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233 This Unscientific
    Author: Unknown
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The convoy bypassed Bishkek far away and did not stop near the city at all.

     Zhao Qiang was right. They encountered zombies three times high and far along the road, but they were all scattered zombies. The cars didn't stop, and the truck hit directly in front.

     In the middle of the night, the convoy stopped again near a lonely gas station.

     Walking along the Alatau Mountains all the way, although it is not a no-man’s land, the density of the village is still incomparable with the country. No-man’s land is not counted, but the population is still sparsely populated. After the denser area, it is tens of kilometers to meet a village.

     At this time, I ran into a gas station on the side of the road. It was definitely necessary to stop and take a break. The most important thing was to see if there was any diesel in the tank.

     As usual, it was a high-level investigation, and the result was destined. There was no one empty in the gas station.

     The building is very complete, and this is a simple gas station, with some small merchandise attached to it, but nothing is left, and there are a few long-abandoned cars next to the gas station.

     When the car was parked and everyone got out of the car, everyone's feet were shaking.

     "Everyone, right here, take a rest for the night and keep up your spirits, Liu Deguang, let me see if there is oil in the oil tank."

     I don’t know why. After experiencing a small disturbance in Amtu, Zhao Qiang stopped giving orders. Although there's nothing about it important, it turned out that Zhao Qiang greeted everyone to do what they should do. But now , He is like a okay person, without saying a word.Zhao Qiang doesn't care about things, so Gao Yuan will take care of it, although Gao Yuan is actually quite uncomfortable.

     Liu Deguang swaying walked to the open space behind the gas station, where there were two large oil tanks. It stands to reason that the oil tanks had to be buried in the ground, but no one cares about this here. The large oil tank was directly stuck in the open space. .

     When he walked to the front of the iron can, Liu Deguang stretched out his hand and patted it. After walking to another oil tank and patted it, he immediately rejoiced and said: "There is oil, quickly take down all the empty barrels, and the oil pump. It's all full."

     "Diesel or gasoline?"


     After talking to Gao Yuan, Liu Deguang said with a smile on his face: "This is fine. We only have twelve barrels of oil left. This time we will make up all of them. Captain, I have run thousands of kilometers. Take care of both cars."

     The most important thing in the supply is diesel. If the car ran out of fuel, they would have to find fuel from the stopped car. They planned to collect diesel from the tank of the broken down truck from tomorrow, but they didn’t expect to encounter it here. A full tank of diesel has arrived.

     "Maintain now?"

     "Well, just take care of it now, just do a simple maintenance, change the oil and three filters, two hours is almost enough for two cars, and maintenance at night will not affect tomorrow's use."

     They are all very tired, but Liu Deguang still has to maintain the car before going to bed. Gao Yuan can't help but somewhat concerned and said, "Aren't you tired? Do you want to maintain it tomorrow?"

     Liu Deguang smiled and said, "What is this? I'm tired, it's okay, no one needs to help, just my one person."I took the empty oil drum. If there is oil, I must fill it up first. Don't say rest and wait until tomorrow to add it. Who dares to say this now will be despised to death.

     The tanker must be out of service. Liu Chunxiao climbed onto the tank, opened the lid, and put the pump in.

     "Remember, you can't put the oil pump to the end to avoid deposits at the bottom of the oil tank and turn on electricity."

     The helper turns on the electricity and uses the power on the truck battery to provide power, and the small oil pump starts to work.

     Liu Deguang wears his headlight and holds the oil sucking pipe. When the diesel is gushing out of the pipe, he did not directly pick it up with the oil drum, but first dipped the diesel with his hand and smelled it under his nose. Take a good hand with the headlight, and then say: "The quality is pretty good, don't worry about using it."

      One after another diesel drum was filled, and then the filled drum was immediately put on the truck, never staying for a moment.

     While refueling, Cao Zhenjiang said from behind: "Is there enough oil? Can I burn diesel for heating and cooking?"

     Liu Deguang hesitated for a moment, saying: "Isn't this ruining things..."

     "Hey, what you said, is cooking a bad thing? Give me a little if you can't finish it, or else you still want to eat self-heating dry food?"

     Liu Deguang shook the head and said: "Forget what I said, you can use it whatever you want, you can't run out of this oil."

     Cao Zhenjiang started to help happily, but Gao Yuan didn't need to watch it anymore, everything clear and orderly was done, it didn't matter whether he was there or not.

     Yu Shunzhou picked up the oil drum on the truck and layed it forward. After seeing Gao Yuan, he waved: "Brother Yuan, come here."Walked over high, Yu Shunzhou stood on the truck and whispered: "We don't have much to eat. We haven't found anything to eat these days. Should we pay attention?"

     Gao Yuan looked inside and said, "How much more?"

     "Four boxes of hardtack, five boxes of self-heating dry food, the canned food is gone."

     Trucks need to pull supplies, but they also need to pull weapons, bullets, guns, bazookas, and grenades. Although all rifles use eight-one bars to facilitate replenishment, these days, weapons and ammunition are not consumed, but food and fuel are used every day. Are all consuming.

     To replenish food, you have to look for places with many people, but places with many people must have zombies.

     Whether to hurry as soon as possible or hurry, this is the common view of Gao Yuan and Zhao Qiang.

