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248 Don't Look Back
    Author: Unknown
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The spacecraft behind you are further and further away, and the armored beasts that fall from the spacecraft are also further and further away, but the spacecraft hovering over the city is getting closer and closer.

     There is just one road, which is currently already blocked.

     Gao Yuan did not have the confidence to rush under the attack of armored beasts and insects as dense as black fog, so he wanted to return to Dushanbe city again, because there are buildings in Dushanbe city, if there are buildings, you can temporarily hide. Can avoid, if there is a closed room or something, it should be able to escape the attack of insects.

     So there is a chance to enter the city, and he has entered the city full of zombies several times, and now, he just entered the city that is about to be full of zombies.

     But exposed to numerous armored beasts to unknown bugs, Gao Yuan was really not sure that he and Xinghe could be safe.

     Yes, if you enter the city, Gao Yuan can only protect himself by five points, plus Xinghe, he has three points.

     As for others, Gao Yuan cannot protect.

     Zhao Qiang grabbed Gao Yuan's arm, and then he whispered: "Keep Galaxy, keep the revelation, save your life, if the situation is critical, remember to take the revelation before leaving."

     "I know."

     Gao Yuan exhaled, and then he started to look back.

     The armored beasts are already running at full strength, and the armored beasts that run at full strength are terrible. The speed of the off-road vehicle has reached 80 kilometers per hour, but the distance between the armored beasts and Gao Yuan is still shortening.

     "Hurry up!"

     The speed of the vehicle was increased to 100 kilometers, and the distance to the armored beast was stabilized. When the speed of the vehicle was increased to 130 kilometers, the armored beast seemed to be gradually being stretched away."A sharp bend ahead! Slow down!"

     Pan Xin stepped on the brake suddenly, because he remembered the road he had just walked clearly. There was a sharp bend in front of him. If he didn't slow down, the car would have to overturn.

     It was this slowing down, and the armored beast behind immediately pulled into the distance.

     But here, the speed of the car will not rise fast, because there are already evacuated people on the road, there are also cars and even carriages on the road. Although there are not many, the speed is very slow. The speed was also forced to slow down.

     Now Gao Yuan, they are on the north side of Dushanbe, heading south into the city, and continuing to the east, they drove on a Tajik Highest Level highway. The road went east and entered the mountain, and they continued to build Pamir High Plateau on.

     Going south into the city and going east into the mountainous area, but there is a problem. It is easy to enter the mountainous area, but it is difficult to get out of the mountainous area, because there is just one road.

     The horn kept honking, Zhao Qiang stuck his head out of the car window and shouted at the refugee who had lost one's head out of fear, "Get out of the way! Don't go forward, run to both sides, run to both sides!"

     The spaceship has already fallen, how can the fleeing crowd not panic.

     But it was too late to say anything, and Pan Xin couldn't drive the car to the crowd.

     "How to do?"

     "Go ahead!"

     After glanced at, Zhao Qiang said anxiously: "I can't manage that much, look forward, stay here and be overtaken before entering the city!"

     The armored beasts did not deliberately chase them high, but rushed to Dushanbe city, and at this time a small number of defenders finally opened fire.Rockets, machine guns, and any available weapons fired on the armored beasts, and once they were attacked, the armored beasts would no longer chase their cars high.

      The crisis of pressing in on one's eyelashes was eliminated in this way.

     The civilians who had seen the armored beasts threw down everything that was slowing down. They left the road and began to run towards the wilderness on the north side of the road.

     This is the right choice, because the main target of the armored beast and the most interesting prey are in the urban area.

     "I understand! I understand..."

     Gao Yuan suddenly said a few words in a low voice, and then he said with emotion: "I finally know the purpose of the snake man!"

     The car never stopped, but the speed was much slower, but now Pan Xin had no worries. He drove the car to accelerate and slammed into it, knocking a car that blocked the way to the side, and then the speed of the off-road vehicle It only slows down slightly, and then speeds up Drove over.

     The car is dangling, because to bypass obstacles, the car can only travel at a speed of forty to fifty kilometers at most, but there is no need to worry about hitting people, because people with eyes are almost there now.

     While dangling high, he pointed his finger at Dushanbe, and said in a low voice: "This is the hotbed for the snake people to cultivate weapons. They not only need to experiment with weapons, but also make weapons. They just need to throw monsters here, let The monsters can breed by themselves."

     Zhao Qiang's face was pale, he leaned forward and looked to one side, and then he whispered: "Look, the spacecraft over the city is also starting to drop monsters."A puff of black smoke appeared from the bottom of the spacecraft, and then moved in the air at a slow speed.

     It looks like a flock of starlings, or a flock of red-billed queria finches on the African grasslands.

     "Don't go into the city, go east along the highway, if... there are no obstacles ahead!"

