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217 Team
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Changing to any leader would have to get Cao Zhenjiang's two-shots to get out of the game, as far as possible.

     Gao Yuan was curious, how did people like Cao Zhenjiang get here in a hierarchical place like the military? With his temper, he can stay in the army. Are his leaders all temperless clay figures?

     "Anyway, I have the same principle. The mules are drawn out by horses. We don’t know what the Eight Major Regional Cuisines are. We just do what is delicious and what is delicious. Forget it, you can figure it out. ."

     Xinghe stopped/stood, and then she engrossing said: "Okay, let's compare, you can cook now. When we're going, we're going to eat and then leave. Whoever cooks delicious food will participate."

     Liu Muyang's face has already turned from white to red. After hearing Xinghe's words, his face slowly turns from red to white, and then he waved his hand very slowly: "Four dishes and one soup, according to a continuous amount To cook, the other selected team members are ready to set off. They will start the meal two hours later, set off immediately after the meal, and disband!"

     Everyone filed out. After everyone else had left, Liu Muyang said to Gao Yuan: "This Cao Zhenjiang...the temper is not very suitable."

     Gao Yuan is nodded, he doesn't want to be a stubborn person in his team.

     "I want to find a chef who cooks delicious food. I think everything else is secondary."

     Xinghe spoke again, she didn't ask for anything, but for eating, um, this is the only thing she needs, so let's try to satisfy it.

     In the meeting room fell silent, at this moment, Zhao Qiang couldn't help but said to Gao Yuan: "I want to tell you something.""Ah, talk to the boss."

     Zhao Qiang said slowly: "Look at our team, they are all good soldiers, and they are all selected by selection. Every person is excellent talent, and the number of our team now has reached 13 people. If it is to be based on the standard of no more than ten people, it is already overcrowded."

     "Well, but there is no other way. Ten and thirteen are not related."

     Zhao Qiang sighed lightly and said: "Well, but what, I think...If the quantity remains the same, can the quality be strengthened?"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, and then he understood what Zhao Qiang meant.

     This is euphemistically saying that Yu Shunzhou, Nie Erlong and Song Qian are not qualified.

     To be honest, the three of them are really not qualified, and to put it bluntly, the three of them came in through the back door.

     Zhao Qiang continued: "Why don't you...change it, you see, we can each person hold multiple roles, sniper, assaulter, bodyguard, translation, let me put it this way, we can do whatever you think of, you We couldn't think we can do it too, so..."

     Gao Yuan smiled, and then he suddenly said, "Can you have a baby?"

     Zhao Qiang dazed for a moment, Gao Yuan waved his hand and said, "Just kidding, boss Zhao don't care."

     Gao Yuan was really the fastest to accidentally came out bald, but he was also really unhappy.

     Yu Shunzhou and Nie Erlong are really incomparable with these people, not at all, not to mention that Zhao Qiang and other experts in the field are compared with professionals like Liu Chunxiao and Wang Ning, they are also completely incomparable, and then Pan There is also Li Jingang compared to Xin, and it is still not comparable.People are more popular than others, or if they say that Yu Shunzhou and the others are wasteful, but the problem is that he complains that Yu Shunzhou is wasteful, and Zhao Qiang said it can't.

     Don't tell Gao Yuan any reason or facts. If it doesn't work, it won't work.

     People are selfish, and people are emotional, Gao Yuan is willing to take Yu Shunzhou, Nie Erlong, and Song Qian, and take them not because of how powerful they are, because they are too familiar with Gao Yuan and have too much relationship. Well, to put it bluntly, it is nepotism, but what happened again, Gao Yuan admitted that he was going to go through the back door.

     This is not to enjoy, but lofty is going to die, can't bring someone of his own? Can't bring a reliable person?

     Don't forget, you can never forget, that is, don't care about Zhao Qiang or Li Jingang, don't care about Liu Chunxiao or Wang Ning, they are the expeditionary force that participated with the lofty goal of dying for the country and volunteered to join the Spark team.