     Self-heating dry food is much better than hardtack, but because self-heating dry food is delicious, I eat self-heating dry food almost every day when I come out of Guisui refuge. Now there are only five boxes left, enough for 14 people to eat three. Heavenly.

      There are a lot of hardtack, and if you really eat according to calories instead of appetite, four boxes of hardtack will be enough for them to eat for ten days.

     But there is a problem. If you can’t find food after eating everything, you don’t save any food. That’s not to trouble yourself.

     What's more, hardtack's food is already disgusting.

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Well, it's time to find supplies. I will discuss with Mr. Zhao."Zhao Qiang was thinking over there, leaning forward, and whispered: "Boss Zhao, we don’t have much food. It’s easy to replenish water along the way, but it’s not easy to replenish food. I want to go after seeing the village tomorrow. Search inside for any food."

     Zhao Qiang was nodded first, but he shook the head immediately, and then he whispered to Gao Yuan: "I have counted, have a plan in mind, according to the normal consumption, we can still eat for six days without any problem, according to the minimum consumption , I can eat for half a month, so I don’t think a new branch grows out of a knot, and hurry as much as possible while the road is still safe."

     Gao Yuan said: "But I can’t bear to eat like this, I...I can’t get rid of shit anymore, and I’m on fire. Also, I consume the lowest amount of food every day, in case I have to exercise all my strength. , Then our stuff is enough for my one person to eat two meals..."

     Gao Yuan also knew how much he could eat, so he was a little embarrassed to say.

     Zhao Qiang exhaled and said: "In terms of supply, you are the biggest variable, but..."

      Hesitated for a moment, Zhao Qiang finally made up his mind and said in a low voice: "But my heart is not at ease. I always feel that what the matter is about to happen, so let's try to reduce unnecessary activities in these two days. ."


     For Zhao Qiang's feeling, Gao Yuan would not be deaf to his ears.

     What kind of person is Zhao Qiang? He is a master at Ouchi. He has always been in the job of protecting the supreme head. This kind of person is as sensitive to the smell of danger as if he has superpowers.Whether it is the sixth sense or the premonition, as long as Zhao Qiang feels that there is danger, it is almost certainly dangerous, because no one in this world can be more sensitive to danger than Zhao Qiang.

     Even Zhao Qiang's ability to be the captain has a lot to do with his keen sense of danger.

     Don’t believe it. Throughout history, I don’t know how many people have avoided catastrophes because of some ominous premonition. This kind of thing is simply too many to count.

     Gao Yuan deeply worried and sick at heart said: "Boss Zhao, don't scare me, what do you think is wrong? If it doesn't work, let's not stay here anymore. Go ahead and leave."

     Zhao Qiang shook the head and said: "It doesn't feel like going away right away. It doesn't feel very strong, but I always feel guilty in my heart. Well, I'd better stay here and take a break ba. I would rather nurture my energy and save taxes to better deal with the danger. "

     After speaking, Zhao Qiang looked at Gao Yuan somewhat surprised and said: "I just didn't feel good when I said it, but I didn't find any danger. I didn't expect you but I was quite nervous."

     Gao Yuan said seriously: "It's not good to feel bad. I felt bad a few days before the aliens came. I didn't know why it was irritable, but it was terribly irritable."

     Zhao Qiang was even more surprised, and said, "Oh? Do you often show up this kind of feeling?"

     "It's not often, or occasionally, and it's not necessarily every time something happens, but before the aliens came, I was really baffling irritable for several days."

     Zhao Qiang exhaled and said, "Well, that means you have a strong hunch for danger. If you don't talk about other industries, this is talent in the eyes of people like us."Some people are busy, and of course there are people armed with guns. Military doctor Wang Ning is on the sidelines with guns. Listening to Gao Yuan and Zhao Qiang’s dialogue, Wang Ning finally cannot bear. He whispered: "I hear what you say... I feel that something will happen every day, but it’s fine now."

     Zhao Qiang smiled and didn't answer, but Gao Yuan said: "Doctor Wang, ask you something, don't you believe in premonition?"

     "Well, I really don't believe it, it's not scientific."

     Hearing the word science, Gao Yuan immediately said: "Speaking of science, doesn't have any scientific truth, but how to explain every phenomenon that everyone believes in existence?"

     Wang Ning without the slightest hesitation said: "Any phenomenon can be explained by science!"

     Gao Yuan continued with a smile: "I said yes, and you must admit it."

     Wang Ning said unconvincedly: "Then tell me about it."

     Gao Yuan whispered: "Luck, whether it is far away or bad luck, do you admit that there is such a thing as luck? If so, please explain luck to me with science."

     Wang Ning was dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     "Nothing to say? It seems that you also believe in luck, so if you believe in luck, why don't you believe in such unreasonable things as premonitions? No matter whether there is reason or not, you have to admit that someone has a strong sixth sense. "

     Wang Ning takes a deep breath and said: "I didn't say that there is no hunch, I just said it is unscientific... Well, you think I didn't say anything, I didn't say anything."

     Gao Yuan smiled, and then he said to Zhao Qiang: "Otherwise, let's not stay here. If we refuel, we will withdraw until your uneasy feeling disappears."Zhao Qiang looked at Gao Yuan and thought for a moment, and then he said solemnly: "Okay, fill up and set off immediately."