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    Author: Unknown
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Cahill pushed open a door directly, and then he shouted to the people behind: "Come in, come in, come in all, come, come!"

     Li Yang was the first to walk in, and he even brought his sniper rifle when he entered.

     Here, no one, doesn't have any. One person asks the people of Spark Team to hand over their weapons.

     The office is very large, but the layout is also very simple. A NATO flag is hung behind a huge desk, and in front of the NATO flag is a large desk.

     There is a bottle of whiskey on the desk, a glass next to the bottle, and a huge glass ashtray next to it, and next to the ashtray is a cigar in a leather case. Next to the cigar is a cigar cutter. Next to the cigar cutter is an airbrush lighter.

     The whiskey in the bottle is half down.

     A little fat, but a normal body shape for middle-aged Americans, ruddy complexion, wearing a fat desert camouflage, a 40-50-year-old man sitting behind his desk, raising head up, looking at it with some dim eyes Li Yang.

     Cahill entered the office, then he immediately hugged his head with his hands, then his mouth hissed like a viper, and finally he yelled with excitement, "Damn, how much did you drink!" "

     The person sitting behind the desk brushed the hair on his forehead very coolly, and then he hiccuped, an unpleasant breath assaults the senses, even if it was four or five meters away, he couldn’t help himself I want to pinch my nose.

     "Each person gets half!"After speaking, the fat man picked up the wine bottle on the table, put the bottle directly in his mouth and made a big mouthful, then he looked at the bottle.

     The fat man's mouth bulged. He looked at the wine bottle in his hand. Before Cahill ran to stop him, he put the bottle in front of his mouth again, then opened his mouth and vomited back some of the wine in it.

     "Now it's exactly half left..."

     Cahill looked crazy, and he roared: "You should use a glass! And you drink it directly from the bottle? You still spit back the wine you drank, Fak! Fak! You rude country yolk! "

     The officer raised his neck and swallowed the wine in his mouth. Then he pushed the bottle forward on the table and the glass forward, and then he smiled triumphantly: "Your wine, I also prepared a cup for you, uh..."

     Cahill picked up the half bottle of wine. He seemed to be crying, but after hesitating for a long time, he finally held the bottle in his hand instead of slamming it on the fat man's head.

     "Introduce myself, my name is Andrew Marshall, Colonel, and now the highest military officer in this hell is me, so I am the acting commander here, uh..."

     After a drunken hiccup again, Andrew wanted to stand up, but he immediately sat down on the chair again, and then he waved his right hand and said, "Shenzhou people, Do Not Speak, don't say anything. Before I ask, Don't say anything."

     Colonel Andrew picked up the cigar on the table, opened the holster, drew the cigar out of it, sniffed it under his nose, and picked up the airbrush lighter next to it."Life needs a sense of ritual, the army needs a sense of ritual, and the end of the day needs a sense of ritual. Uh, this is an authentic and good cigar. I would not say that this is a sanctioned Cuban product. It has been stored in a humidor because of your Coming, I decided to enjoy it in advance."

     He turned the cigar in his left hand, and lit it with a lighter in his right hand. After the cigar was lit, Colonel Andrew picked up the cigar cutter, cut off the cigar cap and put it in his mouth.

     In the smoke, Colonel Andrew let out a puff of smoke slowly, and then he closes the eyes.

      "All right, now tell me what the outside world has become."

     Li Yang calmly said: "Not good."

     "How bad is it? Since you are here, it means there are still people alive, but I want to know how bad it is, to be honest."

     Andrew took another cigar, then he stared at Li Yang and said, "Tell me first how bad it is."

     "It's bad, but it's not too bad. Aliens occupy the main part of this planet. There are super large airships of aliens over the United States and China. People with overwhelming majority become zombies..."

     Andrew waved his hand and said, "Damn, what you brought is really bad news."

     Andrew once again aimed his eyes at the whiskey in Cahill's hand. Cahill immediately hid the bottle behind him, so Andrew said seriously, "You pour me a glass, and I will divide your cigar!"

     Cahill thought for a while, and then he said seriously: "I'll smoke first."

     "Deal."So Cahill poured a glass of wine into the glass, and then he took the cigar in Andrew's hand and immediately took a sip.

     "When accepting the sentence, smoke a good cigar, This is the end the best way to hope."

     After speaking, Cahill picked up the bottle and drank a swig of whiskey with Andrew's saliva.

     Li Yang said, "The situation outside is very bad, but don't you want to know why we are here?"

     Andrew looked at Li Yang with drunken eyes and said, "Yeah, why? I guess I came to this damn place to take refuge, because it is indeed backward and barren, just like Mars, aliens will not like it here. ,is not it."

     After speaking, Andrew suddenly stretched out his hand, he drew a pistol from under the table, and then a pa sound slapped it on the table.

     "You guys, the editor will also compile some good news for me, otherwise I will kill you!"

      After obstinate's called, Andrew picked up the glass and suffocated half of the wine in one sip.

     Li Yang whispered: "We brought the documents. According to the agreement of the Blue Star Alliance, you are obliged to provide us with the necessary support, because... we have found a way to fight back against the aliens."

     Andrew had already drunk half of the whiskey in the glass. When he was about to pour the remaining half into his mouth, his hand stopped in the air, but Cahill turned his head to look at Li Yang, and then he took the wine. The bottle was placed on the desk and said, "What did you say?"Li Yang took a step to the side very seriously and seriously, then he pointed to Gao Yuan and said: "This is our captain. The specific situation should be introduced by him."

     Some things must be kept secret, but some secrets must be disclosed, because to fight the big snake man, everyone's strength is really needed. This is the basic principle that Gao Yuan has set before they set off.

     Gao Yuan took a step forward, and then he formulaically opened a black leather bag, took out a document from it, and said loudly: "Your country is a member of the Blue Star Alliance and a signatory to the Anti-Alien Plan. Now, please read this document carefully. This document contains a detailed description of our tasks. After reading this document, please help us as far as one's capabilities extend. Thank you."