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Name Liu Chunxiaoxiao, age 38, Captain Military Rank, professional instructor of chemical defense in Luyuan, Shimen! "

     The first report is Liu Chunxiao, a chemical defense soldier. His name is very distinctive, and his appearance is also very distinctive. Although he is only 38 years old, his black and white alternating hair is very eye-catching. If he did not report it At his own age, just looking at his hair can make him forty-eight, and fifty-eight is almost the same.

     This time the selection is based on high and lofty. Although he has the lowest rank, no, he has no rank at all, but he has to take him as the leader.

     "You can use Fire Spitter, right?"

     Liu Chunxiaoxiao simply said: "Yes."

     Liu Muyang in one side saying: "He was the one who burned an armored turtle with the Fire Spitter device this afternoon. Liu Chunxiao used the Fire Spitter device, which can be registered by the entire army. Think about it, this is the guard of Shimen Luyuan. Chemical professional instructor, and the most important thing is the Fire Spitter! He is the best chemical defense soldier we can find."

     Gao Yuan was very satisfied. He nodded and said, "Very well, you are welcome to join."

     The second person stepped forward. He saluted Liu Muyang first, and then said loudly: "Report, name Wang Ning, age thirty-four, special military doctor of the Falcon Special Forces Brigade, general surgeon, expert doctor of the national battlefield emergency research team, Practical operation with ample experience, served as a medical soldier on secret missions for many times, rescued four people on the battlefield, trained for two years in the General Surgery Department of 311 Hospital, received a large number of patients, has extremely rich surgical experience, and the report is complete. Please advise!"Wang Ning is wearing a military uniform and salutes, but he is a doctor and a doctor who can accompany the members of Special Forces on secret missions. This is well versed in letters and military technology.

     No, Wang Ning is not able to fight with Special Forces, but he himself is a special force, and he is Wenneng with a knife and armed with a gun.

     Liu Muyang pointed to Wang Ning, and said solemnly to Gao Yuan: "Hey, let me introduce to you the pillar of our country's research on battlefield first aid projects, the star in the military medical system, the flying trapeze of the Falcon unit, and enjoy the country. Special allowance. He is a soldier, a doctor, and an expert. He is also young and promising. This time he can join the expeditionary army. This time he can join the expeditionary army. It was specially approved by the highest chief in order to give the expeditionary army the greatest degree of protection. Comrade Ning's military rank is high colonel."

     After Liu Muyang finished speaking, Wang Ning said with a calm face: "Report! Self-introduction is for everyone to understand my strengths and abilities, but my current identity is an Ordinary Soldier. My specialty is to save people, but my wish is Kill the enemy, the report is over!"

     Only thirty-four years old, a military medical high school, this man is amazing, really amazing, not ordinary amazing.

     Gao Yuan hurried to nod, said: "Welcome, welcome, we feel more at ease with you."

     Liu Muyang made a gesture, so a 40-year-old non-commissioned officer stepped forward and slowly said: "Report, name Liu Deguang, first-level sergeant chief, age 39, speciality, it is repairing cars, military ones can repair them with their eyes closed. The civilian ones have to be repaired with eyes open, and the report is complete."

     This slow speech made people anxious, and Liu Deguang said the most powerful words in the slowest tone.Liu Muyang in one side saying: "Liu Deguang's words are really not bragging. During the military competition, he closed his eyes to find out the problem, closed his eyes and listened to the sound and directed the car to be dismantled. The whole armored division, don’t worry about anything. If the car is broken, send it to him. Don’t worry about the car, truck, or armored car. He can fix it for you.”

     Liu Deguang leisurely said: “It can’t be said that all can be repaired. Some civilian cars can only be replaced if they are broken. I can’t repair this. However, this machine is simpler for military use and more complicated for civilian use, but the principles are both The same, the meaning is the same, let's deal with it."

     "Welcome, welcome, then these two are..."

     There are two people left, one in his thirties and one in his twenties.

     "You guys introduce yourself."

     The one in his thirties stood forward and said loudly: "Name Cao Zhenjiang, age forty-two, cooking squad leader, now the chef of the office canteen, the third-level sergeant chief, originally, we applied for a job change, but the leader will not let go Later, aliens came, and we will not leave anyway. Anyway, our military skills are excellent. Don’t think we are a big spoonful. But if we don’t accept our military skills, let’s not say that we’re leaders and talents. The cooking soldiers are not good, it's us..."

     Looking at Liu Muyang's black line, Gao Yuan also felt that this Cao Zhenjiang was a bit...that.

     Dare to speak this way in front of Liu Muyang, he Cao Zhenjiang is a character.

     Liu Muyang waved his hand and said to the soldier in his early twenties: "You also introduce yourself."

     "Report, my name is Yang Shichao, I am twenty-four years old, and I am good at Sichuan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Anhui cuisine..."Cao Zhenjiang said anxiously from the side: "Stop, stop, what are you talking about? The four major cuisines? Why do you seem to be so capable? I don't believe it, kidding! How many years have you been in the cooking class? Let you cook the four major cuisines? You came here to make a joke with me? Have you done the national dishes? Is there sugar in the braised pork? Come here to brag with me."

     The atmosphere suddenly became very embarrassing and tense. Liu Muyang scowled and said, "Comrade Cao Zhenjiang!"

     Cao Zhenjiang immediately stood at attention, but still looked upset, casually said: "Present."

     Liu Muyang turned to look at the subordinate next to him and said, "Who made him come? Who recommended the candidate!"

     The head of the infantry regiment came out and whispered: "Chief, don't be angry. Old Cao has this temper, but didn't you say that the dishes must be done well? He is really a master chef. All the chef certificates are obtained, and the cooking is really good. Our army commander likes his cooking."

     Liu Muyang said angrily: "That can't recommend me..."

     I want to talk about the second stupid son, but Liu Muyang is a person with a level and self-cultivation after all, so he lowered his voice and said: "Okay! Take the person back, that Yang Shichao, you..."

     "Stop, Chief, are you looking for a chef or a draft pick? Ah, what's the matter, it's not better than professional skills? What do you want me to do?"

     Liu Muyang was a soldier So many years, really have not seen such extreme Leng, such a second, such a silly cooking squad leader.

     Just when Liu Muyang couldn't bear his temper and was about to get angry, Xinghe suddenly said: "You are very confident, are you really good at cooking?"Cao Zhenjiang smiled disdainfully, and then he gave a thumbs up to himself and said loudly: "Don’t blow up, don’t be convinced, see the truth under your hand, there is each one here, it’s better than a kitchen knife. Let’s take a bayonet with a bayonet. When you talk about the kitchen, let’s compare it to cooking. If you want to practice physical fitness, let’s go to the 400-meter obstacle.

     Li Guoping couldn't bear, he looked at Cao Zhenjiang very curiously and said: "I was curious, how did you get so many years in the army?"

     "Fuck? Is that a fuck?"

     Cao Zhenjiang stretched out his hands and said, "We rely on our hands to be hard! It is hard!"