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291 No Choice
    Author: Unknown
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The machine gun position was set up. Cao Zhenjiang did not operate a heavy machine gun. He took a light machine gun and came to Gao Yuan's side. Then Li Jingang took a 12.7mm anti-material sniper rifle from the car.

      Why not abandon the car easily, because the materials pulled on the car are too precious, and everyone's carrying capacity is limited. If there is no car, the weapons of the overwhelming majority have to be discarded. This loss is too great.

     It takes too much time to move the heavy machine gun to the top of the mountain, but it is necessary to build an observation post on the commanding height that can cover the surrounding area, and it must have a certain attack power. A large-caliber sniper rifle is the most realistic and convenient choice. .

     Li Jingang put a 12.7mm sniper rifle in Gao Yuan’s hand and said, “You can’t just use a grenade. If the distance is too far, it’s still good. The scope of this gun is reset to 600 meters and the distance is increased by 200 meters. Add a secret position down the scope, will you use it?"

     "I will definitely use it, but the distance is far, I can't hit it..."

     "It doesn't matter if you can't hit it. The enemy who can scare you doesn't dare to open fire unscrupulously. You move fast. Take this gun to the mountain first. We will arrive later and we will withdraw when the car is repaired."

     Gao Yuan carried the sniper rifle in one hand, and Li Jingang held his shoulders and said: "Be careful about your feet. There may be booby mines and mines. This is completely different from the enemy you fought in Bucky. Don't be in an ambush."

     "Understand, I'm on it first!"The weight of a large-caliber rifle was completely insensible in Gao Yuan's hands. He quickly ran to the top of the mountain on the left, and after him, Li Jingang and Cao Zhenjiang followed each other.

     The rest of the people have to repair the cars under the command of Liu Deguang, because Liu Deguang’s injury definitely made him unable to do the job oneself.

     There are few people who have repair experience, and I dare not say that they are proficient in everything, but at least those who have to know something are Pan Xin and Li Yang.

     Li Yang uses a sniper rifle for protection, so only Pan Xin can perform repairs under the guidance of Liu Deguang.

     "Look at the antifreeze dripping speed, there should be two bullet holes, and then look at the current leakage, it should have stopped leaking, that is, the bullet hole is above the middle of the radiator, see if it is correct."

     Pan Xin squatted on the front of the car. He looked at it and said, "I found it. There are two bullet holes, one on the top and one near the middle."

     Liu Deguang gritted his teeth, exhaled lightly, and said: "Very well, the bullet hole is at the top, and the hand can be used. You don't need to remove the radiator to make it up. Look at the bottom of the engine. The bullet penetrated from the side and penetrated. At the bottom, a large amount of oil leaks. Look for holes and how big the holes are."

     Pan Xin looked for the right side of the engine, and then said: "I saw it! A small hole."

     "Below, mainly below."

     Pan Xin jumped off the front of the car, regardless of the oil on the ground. After lying down and getting under the engine, he quickly said: "There is a wound. The bullet penetrated diagonally. It was two centimeters wide and four centimeters long. ."Liu Deguang grinned again, and said: "This group of people are so fucking good at hitting them, and they are targeting the engine! The opening is too big to make up..."

     Pan Xin was very disappointed. He whispered: "Ah, can't make it up?"

     "It's a waste, it's definitely a waste, but it allows us to stick to the road. There is a repair box on the car. The repair box is not an accessory box. There is a quick repair agent in it. Use the repair agent to stop the leak."

     Pan Xin quickly took down the heavy repair box and opened it, while Liu Deguang lay on the ground and said: "Open the repair box, the second floor, the third grid on the left, it is full of expansion repair glue, unscrew it directly at the bullet hole, look Just plug the holes with repair glue. Wait three minutes to solidify. Two bullet holes are four holes. You have to make up the front and back. Don't miss it."

     Pan Xin cannot bear saying: "I know, you don't need to say a few words."

     Liu Deguang took a few rough breaths, and Pan Xin was busy in the car for a while, saying: "It's blocked, then what?"

     "Fix the engine oil pan. This is more troublesome. The first compartment on the right of the second layer of the repair box is sealant. There is me...I have my self-made steel sheet. The small holes are blocked. Clean the oil around the bullet holes. Clean. It must be cleaned up. The sealant is coated all over and the steel sheet is pasted. First, paste it, and then use a small electric welding gun to spot weld the six solder joints around. Will it be used..."

     "Will use it."

     Liu Deguang was lying on the ground all the way, he couldn't see it, but he didn't seem to have to.Pan Xin wiped the pierced hole with a corner of clean clothes, and then wiped it again with the white cotton yarn in the repair box, then carefully stuck the steel sheet on the bullet hole, and then took out the heel from the bottom of the repair box. A small hand drill is similar to a welding gun, but after looking at it, he whispered: "Where is the welding rod?"

     "You don't need a welding rod. It's electron beam welding. Pay attention to holding the steel sheet with something. Weld it. The battery is not big. Try to weld as little as possible. Six welding points are enough.

     Pan Xin pressed the trigger-like switch, and with the appearance of small but dazzling arcs, the steel sheet was firmly fixed to the engine.

