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299 Inside
    Author: Unknown
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Well, although I didn't want to, I still misunderstood.

     Gao Yuan stared for a while, until Li Yang quickly translated and explained to him, he didn't understand what he said wrong.

     "Uh, sorry, I didn't mean the inner one. The inner one I said was just the inner one of this and that, not the real inner one. Can you explain it to him."

     When Gao Yuan was explaining the difference between Nigger and Andrew's translation, Andrew was also annoyed, while the translator was quick and stuttering, explaining to Andrew in unskilled Chinese.

     Gao Yuan knows What's the problem nǎ, because he said that, the pronunciation is very similar to that of the nigger in English, without a doubt, that black officer misunderstood.

     The black officer obstinate rush forward, Li Jingang stopped/stood, and reached out to stop the black officer.

     This matter is strictly speaking, so Li Jingang didn’t want to do it, and the translator next to Andrew also stopped/stood, and quickly said in English: "Man, don’t be angry, he by no means said the insulting words beginning with N, What he said is a very common sentence in Chinese, it is not insulting at all, but the pronunciation is very similar, man, believe me, he really did not insult you.

     The black man was half believing, half doubting, but Andrew was nodded, and then he said to the black man: "You have misunderstood, go back and sit down. This is a welcome banquet, not... to fight, and he did not insult you, sit down go back."The black man dazed for a moment, and then he did not take any further action, and Gao Yuan also stopped/stood refined and courteous and said: "It was what I said that caused the misunderstanding. I am sorry, but please believe me absolutely no malice."

     The translator translated Gao Yuan’s words, and then the black man seemed to have accepted Gao Yuan’s explanation, but the translator said to Gao Yuan in Chinese: "You did not apologize. You just expressed regret but did not apologize. I think you should tell him apologize."

     Gao Yuan shrugged the shoulders and said: "I by no means deliberately insulted him, so why should I apologize? Just explain it clearly. I have already expressed regret. Isn't this an international rule."

     Li Yang looked at Gao Yuan. He seemed to be somewhat grudgingly. Gao Yuan knew that he could only apologize, but he didn't want to apologize.

     This is just a misunderstanding caused by language differences, and it's not that Gao Yuan really wants to insult someone and why he apologizes.

     Andrew waved his hand again and said: "All right, this should be a very enjoyable...dinner, everyone relax."

     The black man accepted the explanation. He sat back to his original position, and Gao Yuan sat back. Then, while everyone was arguing, Xinghe had basically eaten a whole 12-inch pizza.

     "It tastes good, it's really good, I kept a copy for it."

     Xinghe handed the last piece of pizza with a sharp bite to Gao Yuan, and said, "Try it."

     If you don't answer it, not even if you don't answer it, because you must protect Xinghe's identity, so Gao Yuan can't make Xinghe look ignorant of everything.He took the pizza naturally, Gao Yuan took a bite, and then he smiled: "It tastes really good for frozen food, thank you dear."

     Since she wanted to cover up the identity of the galaxy alien, she had to decorate her identity as a girl in love.

     So Gao Yuan leaned in and kissed Xinghe's face.

     All this was done smoothly, but after finishing it, Gao Yuan immediately regretted it because he felt that he had exerted too much force and the play was too much.

     Sure enough, for Gao Yuan and Xinghe regardless of the occasion, the show of affection at any time, I watched a lot of people.

     Xinghe was startled at first, then she was stunned, and finally she pushed it on a high shoulder, with an embarrassed smile and said: "Hate, there are so many people here. There is no mental preparation to harm people. I am so annoying."

     Now that this is the case, I have to go on acting. I can't say that everyone is sorry, this is an alien, so she will make a fuss about nothing about many things.

     The shoulder really hurts, Gao Yuan smiled and said, "What are you afraid of."

     Li Yang lightly coughed twice, and then he said to Andrew: "Uh, our captain and his girlfriend are...technical officials, this action must rely on both of them, so, uh, is this normal, right? "

     Andrew immediately nodded and said: "Yes, yes, it's normal, of course it's normal. In this kind of apocalypse, you should enjoy the Beautiful Time together every moment. We understand very well, and we all understand very well."At this moment, someone on the table behind Gao Yuan said in accented English: "Hello, Mr. Captain, you haven't introduced yourself, and you haven't introduced your mission. Can you introduce us to it?"

     After Li Yang’s translation, Gao Yuan nodded, and said: "That’s it, our mission is... strictly confidential, but I’m willing to disclose part of it to you, that is, if this plan is successful, we can eliminate the aliens. Two motherships, and this is only part of the plan. We are going to collect the original virus, so that it is possible to make a highly effective vaccine, a complete vaccine, which can completely immunize the virus delivered by aliens, so we need to go to Africa, because Where did the aliens first carry out the virus experiment."

     "How to destroy the alien spaceship?"

     "Excuse me for the inconvenience to disclose this."

     Andrew listened very carefully, and he nodded frequently, but at this time the officer who asked the question suddenly changed to a delicacy.

     German, no one in the Spark team really understands it now.

     The second lieutenant who spoke the language seemed to be tentative. After realizing that he had not received any response to his question, he sat down and spoke a few words to the person at the table in a disdainful tone. .

     Andrew shouldn’t understand it either, but now when it’s time to speak, Andrew earnestly said to Gao Yuan: "Just continue with the topic I interrupted. We really had microwave ovens a long time ago. In my country, microwave ovens are Every family has it."

     Gao Yuan was planning to let go of Andrew, who was just ignorant, but he couldn't think, Andrew even had to let go of business matters, and had to talk to him about this problem."Oh, I thought it was because you think that microwave ovens are precious. After all, where we are, microwave ovens are really cheap kitchen appliances, cheap and ordinary to the point where no one cares, so I was surprised that you actually care about that microwave oven. After all, that microwave oven is a Chinese brand."

     At this moment, Xinghe suddenly frowned, and then she said to Gao Yuan very seriously: "That bastard is scolding you, I'm very angry."

     Gao Yuan was surprisedly said: "What?"

     Xinghe looked at the person sitting at the table behind her, and then she stopped/stood and blurted out a series of words.