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267 Not Hurry Up
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Further ahead is the enemy's main position.

     There is still a difference between the main position and the forward position. The forward position is the place where the enemy will face-to-face firefight, while the main position is slightly behind. A large number of reserve teams are concentrated. If the forward position cannot withstand it, move forward Sending reinforcements, if it is necessary to strengthen troops to break through the enemy's line of defense, it is also to send an integrated reserve team from the main position.

     So it didn't go far, it was Ah San's main position, where the most troops were assembled, at least a few thousand people.

     I have to explain Gilgit's terrain here.

     Gilgit is a small city with a resident population of only more than 10,000, but Gilgit is a hub city in the north of Kashmi.

     Gilgit City is built in the valley, and Kara Kunlun Mountain range is located to the southeast. Although it is a small mountain city, Gilgit has an airport, and most importantly, Gilgit is next to the Karakoram Highway , To the northeast along the Hunza River Valley to reach Shenzhou, and Gaoyuan they came from this road.

     So if Bucky has to re-select a city as a new center on the plateau, Gilgit is the best choice.

     But Gilgit was surrounded by Ah San because Gilgit was caught in a valley. After Ah San suddenly launched a war, he completed a beautiful two-wing encirclement, and then only had to cut the valley at both ends. Blocking, Bucky really has no choice but to break through.

     I can only blame Bucky for underestimating the enemy. He was confused by Asan and relaxed his vigilance, but then again, who would have thought that Asan would take the opportunity to call him when he was in Alien Invasion.The war between humans is now a civil war. What a normal person should consider is how to live a period of time under the claws of aliens, but Ah San refuses to think so, so they have to Before mankind perishes, kill one's own mortal enemy first. Who can do it?

     If it isn't impossible to understand Ah San's wonderful brain circuit, how could Zhao Qiang die?

     Now Gaoyuan's goal is to pass through the valley occupied by the enemy and the entire width is less than one kilometer.

     The terrain is too narrow, which provides convenience for Asan to encircle Gilgit, but it also makes it impossible for Asan to deploy all his troops, because the frontline is too densely packed and many people will be killed by a single shot. , So Ah San could only play a cheering tactic with Bucky in the end. How many people were killed or injured in the front, and how many people were added later.

     The real frontline area is estimated to be at most one battalion plus tanks and armored vehicles. This is definitely the case, and it can only be this way. Wherever there are repeated competitions for one region/place protracted, the battle has to end up like this.

     So, the place Gao Yuan they want to break through is no longer the rear command or artillery position, but a genuine large barracks, at least a large barracks of several thousand people.

     Since it is a large barracks and related to the terrain, it is easy to speculate that the enemy’s barracks cannot be a square, nor can it be a horizontal line, but a long line, along both sides of the road to see a gap and Stick in a needle, a long walk that covers every flat ground.If you want to pass from such a camp, it is not a matter of piercing a hole in a steel plate, but a steel bar from top to bottom. This is the concept.

     It is estimated that the enemy's barracks must be several kilometers long, but how to fight it, Gaoyuan they want to worry more and more.

     The jeep stopped, Gao Yuan and Pan Xin once again raised the handheld night vision device and started to observe.

     "The enemy is prepared, and maybe they have to send tanks and armored vehicles to see the situation."

     Pan Xin gave the night vision device to Gaoyuan, glanced at Gaoyuan, and found that a few tanks had been spread out on the highway, and the tanks could not be seen after the road turned a corner, but after the curved road appeared from behind the mountain At time, you can see very many very many people running back and forth on the highway, and lights are on in many places in the camp.

     "The enemy must have been prepared, but three hours have passed, should they act? Why wait until now?"

     Pan Xin said confidently: "According to Ah San's efficiency, it would be good for them to set off before dawn, but logically speaking, they must send troops to investigate. The explosion is so powerful that they should not be deaf. I can hear you."

     Gao Yuan still wondered: "But we haven't met any of us. Shouldn't we send scouts to investigate before sending tank troops?"

     Pan Xin was silent, then he shook his head and said: "I don't know, don't ask me, ask King Kong."

     Li Jingang was very annoyed and said, "Old Jianer, scold me, right?"

     "Why did I scold you?""You can't understand what San's head thinks, can I understand it? A fool should know that something happened to the command post behind him, so he should go and see immediately, but they just don't care, I can understand this is what is going on?"