     "It's welded, it's very strong."

     "It won't last long, mainly at the bottom. The bullet holes in the oil pan are too big, and the oil has been leaking. It is difficult to clean the oil around the bullet holes, also... ”

     Pan Xin said helplessly: "You can omit the principle part, just tell me how to do it, you just say a few words."

     Liu Deguang exhaled, and said: "First plug the leak, then use swelling glue, then clean up the bullet holes, and then use the steel sheet to block it. You won't ask me."

     Pan Xin was busy again, and Li Shuzi, who was looking after Nie Erlong, finally cannot bear and said, "Erlong, it's not what I said. Look at them."

     Nie Erlong was already embarrassed to scream, he whispered: "This...the endurance of people is different."

     Pan Xin got into the bottom of the car and was busy, Rikiko sighed saying, "It's amazing, tusk, it's amazing!"

     Nie Erlong whispered: "Nonsense, the top player in the whole army, how can I compare with him, I'm a recruit, he's a 20-year veteran.""They are technical soldiers."

     "It's not a soldier?"

     Rikiko looked at Nie Erlong who was lying next to him, and said, "You don't talk much, but you are very energetic when you lift the bar."

     Nie Erlong blushed, and said in a low voice, "Who made you laugh at me? Besides, I'm better than you. Anyway, I can still fight. You can put on an act on the back of a broken sword. I'm sorry. Say me."

     "I'm a Taoist priest. I really want to say that you are still a soldier anyway. I am a civilian. Are you embarrassed to compare me?"

     Nie Erlong was completely speechless, and then he turned his face to the side and said, "I... don't know what you are."

     At this moment, Pan Xin said loudly: "It's blocked, then what?"

     Liu Deguang quietly said: "Fill the radiator with water, add oil, and then you can start. Do you know how to add it? The oil needs..."

     "Know, know, don't say a few words."

     Liu Deguang exhaled, Wang Ning said gently: "Can I take anesthetics now?"


     "do not."

     Pan Xin said yes, but Liu Deguang said no, and then he quietly said: "I will start to listen later, but it's not possible now."

     Listening to the two people's dialogue, Li Shuzi said to Nie Erlong again: "Look at the other people, and you look at you again, alas..."

     Nie Erlong rolled over with difficulty, and then he ill-humoredly said to Rikiko, "You still don't help me up! What use are you saying? Since you know that you are useless, help me to guard."Pan Xin added water to the radiator, and then added oil to the engine. He checked the oil dipstick and said loudly: "The oil is ready."


     Pan Xin returned to the car, started the car, and the engine roared again. Then Liu Deguang closed his eyes and stopped for a while, then said: "Okay, Wang Ning, see if there is any oil leakage below, you can see if there is any oil injection , It’s okay to leak a little bit."

     Wang Ning kept raising his hands. He looked around and said, "My hands must not be contaminated, Mr. Dao, see if the oil leaks."

     Rikiko, who helped Nie Erlong to stand up, let go. Nie Erlong, who was standing on one leg, could only put down his curled injured leg, and then he immediately Aiya'ed and fell to the ground again.

     Rikiko lay down and took a look, then said loudly, "There is no oil leak!"

     Liu Deguang exhaled and said: "One hundred kilometers, very stable, let's go."

     Wang Ning moved towards Pan Xin and said loudly, "Old tip! One hundred kilometers is no problem!"

     Pan Xin nodded, then he got out of the car and said: "Old Liu, are you okay?"

     There was no sound, Wang Ning looked down and said, "I'm dizzy."

     Pan Xin exhaled, and then he immediately said on the intercom: "Nemesis, our car is repaired."

     Gao Yuan was already lying down on the top of the hill. He looked around, but he couldn't see any movement or people. Looking at the hill on the opposite side, it didn't have any people.

     Just when Pan Xin called, Li Jingang and Cao Zhenjiang had just climbed to the top of the mountain. They ran and climbed the mountain. It took 20 minutes to get up quickly.Li Jingang put down the sniper rifle. After he glanced at with the binoculars, he immediately said: "You drive first. After you leave the danger zone, we will follow up again. Hurry up now."

     Pan Xin said loudly: "Get in the car! Abandon all unnecessary things. As long as the most important thing is, remove the tarp from the second car. If there are enemies, let them see what the car is pulling."

     The cars that are completely scrapped have the most food and water.

     Yu Shunzhou said bitterly: "Even if we can't take it, we can't leave it to the enemy. Let Chun'er burn the ball."

     Liu Chunxiao said calmly: "Can't burn."

     Pan Xin also said loudly: "You can't burn them. If you leave these things, the enemy may not care about attacking us. If you burn it, you will force the enemy to fight us again. Okay, lift the wounded into the car, and the machine gun frame. We will withdraw quickly!"

     Throwing things that should be thrown away, things that should be taken away must be taken, a car was packed brim full, and after Li Yang pushed Xinghe into the car, he said to Pan Xin: "Where are we going!"

     Pan Xin said without the slightest hesitation: "The car won't last long. We can only go to the Kandahar air base. We have no choice."