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293 Doomsday Syndrome
    Author: Unknown
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Kandahar's air base was only harassed, not surrounded, so as long as Kandahar's air base did not fire, Gaoyuan could enter smoothly.

      The road at the entrance of the air base was bumpy. After the car approached the entrance of the base, it was forced to slow down, bypassing the one after another isolation pier at a very slow speed, and drove into the air base gate.

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe, as well as Li Yang and Song Qian, did not enter the Kandahar air base with the car, because if the defenders of the base suddenly opened fire, no one in the whole car could run away.

     Harmfulness is not allowed, and this defensiveness is even more indispensable. Although there has been a long time of communication beforehand, no one can say what will happen.

     The car did get in safely, and not long after, Pan Xin said on the walkie-talkie: "You can come in. We are waiting for you at the entrance. Uh, the people here are very...enthusiastic. They will send a foxhound wheel. The armored vehicle will pick you up."

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Yang, Li Yang dazed for a moment, and said, "What's the situation?"

     Pan Xin said on the intercom: "They may be pure passion, they went out."

     While talking, a car with the headlights on came out, but the so-called light was an infrared fill light. Without a night vision device, the naked eye would not see the light.

     Gaoyuan and they were three kilometers away from the gate of the base, but after the armored vehicle came out of the gate of the base, it was fast as lightning and came directly towards Gaoyuan.

     Li Yang thought for a while, he turned on the IR light on the helmet.The IR light was the road sign, and the armored car drove straight over, then suddenly turned and pointed the rear of the car at Gaoyuan them.

     A soldier with half of his body exposed from the roof of the car opened his arms and shouted at Gao Yuan, "Welcome to hell!"

     The armored vehicle is a 4X4 wheeled armored vehicle. The body is very large and the chassis is very high. The driver and co-pilot have ladders for people to enter and exit. When the occupants get on the car, they must enter through the rear door.

     The rear door of the car opened from the inside, and a soldier beckoned his hand, and then he beckoned his hand vigorously and said loudly, "Come on! Come on!"

     Li Yang got on the car first, then Gao Yuan and they all followed walk in in a line. After Song Qian got on the car last, the soldier who opened the door closed the car door, and then he shouted, "Go, go!"

     The heavy armored vehicle was disproportionately agile, like being kicked from behind, and rushed out with extremely fast speed.

     The soldier sitting in the seat near the tailgate took a look at Gao Yuan and the others, and then he suddenly said: "It's so happy to see you, very happy, you are unimaginable happy, tell me what this World has become now? What a ghost!"

     Gao Yuan didn't understand well. He was already learning English, but he still couldn't communicate smoothly with an Englishman.

     So it was the yelling machine gunner who looked high up.

     The machine gunner wore a pair of football shorts and Manchester City's ball pants, showing a pair of long hairy legs and a pair of flip flops on his feet.One foot tilted up and rubbed against the other leg, then the machine gunner put his hand down, grabbed his butt, and then bent over and got in through the roof hatch.

     He was wearing a military-green T-shirt with a bulletproof vest over the T-shirt. The helmet of staggering from side to side was buckled on his head, and a thin, thin face immediately leaned in front of him.

     This way, nothing else is a problem, but now the temperature outside is only seven or eight degrees Celsius, very cold.

     "Hi everybody!"

     Gao Yuan subconsciously said: "Hello."

     The thin and long-faced soldier sat on the seat. He looked at Xinghe, then eyes shined and said, "Hello, ma'am, my name is Harry, Harry Kane, can you understand what I said? Mud Howl ."

     Xingheyong looked at Harry, and then she smiled and said in pure English: "I don't understand what are you saying."

     Harry Kane was obviously stunned. At this time, Li Yang smiled and said, "It's nice to meet you."

     The soldier sitting in the tailgate of the car immediately said: "Tell me, outside world How is it going, I only care about this!"

     Li Yang thought for a while, shook his head and said, "Not good, very bad."

     "How bad is it?"

     Li Yang said in a deep voice: "The End of the World is not good."

     "Xiete, I know...then how did you come, you are from China, right? You are from China. If this World is over, how did you come from!"

     Li Yang said without the slightest hesitation: "It's over, to be precise, this World is not over, at least it is not over."The car slowed down violently again, then swayed to the left, and swayed past the roadblock at the entrance of the base.

     The car stopped, the tailgate opened again, Pan Xin and the others were standing outside, and there were about twenty people around, talking to Pan Xin enthusiastically.

     It seems to have received a very warm welcome.

