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297 Principle Of Reciprocity
    Author: Unknown
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Too many people died, and too many soldiers’ quarters were vacated in the air base of Kandahar, so Gao Yuan would never lack houses to live in.

     It was noisy all night outside, but the sound of music and roars never stopped.

     The mood of the doomsday carnival is very easy to understand, but Gao Yuan’s night is too peaceful, because no matter how the outside is, no one disturbs them. It seems that no one wants to know what the outside world is like. They just want an answer. The answer is what they want.

     As for the truth and falsehood, no one cares, even if it is false, they are willing to take it as true.

     Liu Deguang's operation was very successful. After having a suitable environment, Wang Ning performed an operation on Liu Deguang and sutured the wound.

     What surprised Gao Yuan was that there was still electricity here, and the electricity was even sufficient for various medical equipment, so Gao Yuan did not understand why those soldiers still used flames to provide lighting.

     These questions were finally answered at ten o'clock in the morning the next day.

     Someone was knocking on the door, Xinghe opened the eyes, and then he said loudly to Gao Yuan: "Open the door."

     After speaking, Xinghe rolled over again, and then covered her ears with a pillow.

     Xinghe became more and more like a human being on earth, and she was like a woman.

     Gao Yuan got up and opened the door. Standing outside was Li Yang."Andrew invited us to dinner. It is two meals a day. He is waiting for us in the officer’s cafeteria and invited us all to attend. Now Song Qian and I are yours guard and translator. You have to show what an officer should look like. , No, not necessarily an officer, but you must have the aura of a captain."

     It is a bit difficult for Gao Yuan to play a good image of a soldier, because he doesn't have the air of a soldier in his bones, but it is easier for him to act as a captain, because the captain does not have to be a soldier.

     "Are there any principles and particulars?"

     Gao Yuan didn't quite understand the taboos in such foreign-related exchanges, but Li Yang knew too well.

     "The principle of reciprocity, you will soon discover the superiority in the bones of the Americans. To put it bluntly, it is arrogance, so he may not deliberately embarrass us, but that Andrew will definitely show his superiority. This is the problem. , We don’t need to be angry with them, and we don’t need to embarrass him. Whatever can pass, but as long as you feel too much, then you must not give in."

     "What's the matter? I don't like yours. I don't care if I move, forget it, what's the matter? If he scolds you, you can scold him, and if he beats you, you can kill him!

     Li Yang smiled bitterly and said, "You think so well, but in fact...Forget it, ordinary people would think so anyway."

     Gao Yuan zips up his clothes and said: "Yes, the ordinary people don't understand things that are too high-end. We also know that it is impossible for someone to scold you and you will declare war and kill him. Right?"Li Yang scratched his face and said, "Anyway, you can just keep a principle of reciprocity. I am a translator. I can control what's the matter."

     "Okay, this is just being emptied by you, oh...Actually, according to my temper, if he scolds me, I will beat him, and if he beats me, I will kill him. I am not used to his problems."

     Li Yang whispered: "That's as simple as you think..."

     "I know it's not easy. After all, Laomi still has more than a dozen aircraft carriers, right? Just because this family is also World's First, I know that the strength is not as good as others. I am talking about now, here, this is End of the World Everyone, the air force and the navy are finished, and there is only the army, okay, your thoughts are still stuck in the past, don't forget, we are his uncle than the army!"

     Li Yang was stunned suddenly, motionless like a statue, his face full of astonishment, Gao Yuan curiously said: "What happened to you? What happened to you? What happened to you at the door? What are you thinking about?"

     Li Yang suddenly slapped his hand, and then suddenly grabbed Gao Yuan’s shoulder, and said, “I know too many things, too many things. I know what you don’t know, but there is one thing you’re right. The navy and air force are still inferior to him, but now, now I am World's First!"

     Li Yang was very excited, but Gao Yuan said in surprise: "You just thought of it?"

     "The mindset, I didn't expect it for a while, but the most important thing is cooperation, cooperation! Well, it is still necessary to pay attention to neither servile nor overbearing, which is reasonable and restrained."

     Li Yang looked very excited. He turned around and said, "Once you are done, wash up quickly. We are all waiting for you. Remember, the principle of reciprocity!"

     Gao Yuan curled his lips helplessly.Zhao Qiang and Li Yang, the most important feature of these two people is stability. If you leave whats the matter to them, you will definitely put your heart at 120 and ensure that everything is done properly.

     But stability is also conservative. Li Yang will never do anything out of the ordinary. This is determined by his years of work experience. Their profession is a natural defender, so he cannot have an offensive mentality.

     However, Zhao Qiang is very old, and the other is working too long. It is impossible for Zhao Qiang to change his habits.

     As Li Yang was young and had short working hours, Gao Yuan felt that perhaps Li Yang could still change.

     When Gao Yuan and Xinghe went out, they saw Pan Xin and they were all dressed in neat and clean military uniforms and lined up.

     Gao Yuan looked at his clothes, and then he said somewhat uncertain: "No need to do this, right?"

     Pan Xin said seriously: "Yes, you see what kind of virtue they have become in disorder, the more this time, the more we must reflect the demeanor of the Chinese soldiers."

     Gao Yuan whispered: "What about me?"

     "You can lead the team by the side. You don't need to follow along, you can't walk well anyway."

     Gao Yuan was speechless, he whispered: "Then let's go, how come it feels like a hindrance to you."

     Pan Xin said loudly: "Turn right and walk together!"

     Gao Yuan and Xinghe walked sloppily on one side, Li Yang followed Gao Yuan and Xinghe, and beside them, they were all in a row, be adjusted to uniformity (normally of weights and measures) .

     Wang Ning and Rikiko were missing from the team, Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Where are the doctors and the leaders?""Dr. Wang wants to take care of the wounded. The Taoist leader can't walk right away, so let him help Dr. Wang."

     Gao Yuan curled his lips and said, "Sure enough, I'm discriminated against if I don't take the right steps."

     Li Yang smiled and didn't say a word, and when their very eye-catching team approached the cafeteria, it really attracted a lot of attention.

     The outfits of those fantastic oddities of every description last night are basically out of sight today, although the military appearance is still not neat, one by one is loose, the soldiers in But now at least put on military uniforms.

     Gao Yuan nodded secretly. It seems that their appearance has indeed brought hope to the people in this base, just like a shot for them. The military appearance and military appearance to a large extent represent combat effectiveness, and these people who re-emphasize military appearance. Soldiers, it means their morale has been greatly improved.