     It was a lofty decision to return to the city. It was because armored beasts and unknown small creatures appeared on the road ahead. Now he decided not to enter the city. It was a lofty decision because he felt that since he could walk ahead, he would go. Until you can't go.

     Gao Yuan is not a genius who takes one step and sees three steps. He just looks back when he sees a blockage ahead, and then decides to go forward when he sees a monster in the city. At this point, he is actually an ordinary person. It is also an ordinary person's decision.

     But Zhao Qiang and others did not refute Gao Yuan's decision, because no one knows what to do or where to go.

     However, for monsters, Gao Yuan has more keen intuition than others, and makes judgments faster, and he always seems to be the first to understand the purpose of the snake man.

     The car is still moving forward, fast and slow but never stopped, and the black fog dropped on the spacecraft is no longer visible when it falls into the city.

     "Take a small road, don't go into the city!"

     Gao Yuan, they are traveling along the edge of Dushanbe, and the M41 highway they are going to take has a very large part that passes through the city. Now the only choice is to avoid the main road and take the small road, just hoping to pass.

     The car has been moving forward. If you ignore the spacecraft that is always hovering over the city, they will be in no danger at all.Walking along the edge of Dushanbe through most of the city, there are no monsters, only the frequent crowds blocking the way, but after a while, the crowds will disperse, so the speed is only slightly slower.

     "Look over there!"

     Gao Yuan turns the head, Li Jingang holding the gun, pointing to the right front, loudly said: "What is that..."

     There are about over ten people who are running fast, but they soon started hands dance and feet trip, and they began to wave their hands desperately to beat something. Some people stopped, some people slapped their bodies and continued to run forward, but very quickly, it was more than a dozen. Within seconds, both the person who stopped or the person who continued to run stopped moving.

     The car was moving forward. At this time, the crowd on the right front was already on the right, but the distance was a little far away. It was unable to discern what attacked those people.

      Only has one Explain, those things are very small, so you can't see them when they are far away.

     "Close the windows!"

     Zhao Qiang called suddenly, and then the four car windows were closed immediately. At the same time Li Jingang picked up the intercom and shouted oneself hoarse: "Behind! Hurry up and close all the gaps! Close up!"

     There was no way to keep the radio silent. Li Jingang radioed what to do later because he was worried that the people sitting in the truck could not see what happened outside.

     "It's blocked early!"

     It was Yu Shunzhou who replied on the intercom. He said in a very calm tone: "All the gaps are closed, no need to be worried about me."

     Zhao Qiang dazed for a moment, then he whispered: "Yes."Looking at the right side Gao Yuan, he confidently said: "As a survivalist, Yu Shunzhou will not wait for the crisis to come to discover the crisis."

     Zhao Qiang did not speak, and Gao Yuan continued: "Now I only hope that the bugs can't break the glass..."

     Before the words fell, a pa sound, the corpse of a bug appeared on the glass, and then as if it started to rain, the front windshield began to crackle rattle.

     The corpse of the insect was crushed to the point that the appearance of the insect was not visible. The corpse of the insect left on the glass was a pool of green liquid, but from time to time it appeared mixed with red.

     Pan Xin turned on the wiper, and while not scraping off the corpse of the insect, he whispered: "This damn thing sucks blood!"

     The car drove quickly out of the range of the insect swarm, and the crackling sound lasted for a few seconds, but the windshield was covered with insect corpses, which indicated the density of the insects.

     "The size is like a cockroach..."

     Gao Yuan said, and Zhao Qiang immediately said, "That kind of cockroach? The southern one or the northern one? Make it clear."

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, and said: "It's like... as big as a shit shell man."

     Gao Yuan wanted to name a kind of insect to describe the size as accurately as possible, but after thinking and thinking, in the end still is, he said Shike Lang, because he is not an entomologist, he can think of something similar in size.

     The car is still moving, and now every additional meter is a safe distance earned, with a burst of bumps, the car drove on the M41 highway again.It seems that I can really leave Dushanbe all the way to the east, and the hope is great. The most important thing is that there is no spaceship blocking the road with the serpent man in front, and there is no magnetic storm attack, so the hope of being able to leave becomes getting bigger and bigger.

      But at this moment, a few squeaky electric noises suddenly came from the speeding car, Li Jingang yelled and took off the headphones, and the walkie-talkie on his waist even gave out sparks.

     The car is slowing down quickly, getting slower and slower.

     "Electromagnetic storm! The car went out!"

     Pan Xin twisted the key several times, and then he said loudly: "Can't start! Prepare to abandon the car!"

     In the end, the car is still unusable.

     Zhao Qiang sighed softly, and then he whispered to Gao Yuan: "After getting out of the car, go to Li Yang behind to get the enlightenment, and then you can run with Xinghe, don't look back."