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When they entered the city, Gao Yuan saw the most people they had seen in their lives.

     The situation is far from safe, because Asan on the western front will also carry out shelling from time to time, and the entire Gilgit city is within the scope of the shelling.

     But from the side of the road into the city, there were densely packed soldiers. Those soldiers lined up in two long lines on both sides of the street, where they desperately stopped the people and prevented them from pouring into the street.

     Sitting in the jeep Gao Yuan, after seeing the crowd in front of him from a distance, he said uneasy: "Could there be too many people?"

     Chen Wei smiled bitterly: "There is no way, I can't stop it, I really can't stop it. This is not organized. The people are not afraid of shelling and will come out to see you. I can't stop it."

     Loudly and whispered: "It's mainly for fear of shelling, but you can't be blocked on the road."

     "Don't worry, I have repeatedly asked Bucky that you will reach the Safe Zone quickly, otherwise you would not arrange so many troops to maintain order."

     When the car with the national flag on the left in front of the car drove onto the bridge, the crowd on the other side of the bridge suddenly burst into cheers.

     Gao Yuan was taken aback, really taken aback. He never believed that humans could make the sound of mountain cry out and sea howl before, but now he believes it.

      The ear-splitting cheers did not stop after the sound.

     Speaking of passing quickly, the Bucky officer who was driving still slowed down.

     There are countless people waving their arms on both sides, on the roofs, on the streets, and walking on the streets full of explosion marks. They are greeted by mountain cry out and sea howl cheers.On the second car was the Tiger Brigade's brigade flag, and Yu Shunzhou and the others were sitting in the second jeep, which was the seized car.

     "No, this can't be done."

     Yu Shunzhou said a few words loudly, but his voice was loud, but his voice was still drowned out by cheers, and even he himself couldn't hear what he was saying.

     Yu Shunzhou stopped/stood, and then waved his hand to both sides, so the cheers immediately increased by another level.

     Yu Shunzhou smiled from ear to ear, he began to arch his hands to the people on both sides, and then he felt that this was not very suitable, so he stood upright in the car, his left hand supported the windshield, and his right hand was a military salute.

      Yu Shunzhou, who was all smiles, was gone. His face was serious, and he saluted the people on both sides with great power.

     So the waves of cheers raced high.

     The scars rubbed off on Yu Shunzhou's face began to glow at this time. Now Yu Shunzhou doesn't think the scars on his face are ugly, he can't wait for more injuries on his face, bigger ones.

     Chen Wei stood up and looked back, and then he said loudly, "This is a dog who blocked a camp alone, isn't it? He is a talented person, amazing."

     Well, with that said, Yu Shunzhou is indeed qualified to accept cheers.

     If it were not for Yu Shunzhou and the others to defeat a battalion that was blocking the road, the key was to block the entire battalion of soldiers, without letting one person escape back to report the letter, then this miraculous victory would not have occurred.

     Annihilating the entire outpost without letting one escape, this is the key to victory.However, there are many people who are qualified to accept cheers, and that person is a very important part of this battle. No one can leave, may not be everyone. With Yu Shunzhou’s thick skin, he can calmly welcome everyone’s cheers and enjoy it. .

     Although Nie Erlong felt proud and excited, he was embarrassed to stand up and salute or something, because his face was too thin.

     After all, under enemy shelling, it was impossible to walk on the street for too long, but Gaoyuan and their car walked in Gilgit city for two kilometers, and a bunch of people blocked their way. The cheering people were also stopped by a large number of soldiers.

     Bucky Chief Mahari came to greet him personally.

     I saw Mahari Gao Yuan last night. At that time Mahari was very haggard and his beard stubble was not shaved, but when I saw you today, only after several hours, Mahari’s clothes were clean and tidy, and he looked radiant, as if he had changed. Like a person.

     It's really refreshing at every happy event.

     The car stopped, Gao Yuan got out of the car accompanied by Chen Wei, and the two arrived in front of Mahari.

     Gao Yuan saluted him first, then he stretched out his hand and shook hands with Mahari.

     "Thank Shenzhou for your support, thank you for your bravery!"

     Mahari spoke very briefly, because now so many people are under the threat of Ah San’s artillery fire, it would not be sensible to make a long story.

     "this is what we are supposed to do!"

     Gao Yuan's reply was also brief, and then Mahari shook Gao Yuan's hand several times and said, "It is ready for you, please come with me."This time it was not a place like a basement, but a three-story building with a reinforced concrete structure with reinforcement on the top and a lot of machine gun positions completely isolated around it.

     It is said to be a building, which is the level of a small remote county town, but for the current Gilgit, this is the strongest and safest place.

