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288 Chapter Catastrophe
    Author: Unknown
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Three machine guns, at least two machine guns of large caliber, were arranged on the mountains on both sides, one machine gun was arranged at the foot of the mountain, and three others were lying in ambush less than 300 meters away from the side of the road.

     So now, there are five firepower points, and the number of people is at least seven.

     Judging from the individual reaction of these people, they really can't be called how powerful, because the marksmanship is so-so, and there are almost no tactical actions, which is the response that an ordinary person should have after picking up a gun.

     But this consciousness is definitely something that the old oily man can have.

     The machine gun fired, hitting at most one bullet, and then immediately raised the gun and ran away, and it was still a preset position. When shooting, the position of the machine gunner could be seen, but the machine gunner only needs to retract back and take them high. I couldn't see it immediately,

     It won't be long before those ambushers will change positions and continue firing, which is certain.

     Then the three ambushers in the vicinity were all killed, but if Gao Yuan killed this, he really met Gao Yuan, otherwise he would not so easily be killed.

     In the twenty-year war with the United States, the people here have developed the instinct to shoot and run, because under the absolute firepower of the United States, the air-to-surface missile may be blown up if the action is slower. He was bombarded by helicopters with machine guns and rockets, was forced to fire by the anti-tank guided missile mounted on the vehicle, and was rubbed by the superior firepower of the U.S. to dominate the world by snipers.

     Twenty years, the children who were just born when they entered Afhan from the United States have now grown into qualified fighters. They have long learned how to fight against enemies with superior firepower.Those who haven't learned are dead, this is natural elimination.

     Based on these people's choice of the preset position, the arrangement of the ambush position, and the choice of changing the position, Gao Yuan can now be regarded as completely understanding what is not very powerful, but it is very difficult to deal with.

     In just one round, Gao Yuan lost their car and injured two others.

     But when these thoughts only flashed through Gao Yuan's mind, Pan Xin shouted oneself hoarse again: "Machine gun! Concealed!"

     Gao Yuan ran up again, and then a string of bullets hit the dust behind him.

     The enemy is more than just three machine gun positions, they have at least five machine gun positions.

     The three machine gun positions just opened fire, forcing Gaoyuan to stop and suffered heavy losses. Then everyone thought that there were only a few enemies, and if they planned to leave when the enemy changed position, they would be hidden. The two machine guns were in a straight line.

     He ran up high, because it was not safe behind the stone, and now he found that there was no so-called dead spot in this ambushed place.

     The location has been carefully designed, and the distance has been carefully calculated. The person who shot Gao Yuan from behind the stone was definitely arranged to give them Deadly Strike's killer from close.

     At that time, the Chinese people used the Mauser c96, which is a box cannon, to play with. This kind of large combat pistol, which is not seen in the world, demonstrates extraordinary talent in the hands of the Chinese people.The AK47 gun family is very popular all over the world, but the Afuhan people are definitely the experts who know how to use this rifle. In the hands of the Afrikaans, AK47 is a toy, but in the hands of the old Afuhan oil. , AK47 is really a deadly weapon.

     Ambush the pocket array and bloom on all sides. When hitting the enemy a no time to deal with it, a sharpshooter with one hundred shots, one hundred hits in the middle of the pocket array completely ends the battle.

     This is the enemy's tactics. This tactic is not very new, but there are few people in the world who dare to play this way and can play well.

     Gao Yuan could only be forced to run, but he maneuvered quickly in a snake-like manner to avoid being hit by bullets while trying to search for the enemy's trail.

     But as far as the eye can see, there is still a vast wilderness all around.

     Where is anyone? There is no one at all, and there is nowhere to be seen.

     Gao Yuan slowed down. He was holding a grenade that opened the fuse in his hand, and holding a grenade without a ring in his left hand. If he could see people, he immediately raised his hand and threw a grenade over, but he is now You can't see people at all.

     "Four o'clock position! Eight o'clock position!"

     Pan Xin shouted twice in a row, Gao Yuan suddenly turned his head, but still couldn't see anyone.

     "The enemy is hidden. If we try to get closer, they will shoot from behind."

     There are enemies on all sides, but they don't fight, just wait so quietly.The psychological quality is too strong. On the battlefield, the recruit’s approach is to aim at the enemy and hold the trigger until the bullets are shot out. But here, enemies who cannot move quickly at close range would rather stay in place without moving. Guns, they dare to consume like this.

     Originally, Gao Yuan used his extremely fast mobility to defeat the enemy, but now, he was defeated by this group of enemies who could calm down.

     Not afraid, but not knowing what to do. This is blindness.

     "I got the sniper rifle!"

     Li Yang said in the intercom, Gao Yuan turned his head and glanced at, but saw Li Yang climbed to the side of the car, pulled his sniper rifle from the car, and then crawled on the ground, and finally climbed on the side of the road far from the galaxy. Come down.

     "I took a bazooka."

     It was Yu Shunzhou who was talking, but he quickly said, "Where should I fight?"

     Can't see the enemy, where should the rocket launcher go?

     Pan Xin whispered in the walkie-talkie: "We are in mid-range, the other party is very experienced, their goal is our supplies, the enemy is very to stay calm, we can not act blindly without thinking, now the enemy's machine gun has been re-arranged. , And live high and look down, it is very possible to shoot us again, but this time, they should hit people."

     Pan Xin said the predicament, but did not say a solution to the predicament.

     Because in this case, a few light infantry cannot help.Back then, Americans would not fall into this situation at this time, because they would use armored vehicles when they traveled, or they would not dare to go out without the cover of armored vehicles, and after being suppressed, they would call the air without the slightest hesitation. Support, and within a few minutes, the plane or helicopter will bombard the position where the enemy may be hiding, relying on heavy firepower to break the situation.

     But now, Gaoyuan has no armored vehicles, no heavy firepower, and no air support, so there is no way but no way, no way when the gods come, because this is the law of war and this is the law of the battlefield.

     But wait, there is no fairy in the Spark team, but there is a superman.

     Pan Xin said suddenly: "Break, I use a rifle to guide you where the enemy is. Wherever I hit, you will throw the grenade wherever you are. But remember, once you throw a grenade, you will become the main enemy machine gunner Target, so you must run immediately after throwing the grenade!"

     Gao Yuan exhaled, said: "Understand!"

     At this time, Li Yang whispered in the walkie-talkie: "I will deal with the enemy's machine gunner and break the game quickly!"