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256 Shepherd
    Author: Unknown
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Both Gao Yuan and Sanyinzi made a serious mistake, that is, Gao Yuan seriously overestimated the enemy's combat effectiveness, and the enemy seriously overestimated Gao Yuan's number of them.

     The entire strengthening camp, the number of people is eight hundred, unexpectedly, let three people interspersed?

     The mortar shell dropped once, and then they dumbstruck dumbstruck at the sudden start of chaos in the enemy barracks.

     And it is extremely chaotic.

     Gao Yuan watched Yu Shunzhou and the others rush into the enemy's camp, and then quickly vanish from sight, only to hear the faint gunshots, but soon he saw a large number of people running out of the camp.

     After being swept by the machine guns of Li Jingang and Pan Xin, the enemies who had just come out of the camp turned their heads and ran away along the road to the south.

     The machine gun position that was still shooting at Gao Yuan instantly went silent, because those people also ran away.

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Jingang, dumbstruck said: "This is what is going on? I...I don't understand!"

     Li Jingang stopped shooting because the enemy had already started to flee. If he wanted to continue shooting at this time, he would feel that he was driven to a dead end, and then it would be worthless to choose either the fish dies or the net splits.

     Li Jingang without turning the head said: "You don't know the virtues of Sanyinzi? Isn't this normal? Of course, this result is still very surprising to me. Eight hundred people, why would you have to fight for a while before breaking down?"

     Gao Yuan swallowed and said, "Of course I know what Sanyinzi is, but they are 800 people, 800 people! There are many Special Forces, you said they were beaten away?"Li Jingang whispered: "Special Forces? Haha, Asan's Special Forces? I have communicated with them. Let's say that the training intensity of Asan's most elite black cat troops is not as strong as our recruit company, believe it or not?"

     "No, I really don't believe this."

     Li Jingang tilted his head and said: "Lao Jian'er had participated in a military exchange competition with foreign troops. He took the first place. The second was ours. The third was that he suffered a serious knee injury and withdrew from the competition. Three... They were all eliminated in the first round, and they couldn't pass the most basic physical level. If you don't believe me, ask the old top."

     Gao Yuan glanced at Pan Xin, and at this moment, Abina, who was stepped on by Gao Yuan, said with some spine: "Although I was caught by you, but this is only one partial mistake. In the overall situation, we must Will win because..."

     Gao Yuan grabbed Abina from the ground. Abina immediately stared wide-eyed. Then he pointed to the rout army and said seriously, "These people are just a strategic retreat. They will soon organize a counterattack because you The sneak attack caused them some no time to deal with it. When they stabilized their defense, they would launch an effective counterattack."

     Gao Yuan exhaled, he frowned at Abina, then looked at Zhao Qiang's corpse next to him, and then he whispered: "Heroes of Zhao Qiang I, why... why did you die in the hands of you trash?"

     Zhao Qiang didn't even leave a word, he died instantly, because Gao Yuan they faced a sudden attack from dozens of people.

     Falling into a trap and being surrounded by people, what left nothing to be said, to be in an ambush is to be in an ambush, and it is normal to pay the price of casualties.But Zhao Qiang died in the hands of these things that were worse than a pig, making Gao Yuan, besides grief, now extremely angry.

     Of course Zhao Qiang would be angry when he died, but more because the people who killed Zhao Qiang turned out to be this trash, which made Gao Yuan feel like a meet with unexpected failure.

     The hero of Zhao Qiang I, if you want to die, you should die in the hands of powerful enemies. How can you die in the hands of these wastes?

     Li Jingang whispered: "The enemy has been defeated, we...I rely on!"

     Gao Yuan turned his head and looked again, only to see a person rushing out on a motorcycle. The clothes looked like his own.

     The enemy has been defeated, the enemy has been defeated by three people, and at this time, they have to chase?

     Li Jingang straightened his eyes, and he said loudly, "He, this, what can I chase after the enemy is defeated? Does it mean that all the enemies are captured?"

     Then that motorcycle wherever one goes, the enemy really knelt and surrendered.

     At a loss, endless at a loss.

     Li Jingang and Gao Yuan looked at each other blankly, and then Li Jingang suddenly said: "No, if the enemy only knew there were three people, he would definitely resist!"

     Gao Yuan pushed Abina and said to Song Qian: "You look good at him!"

     After speaking, Gao Yuan said loudly: "Go! Come on!"

     Gao Yuan jumped out of the machine gun position. He copied a rifle from the ground and started to run forward. Except for Song Qian, who was watching the prisoners, Pan Xin and the others all left the machine gun position and started running forward.

     Just follow the road, because Cao Zhenjiang and the others drove everyone to the road, just like herding sheep.At this moment, Gao Yuan could see the man riding a motorcycle passing through the fleeing enemy all the way to the forefront, and then he placed the enemy's motorcycle, blocking the way for all deserters.

     One person blocked hundreds of people.

     There is no way to describe this scene, except for shock.