     But Yu Shunzhou and Nie Erlong, they don't have such a high level of consciousness, and they don't have such a lofty ideal.

     Because Gaoyuan must go to Africa, so Yu Shunzhou also goes, so simple.

     But how many people can do something so simple? there's a few? Willing to be with you Together We Live, Together We Die, there are a few things that can be done.

     Gao Yuan is not a regular army. He is from a wild road. He has no comrades around him. At least he has no comrades who can entrust his life. He only has one friend, Yu Shunzhou.

     When faced with saving Gaoyuan or saving mankind, Li Jingang and Pan Xin chose human beings without the slightest hesitation instead of Gaoyuan.Then Yu Shunzhou gave up all mankind without the slightest hesitation, including himself. He firmly chose to be together with Luo Xingyu Station. Rather than human beings are finished, he must try 0.10% chance to save Gaoyuan.

     Do you understand the difference?

     Zhao Qiang and their only goal is Mission Completion, and they nominally protect Xinghe and Gaoyuan, but don’t forget, don’t forget, they carry enlightenment, to put it bluntly, they must choose between Gaoyuan and Xinghe At the time, they would give up Gaoyuan to protect Galaxy, and when they had to choose between Gaoyuan and Enlightenment, they would only give up Gaoyuan to protect the Enlightenment.

     do you understand?

     This is the question of the soul of Bao Da Bao Xiao, Yu Shunzhou is Gao Yuan’s maiden family, that is, no matter what happens, Yu Shunzhou’s only choice is to keep Gao Yuan instead of any other, any more precious or rare person or thing.

     Yu Shunzhou, Nie Erlong, and Song Qian, the three of them are lofty cronies, real hardcore cronies.

     Gao Yuan can say that they are wasteful, that is, he is to hate iron for not becoming steel, not to mention Gao Yuan himself feels ashamed of one's inferiority, but Zhao Qiang cannot say that they are wasteful, and it can't be said to be tact.

     Therefore, Gao Yuan also tactfully countered Zhao Qiang. If Zhao Qiang forced to change Yu Shunzhou, then he would rather change Zhao Qiang than Yu Shunzhou, he would rather not go.

     What's the matter, the home is gone, the girlfriend is gone, and the life is gone. Isn’t it enough to go all the way to perform tasks?

     Gao Yuan is young, but he is not ignorant of the world, and he also has a temper.Zhao Qiang was a little stunned. He looked at the smile high, hesitated for a moment, and whispered: "You whatever happens must not think about it, I have no other meaning, I only thought, um, I just hope the safety factor is higher. "

     He smiled high, but his smile was somewhat reluctant.

     "I know, I understand what you mean, it's just that it's a long way to go. I also want to have old friends who can chat together. Also, if we all participate in the Tiger Brigade, we may resume the establishment in the future. No, haha, this Don't be surprised if you are a little selfish."

     The atmosphere is a bit subtle, many people can't see it, but there are also many people who see it, like Liu Muyang, he also likes to bring his own old team with guards, rather than the elites selected from the country.

     It's not that the elite is bad, but it's not suitable for you.

     Liu Muyang lightly coughed and said: "The staff has already selected the so be it, I don't think there is any need to change it. Now let's talk about the goal of the Spark team this trip."

     Lightly sighed saying, Liu Muyang looked at Gao Yuan and said: "You are going to Africa. It is impossible without enlightenment. That would be meaningless, but without the company of a large force, your combat goals have to be changed. It has become an assistant, cooperating with our personnel in Africa to find and obtain the holy cabinet, which is the medical warehouse."

     Gao Yuan nodded, said: "I understand."Liu Muyang continued: "I will give you a proof of identity document. According to the agreement of the Blue Star Alliance, wherever one goes, you will get the support of the local government and the people. This is a certification document issued by the Chinese government. According to the order, all refuges and military camps across the country must unconditionally meet all your requirements."

     Liu Muyang took out two official documents, glanced at it, and said: "Give it to Boss Zhao, I will take this nothing else meaning."