     Pan Xinqing coughed twice, and then he looked at Gao Yuan and said, "As a rookie who has never been on the battlefield or received formal training, what would you do if you put yourself in the perspective of Ah San?"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, and then he said to Pan Xin: "I haven't learned how to fight, but I'm not a fool either. Take me as a three, you insult me."

     Pan Xin’s sighed saying said: "As a rookie, I can’t understand it, so let’s just stop thinking about it and think about how to fight to cause the greatest possible confusion to the enemy."

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "First, we must create the illusion that we are a lot of people, and then we must create the illusion that our offense is very sharp."

     "It's not an illusion that the offense is sharp. According to normal combat, our offense this evening is so sharp that it can't be sharper, but you go on."

     Gao Yuan continued: "A-San is afraid that our Shenzhou will be killed from behind, otherwise there is no need to send a battalion in the rear to serve as the current post. Now, we will use this to make Ah-San think that the Shenzhou force is coming. He will take advantage of the chaos to attack, but if he fails to quickly retreat, what do you think?"

     Pan Xin and Li Jingang looked at each other, and then Pan Xin said, "The overall idea is correct."

     "Well, it's very mature, it depends on the implementation details How is it going, must say, not like a Rookie.""It's the same anyway, it's not surprising that he can think of me."

     Gao Yuan looked at Pan Xin and said, "What do you two mean? Are you still in the mood to test me?"

     Pan Xin smiled, then he nodded and said: "You have grown up very fast, praise you, um, now it's a specific implementation detail. You know how to create the illusion that there are only three people. ?"

     "I really do not know what this is."

     Li Jingang calmly said: "In ancient times, it was much easier to handle, such as dragging branches on a horse’s tail to raise more dust, trees with more flags, and so on. They are all means to create false figures of numbers to confuse the enemy, but in modern warfare these are useless, because the current advantage is based on firepower. Ten thousand people only have one gun, which is useless, right? So now you have to think about it. To confuse the enemy, one can only work hard on the intensity of the firepower."

     Pan Xin continued: "Yes, for example, a company has a heavy machine gun, and a regiment has a heavy artillery. If you estimate the enemy's strength based on this ratio, you can guess the enemy's size and number by looking at the enemy's firepower, but if We have strengthened our firepower to one company with ten heavy machine guns and one regiment equipped with ten heavy artillery. Then the enemy will naturally increase our number tenfold without the support of accurate intelligence. They must do the same. Calculate, because overestimating the enemy is better than underestimating the enemy."

     Gao Yuan nodded and said, "I understand, but what do we do? Just now, how do we do it?"Pan Xin exhaled and said: "Three people with three guns, let alone making falsehoods, it's almost the same as exposing the truth as soon as the fire is opened, so we can only rely on you."

     Li Jingang whispered: "In the shortest possible time, throw all the grenades out. Don't throw them at one region/place. The faster the better, the bigger the better."

     Gao Yuan nodded, and then Pan Xin continued: "Change a few more firing locations, just like many people firing in different places, this can only depend on you..."

     Gao Yuan continued nodding.

     Pan Xin whispered: "The main thing is this tank. This tank is troublesome. We don't have anti-tank weapons at all. This is very troublesome..."

     Li Jingang whispered: "The most troublesome thing is that the enemy uses the T90S tank. This tank has thermal imaging. I was thinking, we can't handle the tank..."

     Pan Xin gave the night vision device to Gao Yuan again, and said: "Look again to see the enemy's weakness or where is our only chance."

     Gao Yuan raised the night vision goggles. He watched it for a long time, especially the tank. He watched it slowly and carefully several times, and suddenly said, "It seems...the hatch of the tank is still open?"

     Pan Xin patted Gao Yuan’s back and smiled: "It’s very good, very good, have you seen it? They set up the tank, but there is no hot car, people are running around outside, so their The tank crew will not rush to cover the hatch, and the driver may also expose their head outside and drive, so can you do it?"

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "It's too simple, I rushed over, threw a grenade into the tank and finished it!""What if the thermal imaging on the tank is turned on? You will be discovered before you get closer."

     Gao Yuan smiled. He pointed to the steep mountain road on the right side of the road: "I'm going over the mountain, the road you can't walk, as far as I'm concerned, not a system problem at all."

     "Are you sure?"

     "Of course I'm sure, otherwise what am I doing when I say this."

     Pan Xin sighed and said: "Well, since you have a good idea, you are sure, what are you doing staring blankly? Don't go!"