     "Here has withstood four shelling attacks, and the shells can't harm this building at all, but for the sake of safety, we will only let you live on the first floor.

     After Chen Wei translated Mahari’s words, he immediately said to Gao Yuan: “It is indeed the case. This building is very safe and there is also a basement. It turns out that this is the residence and headquarters of Chief Mahari’s. He was without the slightest hesitation. Let it out."

     Of course Gao Yuan must express his gratitude again, but now the main thing is to send Li Yang in first and to perform the operation again immediately.

     Surgery under field conditions may of course have many unsatisfactory places. Now Wang Ning's first thing to do is to clean the wound again to ensure that Li Yang's wound will not be second infection.

     Li Yang was carried down, and then rushed to the specially arranged operating room.

     It stands to reason that President Bucky came to greet him personally. Gao Yuan must have a good conversation with Mahari for a while, but the diplomacy between countries is not that simple. Gao Yuan, they must first communicate with the ambassador to Bucky internally.

     Mahari looked at his watch, and then he smiled and said, "The welcome lunch is scheduled to be held at twelve o'clock. At that time, I invite everyone to attend as much as possible. I am honored by your presence at the luncheon."

     Shaking hands again, and not too many greetings, Mahari took the people away.It's ten o'clock in the morning, and there are two hours left, enough time for internal communication.

     "This is my country's ambassador to Pakistan Yao Yi, this is the second military attache, Colonel Huang Haitao, and this is Counselor Ji Shaoming..."

     There were 11 people at the Shenzhou Embassy present. Chen Wei introduced them one by one. After he finished the introduction, Yao Yi and Gao Yuan shook hands with emotion on their faces and said: "Really didn't expect, I really didn't expect that the motherland really sent People are coming."

     Gao Yuan was a little embarrassed, because he didn't know how to say some things, especially when everyone looked at their relatives in a glance, he was even more embarrassed to say some things.

     But I still have to say, Gao Yuan lowered his head and dared not look directly into Yao Yi's eyes, and said in a low voice: "Ambassador Yao, that...I'm sorry, I have to...Please leave the scene temporarily, I'm so sorry. , This requires confidentiality, sorry, you and General Chen can stay."

     Gao Yuan didn't know what to call Chen Wei, but Yao Yi was taken aback for a moment, and then he immediately said, "Everyone, leave the field first, and pay attention."

     Except for Yao Yi and Chen Wei, everyone else left, Gao Yuan exhaled, and then he whispered: "Two chiefs, we are here this time, in fact, we are not here to support Bucky. We happened to happen. In fact, we have another important task. On the body."

     Chen Wei said excitedly: "What task?"

     Gao Yuan slightly hesitated for a moment, he hesitated whether to reveal the identity of Xinghe, this problem he hesitated for a long time, if Zhao Qiangzai can still have a discussion, but Zhao Qiang died, Li Yang coma, and Pan Xin and Li King Kong is obviously not the person who can discuss this problem with him.When things come to a head, Gao Yuan decided to speak frankly, so he whispered: "The task of saving mankind, specific, let's talk about it later."

     If the ambassadors and military attachés can not be trusted, who can be trusted, but Gao Yuan still does not want to talk about the identity of Galaxy.

     There is no other reason for not saying it, it's because of high-level and extreme caution.

     Yao Yi and Chen Wei looked at each other, and then Yao Yi whispered: "Then go to my living place, let's talk about it, after all, where we have always lived."

     After speaking, Gao Yuanqing exhaled and said: "I'm curious, how could this be like this here."

     Yao Yi smiled bitterly and shook his head: "I still believe in Ah San. In fact, Bucky's senior management and we both overestimated Ah San's sanity. They negotiated twelve times, and Bucky paid a lot. The price also showed enough sincerity, but I didn't expect that Ah San still brazenly launched an attack."

     Chen Wei somewhat angry said: "We have a total of forty-six people. When the city of Iborg was attacked by aliens and suddenly fell into chaos, Bucky immediately sent troops to protect us, but unexpectedly, Ah San launched an attack. We sacrificed two people in the alien attack, but we sacrificed 23 people in the shelling of Ah San!"

     Yao Yi's long sighed saying, whispered: "We've been holding back this bad breath for a long time!"Chen Wei was nodded, and then he pointed to the table next to him and said: "Here is a map. Let me explain briefly to you. At present, Ah San has dispatched the first army, the second army, and each of the 21st army. Kashmi launched a two-line battle. It is fair to say that Ah San's tactics of dividing the forces and encircling the two lines are still very effective, and the fight is also very beautiful."

     Looking high, Chen Wei said seriously, "But when you come, the situation is different, it's completely different!"