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224 Gangster
    Author: Unknown
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this is what is going on? We are the most professional in capturing captives. Okay, why did you knock all four of them down when you came here? How come you are so formidable, which makes me very unbalanced.

     This is what Li Jingang is going to say, thousands of words are combined into one sentence, damn!

     All six people wore camouflage uniforms, and no epaulettes could not see their ranks. Everyone had an AK rifle in their hands.

     Gao Yuan is looking at these six men who must be soldiers, but Pan Xin said in a low voice: "How do you use AK74?"

     Gao Yuan really didn't recognize whether these people used ak47 or ak74.

     Zhao Qiang came over from behind and said, "Get over there first, seize the moment and try."

     Gao Yuan pulled the person who was knocked out by him from the ground with one hand, carrying the clothes on the chest of the two people, and walked over to the gas station like a cargo.

     After Gao Yuan pulled the person up, Pan Xin said in a relaxed manner: "AK47 is carrying it on his back, that's right."

     After Gao Yuan lifted the people up, two rifles drooped from their backs, two ak47s.

     The four people took six people back, Gao Yuan took two of them dizzy and started, but there are still two people awake.

     Li Jingang whispered in English: "I let you go, if you dare to shout loudly, I'll break your neck, understand?"

     The person whose mouth was covered by Li Jingang was still struggling, so Li Jingang simply clamped it with his arm. The captive whose neck was clamped in his arm soon stopped struggling, tilted the head and lost consciousness.

     Zhao Qiang said in Russian on the side: "Don't call, don't move, or you will be killed, understand?"The person controlled by Pan Xin stopped struggling immediately, Pan Xin slowly let go of his arm, Zhao Qiang continued to say in Russian: "You understand Russian, very good, then do it obediently and honestly according to what I said. Take your companion and follow us, hurry up!"

     The six prisoners fainted five, Gao Yuan lifted two by himself, and the remaining three fainted prisoners let the awake one fight against one, and Li Jingang and Pan Xin fight against one more, but Zhao Qiang himself empty-handed, free And unconstrained followed and returned to the gas station.

     If you catch a prisoner, you have to interrogate, otherwise the meaning of what else is there to catch alive, Zhao Qiang pulled the awake prisoner and whispered: "Let Li Yang come down and wake up for an interrogation. I will try this one first."

     Pushing the prisoner to one side of the open space, Zhao Qiang first drew out his pistol and pushed it on the prisoner's forehead, saying in Russian: "Is it cool?"

     The captive was in shock. Faced with Zhao Qiang's strange problem, he was subconsciously nodded, but when he nodded, he touched the muzzle again, and he immediately said, "Cool."

     "The bullet is very hot. The hot bullet hits your brain and will make you extremely painful, but the good news is that the pain is short-lived. Would you like to try it?"

     "I don't want to."

     Zhao Qiang put the pistol away and whispered: "I only ask all the questions once, but if you remember, I will interrogate all of you all person. If the answers of the six of you are the same, you are all fine. The answer is different from the other five people, then you will die, understand?"

     The captive whispered in Russian: "Understand."

     "Very good, your name."

     "Abat Meyev."

     "age.""26 years old."

     "Military rank."


     "What troop."

     "Border checkpoint..."

     Zhao Qiang asked quickly and continued: "Where is it where you live."

     "Here is a private house near the highway north of here..."

     "How many people are there in total, and how many people out of you six?"

     "There are only six of us. After the disaster, most of them became zombies."

     "Why attack us?"

     "We didn't want to attack you, we just looked at who came and fulfilled what we did..."

     Zhao Qiang coldly said: "Remind you, your answer only accounts for one-sixth. If the answers of the other five people are different from yours, you will die."

     "We need food and medicine. We noticed that a car had come by during the day and stopped at this gas station, so we decided to come over at night, because we found a truck, we thought maybe someone was transporting some supplies... "

     Zhao Qiang whispered: "Just take a look? Forget it, you don't need to answer this problem, tell me why you don't leave here."

     "I don't know where to go, I don't know where to go."

     "The people at this gas station are that you killed, answer me!"

     The captive was silent for a long time, and Zhao Qiang whispered: "We are just passing by and don't want to judge anyone, but I want to know what happened, the people at this gas station are that you killed them, you can answer me yes or no."

     The captive was silent nodded, then he whispered: "We...need food.""All right, you don't need to say any more."

     Zhao Qiang moved his hand and asked Li Jingang to come over and said, "Watch him, and bring the second one over."

     Another prisoner was awakened, and Zhao Qiang said in Russian: "Can you understand Russian?"


     "Very well, answer my question. If the answer is inconsistent with the other people, then you will die."

     Zhao Qiang made good use of the prisoner’s dilemma. Unless these prisoners agreed long ago and discussed how to answer all questions, these prisoners can only speak frankly, because there are six prisoners, and no one can guarantee others. Will people tell the truth?

     After only half an hour, Zhao Qiang replied to Gao Yuan’s side and said in a low voice: "There are six people in total, without others. They did not belong to the same army before. There were border checkpoints and border posts, but after the disaster, they Gathered together, after a period of bitter days, after consuming all the supplies, they started murder and robbery, because this time it is impossible to grab what thing without killing."

     Gao Yuan was nodded, and Zhao Qiang continued: "They killed the number between 20 and 30. This number is not very uniform, but it doesn’t matter. Must say, these people have completely fallen and pointed their guns at what they should have been. Protected civilians, this kind of behavior is damned in my opinion."

     Gao Yuan nodded and said, "Well, damn it, then don't let them go."

     "Okay, leave it to me to deal with it. Leave two people on guard and rotate every two hours. Let the others sleep."

     Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Aren't you asking about other things?""There is nothing to ask, the communication has been interrupted long ago, and they don't know any valuable news. Now call your people down and give them a task."

     Yu Shunzhou and Nie Erlong came down from the roof. Zhao Qiang looked at the two people, pointed his hand behind them, and said, "Where are six people? They are not worthy of being called soldiers. They are pure gangsters. The task, go and solve those six people. Do you have a knife? Put the gun down, use the knife, go."