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292 Welcome To Hell
    Author: Unknown
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I can't talk about the team now, I can only talk about a broken car, and it's hard to hit the road again alone.

      The food and drinking water of the overwhelming majority were discarded because there was just one car, and either weapons or food was given up.

     In view of the fact that you can still grab without food, you will be killed without weapons, so choosing to keep weapons instead of food is easy to understand.

     Liu Deguang said that the repaired engine can last 100 kilometers, then it must be able to last 100 kilometers. No one knows where their confidence comes from, but they have confidence in Liu Deguang, even if he is currently already unconscious.

     The car stopped again after driving ten kilometers.

     The surrounding area is very empty. At least ten kilometers doesn’t have any commanding heights that can threaten the car. Then a heavy machine gun was set up around the car. Pan Xin and Li Jingang both replaced the large-caliber sniper rifle, and Li Yang used his Medium caliber sniper rifle.

     Now even if someone comes again, they won't be beaten on all sides.

     And why did he stop halfway? The reason is simple, Liu Deguang must undergo surgery.

     Also, it’s safer to drive at night, because the Xinghuo team has a large thermal imaging camera on board, as well as a thermal imaging and night vision device. If they encounter an enemy again, they can spot it from a long distance, but During the day, the Spark Team would not be able to gain the advantage of vision.

     Wang Ning operated on Liu Deguang in the car, and the others were on guard around him.

     Time passes by little by little, first at dusk, until the sky is completely dark.Kandahar city is still fifty kilometers away, but Kandahar air base is only more than 30 kilometers away, but no one knows what is going on with Kandahar air base.

     The Kandahar air base was established under the leadership of the United States. It is nominally an airport managed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is said to be trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous, or it is to show NATO’s cooperation. This air base is really good. The English army is in charge.

     I just don’t know whether the Kandahar air base still exists. Maybe nothing left in the attack of the Orochi, or it may be completely wiped out under the attack of the Afohan. Of course, the Kandahar air base may also be safe and sound. Before the actual arrival, say what is bad.

     As for why it is necessary to go to Kandahar air base, the main reason is that it is the agreement of the member states of the Blue Star Alliance to join forces to fight the big snakes, and to negotiate an international agreement with the people of Kandahar air base, it should be negotiated more than the Afohan Be realistic.

     Thermal imaging does not have to wait until dark to use, but it is indeed better to use after the dark ground temperature drops, and low-light night vision is even more so. Now their vision is not affected at all, but Afhan people But his eyes were blackened.

     "Go, pay attention to saving the power of night vision equipment. Now it is not convenient for us to charge."

     All kinds of electronic equipment need to be recharged, and Gaoyuan has come all the way. Once the car generator is turned on, the charging port will not be free, because all kinds of batteries are always charged. For vehicles, charging is naturally also affected.The car was advancing slowly, only about twenty kilometers per hour, but despite this, after driving over an hour in the darkness, a brightly lit area was seen far away.

     The car stopped again because the Kandahar air base was brightly lit, and the thermal imaging of the car could see the outline of the entire air base and scattered human-shaped heat sources outside the base.

     When I get out of the car, I can even hear faintly's music.

     With two soft bangs, on a flat ground outside the base, two red dots quickly flew to the sky, accompanied by a rapid drop in heat, and then the hot spot vanish from sight, but after a while, it spread out from the air base There were two dull explosions.

     The Kandahar air base is still there, this is obvious, and the Afohan people are still attacking the air base, this is also obvious.

     Gao Yuan didn't see the scene of the mortar shell being lifted into the sky. He jumped from the rear compartment and came to the front of the car and said loudly, "What's going on?"

     Pan Xin pointed forward, then he exhaled and said, "We are here."

     Gao Yuan followed Pan Xin's finger and looked over, and then he sighed, "It's so big."

     What a big base, what a long wall.

     A machine cannon on the fence suddenly fired, and the tracer drew a beautiful red line in the air. The red line accurately landed where the mortar was hit, and then the ricochet slowly bounced toward the sky and disappeared .

     Even if you don't use night vision goggles, you can clearly see this scene.On the opposite side of the mortar firing, a beam of light suddenly flashed, followed by the second and third flashes.

     The light flashed over and over again, first intermittent, and then quickly turned into a continuous flash.

     The flash continued for ten seconds, and then a continuous explosion sounded within the air base.

     Pan Xin sighed saying again, saying: "Well, this is a 107mm rocket launcher."

     Gao Yuan suddenly felt that the scene he saw was magical.

     The aliens are here, and the earthlings are still at war, and they are fighting very lively.

     Gao Yuan thought for a while, and said, "I only pay attention to one problem, how do we get in? Also, at this distance, are we dangerous?"

     Pan Xin smiled bitterly: "How to get in is very simple, just call someone to open the door, come on, first establish contact with the air base people."

     "Wait, how do you know their communication frequency?"

     Pan Xin scratched the head and said, "I just know."

     Gao Yuan still refused to give up, he curiously said: "How do you know?"

     Pan Xin smiled and said: "This communication frequency must be changed, but there are always a few frequency bands that are fixed or commonly used, and then this is a military secret, but for us, a secret that can be cracked so simple. It’s not a military secret anymore. Besides, the radio station we carry wants to establish contact with them, and that’s within a second."After speaking, Pan Xin waved at Li Jingang, and Li Jingang immediately took the radio microphone in the car and said in English: "Hello, has anyone heard? We are Chinese soldiers, according to the Blue Star Alliance. Agreement, we request to enter the Kanda air base, please answer when you receive it, that’s it."

     After Li Jingang finished speaking, there was an echo from his earphone. Li Jingang quickly extended his thumb to Pan Xin, indicating that he had received an answer. After a while, he said to Pan Xin: "The contact has been established. The other party said that he needs to consult the chief. ."

     Just as Pan Xin was about to speak, Li Jingang stretched out his hand again to signal that he was listening. After a while, he said in English on the radio: "Okay, I understand."

     After speaking, Li Jingang poked his head out of the car window and said to Pan Xin and Gao Yuan: "The other party responded by saying Welcome to Hell."