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219 Beyond Space And Time
    Author: Unknown
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Rikiko was pulled into the car by Zhao Qiang, and he had no chance to refuse.

     Gao Yuan and the others in the car will inevitably discuss this Taoist priest who originally thought it was funny, but now they think it is very mysterious, but after all, they can't connect Rikiko and the alien conspiracy together, because it is really There is no reason, impossible.

     When the car stopped to refuel and the people in the car were eating by the way, Gao Yuan saw Rikiko again.

     Li Jingang jumped off the truck. After receiving two military oil drums, he took the diesel to refuel the off-road vehicle in front. Then Pan Xin jumped out of the car, then Zhao Qiang, and after Zhao Qiang got off. , Rikiko also jumped out of the car.

      Outwardly, Rikiko is There's no problem, but judging from the panic and grievances he looked at Zhao Qiang, he should have suffered a bit.

     There are windbreak forests on both sides of the highway. The main tree species is poplar. Looking out, you will see patches of bare desert. The wind is very strong and the temperature is very low. Rikiko who jumped out of the car can't help tightly. Cotton robe.

     "Boss Zhao, what's going on, did you ask?"

     Zhao Qiang took a few steps towards Gaoyuan and said, "I asked, it's okay. This alone makes me think there is a problem."

     "How do you say this?"

     Zhao Qiang looked back at Rikiko and said, "He went on this road because he had a divination, and the hexagram said that going west is good, so he ran away from the refuge in the middle of the night, using a flashlight to light it, and walked a few times in the middle of the night. Shilishan Road, I left the mountain early in the morning, and I rode a bicycle and ran west.

     Gao Yuan frowned and said, "Is it true?""Fact, 100% truth."

     "But the shelter is so tightly guarded, how can it be he ran out?"

     "Because he was the door of the refuge that opened and aboveboard, he told the sentry that he wanted to go out to help. Yesterday evening, the refuge staff passed in and out. The sentry didn't want to stop him at all, and then he didn't walk through the valley full of corpses. The passage, I went straight up the mountain, and walked out groping all the way."

     This is no wonder, because too many zombies have died, how to deal with the corpses is a big problem for Guisui Refuge, because the weather has begun to warm up, and hundreds of thousands of corpses are still rotten and smelly, so don’t return to the Refuge. Yes, so I started to clean up the corpses since I returned to the evacuation center last night, and I was busy all night so that Rikiko found a chance to leave.

     "This guy is talented!"

     "He went to Wudang Mountain when he was eight years old. He has been in Wudang Mountain for decades. Later, he went to the gymnasium on the mountain elsewhere. To him, walking the mountain road was nothing.

     "No wonder, that's right, he must always go mountain trails."

     "I went up the mountain at the age of eight and has been devoting himself to cultivating Taoism. Well, he is a true Taoist, not a fake Taoist who cheats money. Xiuxian is his faith and not a tool for cheating money, but this guy can always find us. I still feel a little awkward , We are approaching Linhe City ahead, where there is a refuge, leave him in Linhe."

     "No need to review?"

     "You don't need to try, but you definitely can't bring it. Let's bring a Taoist priest.

     Zhao Qiang turned his head and glanced at Rishiko, frowned, and whispered: "Add chaos!"It's still early spring, and it's still very cold outside the car. In addition, there is already a desert on the roadside, and the wind is very strong. When the cold wind blows through the heart, it is better to go to the toilet and return to the car.

     Li Jingang had already filled up the gas, and he walked back with the empty oil drum. When several people who got off the car started to get on the car, Zhao Qiang said to Rikiko, "You get in the car."

     Rikiko looked at Zhao Qiang, then at Gao Yuan, and suddenly ran over.

     Before Zhao Qiang started his hand on Rishiko, Rishiko stopped, and then he looked at Gao Yuan and said with grief, "You are the leader, yes or no? I ask you, you still talk about unreasonable! This way is yours. Is the house open? You go yours, I go mine, so why don't you let me go!"

     Gao Yuan was dumbfounded, and Rikiko continued with a look of grief and angrily: "Am I following you? I'm obviously walking by myself, okay? Wouldn't it be over if you drive past? Did I ask you to stop? Did I stop the car? I rode my bicycle, sang songs, and walked well. When you got off the car, you got me into the car, and then you said that I will follow you. What is the reason?"

     Gao Yuan said: "Well... you go, we put you in Linhe, and then you want to go wherever you want, right?"

     It seems that Gao Yuan is a reasonable person. Rikiko's volume immediately increased by several minutes and said, "Then my bike! My bike was thrown hundreds of kilometers away by you. Let me go, how can I go, I could walk on a bicycle, but now I walk on two legs."Gao Yuan stared for a while, and then he looked at Zhao Qiang, and Zhao Qiang calmly said: "It's okay, I will pay you for a bicycle, and then I will pay you for a full set of equipment. I shall apologize to you. ."

     Rikiko dazed for a moment, he looked at Gao Yuan, and then said in a much quieter voice: "You have bicycles, it's a lie."

     "It's there at Linhe Refuge."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "Yes, you can go wherever you want. I greet the Linhe Refuge, not to let them keep you forcibly, so let's do it."

     Rikiko was silent again, and then he looked at Gao Yuan and whispered, "Why don't you just take me along ba, okay, no matter where you go, can you take me?"

     Gao Yuan shook the head, and Rikiko continued: "I can let you seek luck and avoid calamity. You see, I was not accurate in my calculation yesterday, right? I want to make a contribution."

     Zhao Qiang and Gao Yuan shook the head together, but Xinghe, the biggest uncertainty factor in the team, came over.

     Xinghe just looked at Rikiko, and then she sketched in light shades and said: "Take him, Gao Yuan, I want to go to the bathroom, you accompany me."

     Standing tall and sluggish, Xinghe frowned and said, "Go, my one person is scared."

     Fear, will Xinghe be afraid?

     Zhao Qiang whispered: "Why do you want to bring him?"

     Xinghe turned his head and said indifferently: "Oh, because he is a Taoist priest. My ancestors did not have Taoism when they came to the earth last time..."

     "Don't say it!"

     "Don't tell me."Zhao Qiang and Gao Yuan told Xinghe not to say it, but it was too late. Xinghe not only said it, but also continued: "But we have studied the philosophical thought of Lao Tzu and Li Er, and believe that Lao Tzu’s philosophical thought surpasses Space and The limitation of Time is magnified to the whole universe and still valuable thoughts, so we included his "Tao De Jing" in our knowledge system."

     All three of them were stunned, Zhao Qiang looked shocked and said, "Do you include the philosophy of the earth?"

     However, Rikiko was extremely shocked and extremely excitedly said: "oh my god! You are a fairy! You are a fairy!"

     Xinghe waved his hand and said to Rikiko: "No, I am not a fairy, I am a heavenly man, a heavenly man from another planet, the immortal you think does not exist, or it is because you understand mistaken existence."

     Xinghe suddenly stopped talking. She looked towards Gao Yuan and said, "Come with me to the toilet."

     Gao Yuan glanced at Zhao Qiang, meaning it's up to you, and then he and Xinghe flipped through the high-speed guardrail and walked off the highway.

     Zhao Qiang looked at Li Shuzi for a good while, and finally sighed saying, "Get in the car!"