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284 Swarm
    Author: Unknown
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If there is no threat from the snake man, no matter how long the journey is, it is only a matter of time.

     Bucky sent more than two hundred people, a total of 16 vehicles, to escort Gaoyuan them. There are any dangers along the way, and there is no need for Gaoyuan them to deal with them.

     The convoy first arrived in Altabad, where to replenish the supplies, and then went down to the most densely populated area in Bucky. The previous densely populated area meant that there were many zombies, so the convoy did not travel along the most densely populated area in Bucky. The prosperous Indus Valley moved forward, but turned westward and entered the semi-desert area west of Bucky.

     Fighting will also take place on the road, mainly to deal with the threat of zombies, but after the escorted army reaches a certain number, the threat of scattered zombies can basically be ignored.

     It’s been a whole month since Gilgit, and it’s still early spring in Gilgit, because where the altitude is high and there are continuous mountains, and now, although only a period of one month has passed, the seasons are different due to changes in terrain. It has changed from early spring to early summer.

     The next stop is Quetta.

      If it’s possible, Gaoyuan did not want to pass through any cities, but the problem is that all road networks are built around large cities, but the situation still differ to some extent.

     The city of Iborg is the largest city in Bucky, but the road network around the city is dense and developed. The fleet can choose the route farthest from the city. But Quetta is different. Quetta is a semi-desertified area in western Bucky. There are only one or two highways in this city.Enjoying the cleanliness of the roads in the desertified area, you have to endure the difficulty of having to pass through the city node. Quetta is the node that cannot be bypassed, but once you pass Quetta, you will be at least the first kilometer straight down.

     Gao Yuan sat in the car drowsy, while Xinghe slept soundly on his shoulder, and his saliva wetted his shoulder.

     It turns out that aliens are also drooling.

     The car suddenly stopped, Drowsy’s Gaoyuan opened the eyes, and Xinghe, who was sleeping soundly, opened the eyes. After discovering that the car had stopped, she finally turned her head to the other side, half lying on the car seat and wanted to continue sleeping.

     However, she was used to the bumpy Galaxy but couldn't sleep anymore, so she simply sat up, stretched her waist, yawned, and said with sleepy eyes, "Aren't you leaving?"

     The commander-in-chief of the escort in front got out of the car and walked backwards quickly, so Gao Yuan also opened the door and got out of the car.

     "Before, quickly will go to Bostan. After arriving in Bostan, Gujalak is not far away. After Gujalak is Quetta, we are about to enter the city belt of Balochistan.

     The commander-in-chief of the escort army is Colonel Arif. He commands one of the best troops in Bucky, with a total of 230 men. He was ordered to escort Gao Yuan from Gilgit to Persia.

     Colonel Arif can speak English and Urdu, and Gao Yuan asked Colonel Arif to always speak English because he wants to learn English well, so he now needs an English environment.

     The translator translated Colonel Arif's words and compared them with Gao Yuan, and found that he even listened and guessed, and the meaning was the same."Tell Colonel Arif, there is no need to send investigation troops, I will go ahead and investigate."

     After sitting in the car for a long time, I want to move around, and Gaoyuan is no exception.

     When passing through a small city last time, Colonel Arif sent a ten-person reconnaissance unit, but four came back alive because that scouting unit encountered several zombies in hiding and then suffered casualties.

     Gao Yuan feels that it is better to let him investigate. If there are not too many zombies, then forcefully rush over. If there are too many zombies, then find a way to go around. Whether it is a road or a flat wasteland, only cars can pass by. .

     "No, no, it's too dangerous. Let our people investigate."

     Colonel Arif categorically rejected Gao Yuan's request, because he always believed that it was not enough to escort the Spark team away safely, and that they had to leave the border of Bucky comfortably and leisurely to be considered Mission Completion.

     But Gao Yuan did not want to let the soldiers escorting him have an accident, because so much for long time, everyone was already very familiar and close friends, and secondly, he really wanted to move his body.

     "Tell the colonel that I will definitely be fine. He should know my strength."

     After speaking with a smile, Gao Yuan turned around and took a set of his equipment from the car and put it on his back, waved his hand, and ran out.

     Who can catch up when running high, so even if someone wants to stop it, it's impossible.

     While running, Gao Yuan hung the throat microphone around his neck. After putting the earphones into his ears, he said loudly: "Call the nemesis, test sound, over."

     "Lao Jian received it, the call is normal, and it's over.""I'll investigate, it's over."

     "Received, over."

     It is necessary to exchange news with teammates, because Gao Yuan did not say hello to Pan Xin and the others when he ran out.

     The convoy stopped on the highway and looked up. There was no large snake man in the sky. Looking forward, the highway was empty.

     This is part of the investigation content, at least first observe whether the road is blocked.

     After running for two kilometers, you can see scattered houses. If there are zombies, they are likely to hide in houses beside the road.

     But these very scattered zombies are almost there's nothing about it threat. The main reason is that if you have to enter the city, look at the density of zombies in the city. If there are too many zombies, you can only find a way to avoid it, but if The number of zombies is not too much, so you can forcefully rush over and clean up the zombies on the way.

     There are two infantry fighting vehicles in the escort team, so unless the number of zombies is enough to completely bury the infantry fighting vehicle, they can survive.

     Gao Yuan slowed down. He planned to enter the first house to take a look. This is like a spot check, but the first house must be checked. After checking a few houses, if there are not many zombies, he will Find a place to make some noise and observe the number of zombies. After walking so long, a very basic process has taken shape.

     The door was open, Gao Yuan drew the knife from behind, and then he stood at the door and glanced at.

     The room was dark, but there was dust half an inch behind the door, indicating that no one had walked around in it for a long time.Gao Yuan pulled out his legs to enter the door, but at this moment he suddenly moved in his heart, and he couldn't say what it was like, but after his raised foot fell, leaving a footprint on the dust, the whole person suddenly jumped back. Get out.

     The jump was four or five meters, and after it was settled again, he raised the knife high and made the appearance of swinging the knife at any time.

     After a while, looking at the still quiet door, Gao Yuan felt a little nervous about his actions.

     Just when Gao Yuan laughed at time of departure, he seemed to hear a buzzing sound, and then a black spot flew out from behind the door.

     Gao Yuan suddenly eyes opened wide, and then he slashed and cut the black spot flying towards him in half. But before he lowered his head and took a good look at what he had cut, he heard a swarm of bees. A flying hum.

     Eyes opened wide in horror, looking at a group of flying insects flying out from behind the door, immediately turned and ran!

     Instantly promoted the speed to the extreme, and then Gao Yuan yelled in the walkie-talkie: "Everyone get in the car! Close the door and run! It's the insect swarm! It's the insect swarm! My second Olympics, it's over!"