     Gao Yuan they already arrived at the exit of the camp, right now, Cao Zhenjiang and Nie Erlong also ran out.

     Cao Zhenjiang's machine gun was aimed at Gao Yuan, of course, he did not shoot, and immediately moved the muzzle aside.

     "It's you? Yu Shunzhou is chasing after?"

     Gao Yuan was even more surprised. He thought that he was so brave, chasing a group by one person, and then blocked a group of deserters. It was Cao Zhenjiang, a fierce man. He didn't expect it to be Yu Shunzhou.

     Cao Zhenjiang extremely angrily said: "Yu Shunzhou, this fat man has grabbed the front, chase it!"

     What are you chasing after? The enemy stopped.

     Some are still standing, some are squatting, some have their guns above their heads, and some are empty-handed with both hands.

     The enemies are all embarrassed, drew their swords and looked around at a loss.

     This is how Gao Yuan feels now.

     "What's going on?"

     Gao Yuan was very surprised about what happened to Cao Zhenjiang and the others, and Cao Zhenjiang said seriously: "We rushed into the enemy camp. The enemy did not surrender but dared to fight back, so we captured them all."

     This answer is really domineering, and then said from a high level: "Then what should we do now?"

     Gao Yuan asked first, because as a half-hearted man, he really doesn't know what to do at this time, is to receive prisoners of war? Or what?"Disarm all these prisoners and put them together to take care of them. Waiting for them to recover his wits will be troublesome, unless they all abruptly."

     After speaking, Cao Zhenjiang suddenly lowered his voice, and said to Gao Yuan: "Otherwise, you will all abrupt them, so many people, it is a curse to keep!"

     "No way!"

     Li Jingang turned his head and glanced at Cao Zhenjiang, then he whispered: "Seven or eight hundred people! All abrupt? Now if you dare to kill the prisoners, the prisoners will have to do the opposite. There are too many people! easy!"

     Really, it is difficult to turn people into prisoners of war, and it is easy to kill prisoners of war, but now it is difficult for a few people to kill hundreds of prisoners of war, but how did these prisoners of war become prisoners of war?

     In fact, to put it bluntly, these people are not exactly prisoners of war. They have guns in their hands.

     It is impossible to kill, there are too many people, no one can make this determination.

     Loudly and whispered: "Then let them lay down their weapons first, and then decide what to do depending on the situation, alright, you follow me, help in front, old Jianer, you are here to deter these people and let them all lay down their weapons."

     It's better to score troops, otherwise these prisoners of war can't take over.

     Gao Yuan and Li Jingang started to run forward, and when they were running, he kept yelling in English: "We are the Chinese army. We treat the prisoners preferentially. We put our weapons on the ground and then surrender to the front. Come on!"

     Li Jingang shouted all the way, some soldiers put down their weapons all the way, and then slowly moved towards Cao Zhenjiang and the others.When Gao Yuan and Li Jingang ran in front of Yu Shunzhou, they saw that half of Yu Shunzhou's face was swollen and a piece of his face was scratched, but the rifle in his hand was aimed at several officers.

     "Lieutenant colonel? Major, lieutenant, dead fat man, you got their headquarters in one pot."

     Yu Shunzhou grinned, and then he grinning said: "Hey, I'm going, it hurts..."

     Yu Shunzhou stood at the forefront alone, and there were hundreds of armed people in front of him, but just he stuck a battalion here.

     One block up the other camps, and there is a bit jealousy, envy and hate in the distance.

     Now, what is Yu Shunzhou like blowing.

     Li Jingang said loudly in English: "You are all captured. We are the Chinese army. We treat the prisoners preferentially. Now we lay down our weapons and refuse to cooperate with them to kill on the spot!"

     The lieutenant colonel was the only officer who didn't raise his hand. He looked 40 years old with a pistol around his waist. After slightly sighed saying to Li Jingang, he whispered: "You are still here, how many of you are there? There are three thousand people, right?"

     Li Jingang said seriously, "Yes! We have three thousand troops!"

     The look on the lieutenant colonel's face suddenly relaxed, then he happily drew out the pistol, turned the handle of the gun upside down and handed it to Li Jingang, and then he was indeed as if relieved from a burden said: "You launched with absolute superiority Our failure is inevitable after a sneak attack. I choose to surrender and I will restrain my subordinates and cooperate with your work. I ask you to treat us as prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Convention."These people can really enjoy the treatment of prisoners of war, because they are really prisoners of war.

     Li Jingang did not pick up the gun. He looked at Yu Shunzhou and said, "Your prisoner, your gun, bring it here."

     Yu Shunzhou took the pistol happily, then he looked at the pistol over and over, and said, "What is this gun?"

     Gao Yuan exhaled, then he whispered to Yu Shunzhou: "did you know, you just looked special..."

     "Specially powerful, isn't it? Haha..."

     "No, it's especially like a shepherd dog, a dog driving a group of sheep, well, this is praise you, praise you!"