     It's just that these soldiers looked a bit difficult to describe. Gao Yuan also saw a female soldier with a big rabbit ear decoration on her head, put her rifle behind her back, and opened her arms to embrace Li Jingang.

     To summarize briefly, everyone here does not look like a soldier.

      Only one looked normal. It was a man in an officer's uniform. He yelled at the people around him, and then he waved his hand, but he also climbed into the armored car where they were.

     "Every day, every moment here may be shelled, so we should leave as soon as possible. Now we go to the living quarters, please come with me, gentlemen, let us have a good talk first, and then you can choose to revel Or take a break."

     After speaking, the officer suddenly laughed heartily nervously. After laughing for a full minute, he wiped his tears and said, "haha, this joke is really funny."

     Pan Xin and the others drove into the car again, but the major officer was engrossing looking at them at Gao Yuan, then his gaze fell on the sniper rifle that Li Yang was holding, and finally his eyes fell on Xinghe."Welcome you to hell, we wait here to die, and now you are here too, I am Major Cahill Ross, Major of the Royal English Air Force, I hope you call me Major Ross, not Cahill, Ha Ha Ha Ha......"

     After a wild laugh, Cahill suddenly became normal again, and then he said seriously, "The air force major without planes."

     After speaking with a serious face, Cahill laughed wildly again, then he clapped his thigh and laughed: "The Air Force Major without a plane, hahaha, this joke is really ridiculous..."

     Everyone here seems to be abnormal, the only normal one is the soldier sitting at the tailgate of the armored vehicle.

     Li Yang glanced at Gao Yuan, his expression was normal, but Gao Yuan could understand the worry in his eyes.

     Everyone here seems to be a hysterical lunatic.

     The armored car stopped again, the tailgate opened again, and the soldier sitting at the tailgate jumped down, and then he said loudly, "Be careful of the shells, but don't be too afraid of the explosion. Please be careful, madam."

     I glanced at it high, and the surroundings are still very bright, but the source of the light is not the lighting, but the fire burning in the empty oil drums.

     In addition to the burning fire, you can see brightly lit in a semicircular vaulted building not far away, and there are bursts of music and shouts.

     "There is flame, music, and passionate people. If you want to go to the party, then you are welcome."

      shrugged the shoulders, the soldier smiled and said, "I'm sure you will be very popular."Gao Yuan probably understood a little bit, but after getting out of the car, Cahill put out a long breath, then he looked at the truck parked in the back, and said, "Before you go to the party, go and meet our Commander, because we really want to know what the outside is like, you have wounded, and we have a medical room."

     Li Yang cannot bear saying :"What happened here?"

     Cahill rubbed his forehead and said, "Uh, the aliens are here, and then most of us here become zombies. Our plane can't take off, we have cut off all contact with the outside world, and we have been abandoned. We can’t go anywhere if we are stuck here. The damn Aphrodites attack us every day, every day, every day! What’s more terrifying is that we ran out of beer and ran out of condoms.”

     After speaking, Cahill shrugged the shoulders and said: "But these are nothing. The really terrifying thing is that the guy with the highest rank survives, but he is an American lunatic. He became the commander of this base, ha, this World is crazy."

     At this moment, a woman walked out of the big shed where she was having a carnival party. When she passed by them, she didn't care too much, but when she saw the soldier sitting at the tailgate, she beckoned. , Said: "Hi, Jonathan."

     Kandahar air base originally had many female soldiers, so seeing a female soldier and there's nothing about it is strange, but this female soldier has a big belly.

     Jonathan also recruited and said, "Hi, are you going back?"

     "Yes, I might be playing too crazy. The little guy is kicking me in the stomach. He is expressing dissatisfaction. Are you looking for me tonight?"Jonathan shrugged and said, "It's a pity, I'm very busy tonight."

     The female soldier walked over slowly, she was not drunk, because there might be no alcohol here, but after she inadvertently glanced at Gao Yuan and them, she was stunned, and then she said in extreme consternation: "oh my god, they Who are they? They are outsiders? They just came, right? Oh, oh my god! oh my god!"

     The female soldier suddenly turned her head and ran away. She shouted and ran towards the big shed where the party was being held. She watched a pregnant woman with a big belly run wildly at extremely fast speed. Gao Yuan was afraid that she would accidentally fall down.

     Cahill exhaled low and said: "She was beautiful before she was pregnant, but she is not so beautiful now. Well, everyone, please come with me before you are besieged by a bunch of lunatics."