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308 Always Get Popular
    Author: Unknown
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Conflict and confrontation, prejudice and arrogance, these things will never be absent between the two branches of the United States.

     It's just that a sergeant asks a captain to get out. This kind of thing is still extremely rare. After all, where is the difference in military rank.

     But at the beginning of this only one, a U.S. ensign also walked into the soldier canteen. He pointed to the army sergeant and said: "Sergeant Chakley! Attention your status, I order you to stop illegal transactions, or I will punish you."

     Although the sergeant was not angry this time, he didn't dare to say anything, and at this time, there was a burst of disappointment and dissatisfaction among the soldiers watching around.

     Although it is not the person who is exchanging, exchanging what thing is not the most important thing, the precious thing is the act of exchanging.

     In an already desperate Military Base, outsiders came and brought news that the world had not yet died, and also brought a small amount of things that the base did not have or absolutely lacked. This is the most precious thing in itself.

     But now someone has come to stop it.

     When Gao Yuan looked at it, he knew what's going on, because six officers came in now, and three of them were scolded by Xinghe.

      The few officers who were scolded during the meal came back to look for trouble.

     If it’s just to prevent the transaction, then there’s still no what’s the problem, but these officers brought at least dozens of soldiers, and the American officer who took the lead, Obstinate, came to the front of the table, and then directly reached out to grab the things Yu Shunzhou put out. .

     "These things have been confiscated..."Yu Shunzhou didn't understand, but he was sure to be able to discern the other party wants to do what, so he stood forward and said, "Snatch something?"

     Before Yu Shunzhou, Li Jingang stretched out his right hand. He grabbed the arm of the ensign, and then said in a very serious tone: "It's fine if you can't exchange it, but you have no right to confiscate our things."

     That second lieutenant seemed to be in his thirties, and he was there during the meal.

     The wrist was caught, the ensign looked at Li Jingang, and then he suddenly said: "Dare you attack me? Catch them!"

      Repeat again, conflict and confrontation, prejudice and arrogance, in front of Chinese people, this is a chronic disease that Americans cannot get rid of.

     These officers came prepared, and they brought at least four 50 people, and with the order of the ensign, at least over ten people came towards Li Jingang.

     These people didn't plan to shoot a gun, but their wishful thinking was very clear about what they were hitting, that is, relying on many men, a great force, to beat Gaoyuan them severely.

     Unfortunately, these people really picked the wrong target.

     Yu Shunzhou took the things on the table and said loudly, "Hit!"

     Li Jingang flipped his hand, and the second lieutenant immediately bent back, because his arm was hurt by Li Jingang.

     "Oh! Hit them!"

     Gao Yuan stood forward, and subconsciously pulled his sleeves, he wanted to go up and start his hands, but then Cao Zhenjiang suddenly hugged him from behind.

     "Don't, don't, don't you do it!"

     Cao Zhenjiang looked very nervous, and he continued loudly: "King Kong is enough to do it. It's not easy for you to shoot and kill someone!"shouted, the soldiers who had just entered the door passed at Li Jingang.

     It's a little messy, but these people who are looking for trouble really picked the wrong target.

     Li Jingang was a little trembling, not scared, not excited, but excited.

     It's too long, too long. The long-time Li Jingang has forgotten that it was at what time that someone attacked him last time. The long-term Li Jingang couldn't remember that the last time he fought was at what time.

     Li Jingang remembered his Eventful Years when he was a child. Yes, since joining the army, Li Jingang has no chance to fight. He can compete and Combat Training, but he really has no chance to fight purely, no, never .

     "Thank you……"

     When letting go, the second lieutenant who was twisted by Li Jingang's wrist heard a genuine and sincere thank you from Li Jingang.

     The second lieutenant lay back on the ground, and Li Jingang let go, sketch in light shades, and went up to meet the people.

     When a tall and strong black man on the opposite side hit Li Jingang on the head, Li Jingang punched out with a heart-warming punch faster.

      With bang sound, the black man flew up, flew three meters away, and hit his companion heavily.

     If you don't stand up, just one click.

     Li Jincongo is certainly a master. His punch looks incomparable, but in fact he has reduced his strength. If the black man hit the punch and lay on the spot immediately, he would probably not die or be seriously injured, but he was beaten out. However, it was Li Jingang who sent him out with Chang Jin, instead of using short Jin to hit his opponent's internal organs.Li Jingang let out a cry of excitement.

     The people who want Li Jingang to parry are probably not born yet, except Gao Yuan.

     After training to a certain level, even if it is against Sun Yunxiang's kung fu, it is still undefeated. As for who is beaten in the end, it will be another matter, but the two people will definitely decide the victory or defeat by one move.

     Gao Yuan didn't make a move, and there was probably no one that Li Jingang was looking at.

     "Hey, ha!"

     Li Jingang is one fist, one individual, and in pursuit of visual effects, it is impossible for a boxing person to lie flat on the spot. Heavier people fly closer, and lighter ones fly farther.

     The surrounding crowd expanded rapidly, avoiding the crowd that had already moved their hands, but Li Jingang was like a tiger entering the flock, under his hand there was not even a person who could stand it.

     The person in front of Li Jingang quickly became empty because he had no one to fight.

     Just a little bit of excitement, but the opponent was knocked down.

     Li Jingang's head was blocked in half, making him like a fish bone stuck in one's throat, have to pour out what's on one's mind.

     Li Jingang yelled in grief and indignation, and then he turned over with a gangbang on the spot. Although he had dozens of kilos of equipment, he didn't need to support the ground with his hands.

     No one can fight, then make a routine diarrhea.

     He slapped his hands in the air, then slapped his body and bent down, then slapped his body with two punches, then straightened up immediately, folded his fists at his waist, looked sideways, and then slapped a kick, and then immediately stood there After flying a 360-degree round kick, landing a sweeping leg, and jumping up to face two punches in the air, Li Jingang pulled his posture and shouted: "Come on! Come on!"If anyone who practices martial arts doesn't know how to play, how can he pretend to be coercive?

     Li Jingang was really suffocated, but when he played this way, he immediately shocked the crowd.

     Regardless of how powerful Li Jingang's style of play is. No one sees it except Gao Yuan. Regardless of how useless this routine is, it is dazzling for everyone to watch.


     "Empty payment! Wow, empty payment!"

     After the silence, it was wa'ed exclaimed, and then whistles all around, and then several soldiers jumped around Li Jingang, especially the black people who jumped most happily. This is their sign of surprise and excitement .

     It was a sensation, a complete sensation.

     Looking at the female soldiers who were so excited that they could only shout, Gao Yuan was jealous, because he also wanted to pretend to be forced, but he would not, he would not do routines.