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290 Can Repair
    Author: Unknown
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As time passed a little bit, Wang Ning had already come to Liu Deguang and Nie Erlong.

     Suddenly there were two more wounded people, and the situation was a little troublesome, and Wang Ning was already braving the bullet rain to give Liu Deguang an emergency treatment of the wound.

     "Tungsten core shelling armor-piercing bullets caused penetrating injuries, you are lucky!"

     Nie Erlong is already head completely covered with sweat, but Wang Ning earnestly said to him: "So many years, it's the first time I have seen such a perfect penetration injury!"

     When hit by a machine gun bullet, it must have been a hole no matter where it was shot. There is absolutely no doubt about this, and it is a horn-shaped hole with a small entrance and a large exit.

     But Nie Erlong was shot in his calf, and a bullet made a perfect hole in his calf muscle.

     "The middle bone will break your leg."

     Wang Ning stabbed Nie Erlong’s wound with a stick, and then he cannot bear laughed and said, “Your bones are fine, and the blood loss is not very serious. You are really lucky to break the tendon completely."

     Nie Erlong was biting the lips, the sweat on his face dripped down like water, and then he said with a grim look: "You were very happy with a stick, right?"

     Wang Ning exhaled and said: "Detection, don't cry, bear with me, like a man."

     Nie Erlong wanted to scold people very much, and then he suppressed the swear word that was about to be scolded, and roared: "This is sweat! It hurts!"

     Wang Ning fiercely stabbed the gauze roll through Nie Erlong's wound, and then Nie Erlong trembled in pain, almost losing consciousness."Excuse me, it is necessary to clean the wound, just this one, this one."

     Nie Erlong didn't dare to breathe. When he slowly and slowly exhaled out, he found that Wang Ning had torn apart a disposable plastic stick, and then rolled the gauze on the stick.

     "Didn't you just say... just a moment? Ah!"

     Nie Erlong issued a blood-curdling screech again, and Wang Ning pulled out the plastic stick and said, "I just cleaned up the wound. Now I am applying medicine. The more pain you have now, the faster you will recover in the future. Can you be like a man? Alright, stop shouting."

     Nie Erlong was about to collapse. He took a sigh of relief. When he was little by little relieved, he slowly said, "Where is the anesthetic? You gave me an anesthetic, where's the anesthetic?"

     "Well, we are running out of anesthetics and we are still in the car. There is only a little bit in the first aid kit, so I should leave it to Old Liu. It doesn't matter if your small wound hurts twice."

     Nie Erlong whispered: "I... Your uncle, I can wait, can you take anesthetics for me to use it?"

     "Time is life, no time."

     Wrapped Nie Erlong's legs quickly with gauze, knotted them quickly, and Wang Ning turned and left.



     Nie Erlong lay on the ground, slowly placed one of his curled up legs on the ground, and then he gnashing one's teeth: "I just...just... forget it..."

     Wang Ning came to Liu Deguang again, and then he shouted at Pan Xin: "The two dragons have penetrated through the injury and have been cleaned up. Old Liu's injury is a bit more troublesome, but there is no mortal danger."

      "Roger that!"Pan Xin made a gesture to Li Jingang, and then he whispered in the walkie-talkie: "Quickly take off our weapons and build a fire point nearby to prevent the enemy from attacking again. I will check the condition of the car. Nemesis, you can quickly search. All around."

     Loudly whispered: "I will go to the mountain to occupy the commanding heights, otherwise the enemy will not be able to find it."

     Pan Xin hesitated for a moment, and then he whispered: "The enemy may deploy booby traps. You go to the mountain by yourself. I don't worry. There's nothing about it if you go to the top of the mountain to arrange a position."

     Cao Zhenjiang immediately said, "Bring a heavy machine gun! Song Qian and I went up with him to set up a machine gun position to cover your car repairs."

     "Wait a minute……"

     Lying on the ground with a pool of blood, Liu Deguang said weakly: "Let me check the car. If it can't be repaired, then just evacuate."

     Wang Ning was treating Liu Deguang's wound. Hearing what Liu Deguang said, he brows wrinkled and said, "Can you do it?"

     "If you can't, you have to."

     Liu Deguang breathed a sigh of relief, and then he said to Wang Ning: "I can't die, right?"

     Wang Ning said confidently: "I can't die without me."

     Gao Yuan had already jumped out of the bunker he was hiding in, and ran back to Liu Deguang quickly, while Xinghe looked all right. She wanted to get up from the ground, but Li Yang said loudly: "Xinghe don't move! Get down! !"

     Cao Zhenjiang and Song Qian removed a heavy machine gun from the car, and then they quickly set up the heavy machine gun beside the car, while Yu Shunzhou carried two boxes of ammunition and placed it beside the heavy machine gun.Everyone is very busy, but busy and orderly. On this flat wasteland, the fighting distance is at least six or seven hundred meters away, or even thousands of meters away. The range of automatic rifles is too short, and the heavy machine gun must be set up first Otherwise, if the enemy comes again, there will be no firepower that can suppress the enemy.

     Gao Yuan saw Liu Deguang’s wound, and then he took a deep breath and said: "Oh, my time, so formidable..."

     Liu Deguang’s wound is on his right rib. Now his clothes have been cut, and his bulletproof jacket has been taken off. The long cut in between, flesh lacerated from corporal punishment is very scary, but the blood does not flow very fast.

     Wang Ning said solemnly: "The bullet pierced the bulletproof vest and rubbed it. The injury was serious, but it was not fatal. Don't be afraid."

     Don't be afraid of this sentence and don't know whether it is comforting Gaoyuan or comforting Liu Deguang.

     Liu Deguang's pained face was distorted, but he still said, "Well, I'm not afraid."

     Nie Erlong just groaned at this moment.

     Liu Deguang takes a deep breath. As soon as he inhales, his lungs expand, making the wounds seem larger.

     "Come on, start the machine and let me listen."

     Wang Ning waved his hand quickly, and Gao Yuan quickly said, "I'll go, I'll go."

     Gao Yuan jumped into the car and turned the key. Only the starter made a sizzling sound. The engine made a short chuckle, and then there was no movement.

     Gao Yuan poked his head out, and Liu Deguang sighed and said: "The cylinder is completely pierced. This car is useless, the next one."Gao Yuan jumped off the off-road vehicle and came to the truck he had gotten from Bucky. He started again. The car caught fire for a while, and then he looked at Liu Deguang.

     Liu Deguang looked helpless and said, "The crankshaft is broken, and it can be started now. It doesn't get too far to get stuck or is it useless. Next, move me over."

     The truck that came all the way from Shenzhou looked miserable at the moment. There were several bullet holes in the front of the truck, and the oil flowed all over the ground. Before he could get on the truck from a high distance, Liu Deguang's face was sad.

     After Gao Yuan got into the car and started it, the engine roared. Then Liu Deguang hurriedly said: "Turn off! Put out the fire, come on!"

     Wang Ning hurriedly gestured, Gao Yuan immediately shut down the engine, and then Liu Deguang sighed lightly and said: "The oil pan is worn out and the radiator leaks. Although it won't last long, it can be repaired!"