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260 Buried Loyal Bones Everywhere
    Author: Unknown
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How to place Zhao Qiang's body is a problem.

     It can be pulled on a cart or buried on the spot, but pay no heed to is absolutely impossible.

     Li Yang hasn't awakened yet, how to deal with Zhao Qiang's body, the final decision on this problem rests with Gao Yuan.

     "The loyal bones are buried everywhere in the green hills. Why be buried in a horse hide? Just bury them here."

     Gao Yuanchang sighed saying, and then he said to the people: "Find a place to dig a tomb and erect a monument. Boss Zhao will be buried here. If any of us still have a chance back..."

     Looking around the crowd, he said in a low voice: "If anyone still has a chance here in the future, take the bones of Boss Zhao back."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan said to Rikiko: "Dao Master, choose a good place for Boss Zhao."

     Rikiko said solemnly: "I was already watching it just now. This is barren hills and wild rivers, but when I took a closer look, there is really good Feng Shui here."

     Rikiko pointed to the hillside on the left side of the road, and said, "Look, it’s steep everywhere here, but only this small area on the top, this place is good, there is a case in front of the mountain with a back, a jade belt around the waist, It's a nice yin house, buried here by the descendants of Wang."

     A few people didn't say anything, then Gao Yuan nodded and said: "Okay, then bury it here."

     Nie Erlong whispered: "Really good? Do you Taoist priests all watch Feng Shui?"Rikiko said with an anxious expression: "What you said, although I am not charlatan, but I also understand Feng Shui, okay, I can't find a yin house, so how can I eat a meal? Look at it. , Here are all mountains, there is no root grass on the mountain, right? But where do I say there is soil! It is definitely soil, and there must be trees, which means that the locals don’t know feng shui at all, otherwise such good feng shui , Has long been occupied."

     Gao Yuan looked up and saw that the place that Rikiko pointed to was more than 200 meters away from the road. It took a little effort to walk up.

     Nie Erlong glanced at the place where Li Shuzi pointed, and said, "Are you sure? Did you look at it."

     Rikiko said seriously, "Isn't this nonsense? Just now, I was just looking for a yin house. I can’t do anything else. Helping Boss Zhao find a yin house. I’ll tell you. , The descendants of this yin house, a high official!"

     Loudly whispered: "Boss Zhao is not married yet, where's the offspring, but if you say this is a good place, then just bury it here."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan went to the truck and took the pickaxe, and threw an engineer shovel to Yu Shunzhou, then he said loudly: "Dig to the grave."

     Gao Yuan came to the place Rikiko was pointing to. There were footprints on the ground, which confirmed that Rikiko hadn't said nonsense, and that he had indeed wandered around here.

     This is a mountain, and it is a large mountain with a high altitude. The mountains are all rocks or stone powder. The soil is rare. The place selected by Lishuzi does have soil, and this small mountain col does have soil. A few grasses.

     Everything is the same as Rikiko said, Gao Yuan believes that this is really a shady house with wonderful feng shui."Here, just here, just dig as far as I pointed. It can't go too far. It's enough to dig three feet deep, not too deep or too shallow, just one meter."

     Li Shuzi drew a rectangular box from the ground, Gao Yuan began to plow the soil with a pickaxe, while Yu Shunzhou shoveled out the loose soil with the pickaxe.

     "Come and come, let's get up and lift Boss Zhao up, all be careful."

     Rikiko went down again, greeted everyone to lift Zhao Qiang's body, and then began to send it to the mountain.

     "Heavenly Venerable of the Numinous Treasure, comforting the figure, the soul of the disciple, the five hidden mysterious souls, the blue dragon and the white tiger, the battles are varied, the Suzaku Xuanwu, the guard I really, I command thee."

     Rikiko was wearing a cyan cotton robe, wearing a Taoist crown, and muttering words next to Zhao Qiang's body. It seemed that he did have such a long way.

     Pan Xin couldn't bear, he whispered to Rikiko: "What are you doing?"

     "Uh, I'm chanting to save the dead."

     Pan Xin whispered: "We are firm Materialist. If you don't believe this, please stop reading it."

     Rikiko dazed for a moment, and then he said: "Believe it or not is your business, if I believe it, I will read it, right, and it didn't hinder you."

     Nie Erlong said: "Yes, just read it, there must be good and no harm."

     Zhao Qiang and his group of establishment are staunch Materialists, and the half-hearted people headed by Gao Yuan are all believers.

     Otherwise, Gao Yuan couldn't let Li Shuzi find a good Feng Shui.

     Pan Xin didn't say a word, and several of them sent Zhao Qiang's body up next to the tomb that was being dug.Li Jingang stretched out his hand and said, "Come and dig for me, you guys rest for a while."

     "Not tired."

     "Know you are not tired, come to me."

     Gao Yuan stopped and surrendered his pickaxe. Li Jingang took it and began to dig up the pit. Nie Erlong in one side saying: "Why don't you let the captives work? It's too cheap for them."

     Yu Shunzhou looked at Nie Erlong with a look of disgust and said, "They have dirty hands, you are a shameless person."

     Nie Erlong was taken aback, and then he hurried to nod, said: "Yes, I forgot this, let's go on, let me go."

     The tomb was dug soon, and several people glanced at each other, and finally looked at Rikiko.

     Rikiko exhaled, and said, "Head north, be careful, and swing your feet here a little bit. That's it."

     It's time to fill the tomb, there's nothing about it, a part of expressing grief, and there's nothing about it, a farewell ceremony for the remains, because Gaoyuan is not only short of time, but even people are not there.

     Wang Ning looked at Li Yang, Liu Chunxiao, Cao Zhenjiang, and Liu Deguang looked at hundreds of captives. They really couldn't draw anyone anymore. As for Xinghe, what she could do, let's just stay in the car.

     Gao Yuan shoveled three shovel dirt with a shovel, and then handed the shovel to someone else.

     A small tomb was piled up, and a long stone was inserted in front of the tomb. Then Rikiko wrote four words on the stone slab with a black marker.

     Tomb of Zhao Qiang.

     You can't write more than one word for the rest, although even the name Zhao Qiang is fake, but that can only be written so much.Looking at the rudimentary tombstone, he stared at it for a while, then he bowed to Zhao Qiang's grave three times, and said in a low voice: "Boss Zhao, Li Yang is okay, you are buried and at rest, we should also leave. It's a fucking san, wait and see, and see that we avenge you."

     Yu Shunzhou stood in front of the tombstone. He pointed his finger at his face and said, "Boss Zhao, if you really have soul in heaven, just see how I am doing! I not only want to avenge you, I also want you to see Look, how is my Yu Shunzhou doing! If I don’t pinch out all of Ah San’s poop, I won’t bark a dog!"

     Li Jingang stood in front of the tombstone and offered a military salute, then he solemnly said, "Comrade Zhao Qiang, goodbye!"