrams are unpredictable for good and bad, or if there is good fortune in the bad, and good for good in good fortune, the person who only looks at what the hexagram is said, he should follow you and say that it is good and bad, and say that it is bad if you go against you. Gua, that Rikiko is quite honest, knowing that he can't talk nonsense about delaying things, so let him go, otherwise..."

     "Otherwise what?"

     Zhao Qiang glanced at Gao Yuan, then shook his head and said, "Nothing."

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Boss Zhao, you know Taoist things well."

     "Understand a little, just understand a little."

     "I think I don't just understand it briefly. You can come as soon as you look at the hexagram like opening your mouth. You don't need to turn the book at all. You must be familiar with it."

     Zhao Qiang cannot help but laugh and said: "What is this, take a look and remember, and you will have to understand what's going on."

     Gao Yuan hesitated for a moment, said: "Then we take Rikiko?"

     "What do you take him to do? Just for fortune-telling? If you want to fortune-telling, I will do it for you, or you can find Li Yang and the others. We can do it for you clear and direct.

     "Uh, forget it."

     Is Rikiko a stranger?

     Originally Gao Yuan was bluffed. He thought that Rikiko must be a capable person, but let Zhao Qiang such a saying, he also thinks that Rikiko is a liar, no, he is not a liar, but he must be incapable.

     Zhao Qiang looked at Gao Yuan looking thoughtful and said: "what do you want to do?"

     "I want to draft a soldier..."Zhao Qiang frowned and said, "Xiao Gao, I won't stop what you are going to do. There is no need to stop this kind of thing, but I advise you to forget it. It is not suitable for a Taoist priest to appear in our team."

     Gao Yuan repeatedly nodded, said: "Well, um, I understand, I know, but I just think that in such a catastrophe, he still thinks about saving the country and the people, regardless of whether he is a Taoist priest or someone, it is very rare. Yes, what do you think, hey, Boss Zhao, are you in the military system? Are you not? If not, think about us..."

     Zhao Qiang shook the head and smiled and said: "Sorry, let you down. We are really members of the army system, and ah, we are the kind that never go out once we come in. I know what you have to say, forget it. , Don't open your mouth."

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, then he quietly said: "How can it be so difficult to recruit a soldier..."