     Liu Muyang thought for a while, and said: "It doesn't matter who holds it. It's easy to say whether it is in the country or not. It is hard to say whether it is out of the country. Um, your team still has Gaoyuan as the commander, and ultimately the decision is based on Gaoyuan, but you Let's discuss something, Comrade Zhao Qiang."

     Zhao Qiang nodded and said, "I am completely without opinions."

     Gao Yuan whispered: "It's not so good, let's take the command of Boss Zhao."

     Zhao Qiang said in a deep voice, "Don't refuse, this team can only be commanded by you, I just protect your safety."

     Liu Muyang said seriously: "As for the enlightenment, you must protect it. If the task is really impossible to complete, you must ensure that you can bring the enlightenment back safely and never fall into the hands of the enemy."

     What enemy and who is the enemy? Whoever grabs the enlightenment is the enemy. Liu Muyang has something to say. Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Please ask the boss to keep the enlightenment."

     This time Zhao Qiang did not refuse, he immediately nodded and said: "Okay, let us keep it."

     Liu Muyang exhaled and said: "Okay, things are actually simple, just wait for the departure, um, you should prepare for each, and we should set off after a short rest."left nothing to be Prepared, I was prepared long ago, and after waiting for over two hours, all of the Xinghuo team and Liu Muyang sent off to the cafeteria.

     This is to test the dishes and decide the final candidate for the cook.

     "I have fried four dishes. The staple food is steamed buns and big pot dishes. Please taste them."

     Yang Shichao first said that he also looked at Cao Zhenjiang like a demonstration, but Cao Zhenjiang wiped his hands with an apron, and said carelessly: "We don't know the four major cuisines, namely big pot dishes, braised pork, and steamed buns. Two hours are a little shorter, so you can make a living. How about one company's meal? Just so few people eat? Don't waste it."

     Yang Shichao had a small stir-fry, and several people tasted it. Liu Muyang nodded frequently, and Xinghe was very satisfied with the meal. Then when she ate the braised pork, she almost stared out.

     Yang Shichao personally made a bowl of big pot dishes, put them in front of Liu Muyang, and said, "Chief, you try this big pot dishes."

     Cao Zhenjiang's big pot dishes are put in a basin, Yang Shichao's is put in a bowl, Liu Muyang took a bite of it in the bowl, and then another bite of the bowl, and then he sighed saying.

     Where is Cao Zhenjiang said disdainfully: "This is cooking, I'm afraid of too much. Cooking for one person is different from that for a hundred people. Our nothing else is great, that is, it can guarantee that all hundred people eat everything. A taste, he doesn't have a small stove here with me!"

     Xinghe raised his head, wiped his mouth from his sleeve, pointed at Cao Zhenjiang and said, "This is the best braised pork I have ever tasted. It is delicious, thank you."Liu Muyang sighed saying, to Yang Shichao: "Little Yang, so, you taste the dishes made by Master Cao, and then...well, I don’t think other people will have any opinions, Master Cao, go and clean up. Items and things you need, ready to go."

     Yang Shichao refused, he was very dissatisfied, but as a little warrior, he could only hold his breath secretly. At this time, Liu Muyang said to him: "The pair of chopsticks, sit down and work hard, Master Cao, you are very responsible for joining the Spark Team. , You must obey the command and don’t make mistakes, otherwise this Chief Zhao has the right to do anything to you, you just need to treat him as a military police.”

     Cao Zhenjiang smiled and said: "What mistakes can I make? Let's cook when we cook, and join the war if we want to fight. If we make any mistakes, don't worry about the chief!"

     After speaking, Cao Zhenjiang couldn't help grins, and then said with joy: "Oh, So many years, you can be regarded as a good leader with insight and heroic knowledge. It would be a bad talent to put us in the office for cooking! You eat first! , I'll go and clean up, hi hi."

     Cao Zhenjiang turned around and left. Liu Muyang looked at his back and sighed: "This Master Cao is really, really...interesting."

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