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258 Stiff Mouth
    Author: Unknown
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The Spark Team was formed by selecting the best among the best. Every person is the best in the industry, but after all, the members of the Spark Team are strange and unfamiliar with each other.

     Therefore, the Spark team still needs to establish the tacit understanding that it should have, and now, each person is showing what he should show, and he must also be familiar with the unknown side of his companion.

     Hundreds of people were driven by three people to come together, and then a group of people was selected, and under the guard of the three people, they picked up the scattered weapons one by one and piled them together in different categories.

     "This is the AKM, this is the Insace rifle, this is the TAR21, and a reinforced battalion uses three types of rifles?"

     Li Jingang shook the head, and then he said loudly in English: "Pour gasoline and burn all these guns!"

     In total, it was over ten people. It was very difficult to take care of hundreds of prisoners, but these prisoners were very obedient. They poured a small amount of gasoline on the pile of rifles and set fire to them. Li Jingang, who had always been somewhat anxious, did it. Relaxed a lot.

     Cao Zhenjiang and Nie Erlong were looking for food in the barracks. It is reasonable to say that there should be a lot of food in a camp of 800 people, but they searched for a long time, but in the end the violent Cao Zhenjiang jumped and scolded again.

     "What the fuck is this! Is this something people eat?"

     A bunch of multi-colored powder, a bunch of long-grain japonica rice, there is no vegetable that Cao Zhenjiang wants most, no meat he wants most, nothing at all except a bunch of choking curry powder, so this makes Cao Zhenjiang Very angry, jumped angrily.

     Yu Shunzhou stood beside Zhao Qiang's body with a gun.

     "Boss Zhao, I'm so angry did you know?"Zhao Qiang's body has been covered by a green canvas. It is not that no one cares about him, but that everyone is too busy now, really too busy.

     "I know you look down on me and Erlong. You are both terrible characters. The two of us are recruits, but I want to tell you that Yu Shunzhou, I am a recruit, and I am not a recruit. But we are not a waste, it's just that you don't know, you don't know what we can do."

     Yu Shunzhou seems somewhat agitated, his heavy sighed saying, and then extremely helplessly said: "I dream that one day I want to let you see what I am capable of, and I want you to know that Yu Shunzhou is not a wine sack, food bag. I just wanted to prove you wrong, but you died..."

     Yu Shunzhou sat aside and said with a dazed expression: "The three of us defeated a battalion did you know. Actually, I didn’t know how many people there were at first, but we defeated a battalion, and then I blocked it alone. Hundreds of people did you know, I captured them all, one lieutenant colonel, one major, four captains, nine lieutenants, twenty-eight second lieutenants, all blocked by my one person, I'll ask you if you are awesome I just wanted you to see, but why did you die..."

     Can’t help but look at Zhao Qiang’s corpse again. Yu Shunzhou’s sighed saying, whispered: “I’m blocking my breath, I want you to know that I’m not adding a head, nor a burden, but you’re all dead. Who sees..."

     While Yu Shunzhou was talking to oneself to Zhao Qiang, Gao Yuan and Pan Xin were stepping up their interrogation of Abina.

     "Where is your large force, point it out!"Abina is extremely depressed now, he is not injured, but now he doesn't even have the strength to speak.

     "You only have eight people, but you can defeat our special border force and a reinforced battalion. This is not fair."

     Abina looked like he wanted to cry, and he was extremely frustrated and said: "This is not fair! You sneak attack."

     Gao Yuan wanted to kill Abina with a knife, because he had never seen such a shameless person, nor had he seen such a stupid person.

     "You set up ambush to attack us. After being found out, the three of us defeated one of your battalions, and then captured all of you. Now you tell me that we attacked?"

     Pan Xin's stomach was about to explode, but he still tried to communicate with the other party using words. He stopped/stood and said angrily: "You are shameless!"

     "We didn't lose, it was your shameless sneak attack that made us no time to deal with it, so we didn't lose."

     Pan Xin couldn't help but want to do it, and Gao Yuan already did it.

     I grabbed Abina and wanted to do it, but it was too dirty for his own hand, so Gao Yuan threw Abina on the ground and picked up a tree branch splitting the head and covering the face that he found after searching for a long time. Go down.

     It's just pumping, let's get rid of your breath first, since you can't let the other party recognize the facts, it's good to take a breath first.

     After a violent gasp, Gao Yuan handed the branch to Pan Xin, and said, "You should let out your breath before speaking, otherwise you will easily get angry."

     Abina was rolling on the ground, crying, "You are abusing prisoners of war..."

     Pan Xin took the tree branch and slapped Abina.Abina rolled on the ground, crying shout oneself hoarse, called world-shaking.

     "Don't fight! Don't fight! You... how can you hit people."

     Pan Xin was so angry that he laughed, so he added a bit of strength to his hand and pumped harder.

     "Last time that's it, why is it still like this this time, we already isn't the original Ahsan army, but why is it still like this, I am not willing to ……"

     Abina was drawn into tears, then he covered his face with his hands, and said loudly: "Don't fight, we all lose, can't you make me get a bit cheaper..."

     Pan Xin stopped his hand, let out a long breath, and said, "Continue to be stiff!"

     Abina sobbed and said: "I feel uncomfortable. Why should we win, but why we always lose? We are very powerful, but why do we always lose when we meet you? I can't bear it, I I really can't stand it..."

     Gao Yuan ill-humoredly said: "Where did you learn Chinese so well?"

     "I am an overseas student, studying in China."

     Abina put down the hand covering his face, and then he cried: "Why do you always win? Why, you all win, just let us satisfy our vanity."

     Pan Xin said angrily: "Not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin's stuff! Shut up! Now answer my question."

     Gao Yuan said: "They didn't shed tears when they saw the coffin, OK, OK, now you answer honestly, where is your big army and how many people are there."Abina tremblingly stretched out his hand and pointed on the map, and said, "Here, 16 kilometers from Gilgit, we have surrounded Gilgit. It has been almost two months."

     Gao Yuan and Pan Xin glanced at each other. The path in front of them was blocked.

     "How many of you are there! Say!"

     "There are more than 20,000 people. Two divisions are attacking Gilgit. It is very difficult for us to supply logistics. If we don't take Gilgit, we should be starving."

     If you go forward, you must attack Gilgit, and you will have to walk thousands of kilometers back, and the road is very difficult.

     Gao Yuan hesitated for a moment, then he whispered to Pan Xin: "It looks like I have to touch the enemy's army."