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317 Three Souls
    Author: Unknown
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"Let everyone inside surrender, This is me's condition, the only condition."

     When Attic spoke, he always at a moderate pace. Although his image was not related to wisdom, Gao Yuan did feel that the old man in front of him was very smart when talking with this person.

     Li Yang whispered: "Their only condition is that all the people in Kandahar's air base surrender."

     Gao Yuan nodded, and then he looked at Attic very sincerely and said, "Yes."

     Li Yang was stunned. He looked at Gaoyuan and said in amazement: "What did you say? Can you agree to this condition? Are you kidding? You can't be kidding about this kind of thing!"

     Gao Yuan somewhat grudgingly, he looked at Li Yang and said: "I know what I am doing, so can you just be a good translator?"

     Li Yang still looked at Gaoyuan, but he turned his head in the end still is and said to Attic: "Yes."

     At this moment, even Atik was stunned.

     "Are you serious? I hope you can be serious about this kind of thing, and also, are your promises effective."

     Attic asked Gao Yuan, Gao Yuan nodded, and said, "Of course you can surrender. This is not a joke, but there are many ways to surrender. Which one do you want?"

     Attic without the slightest hesitation said: "To surrender, of course, to surrender is to lay down your weapons and let us handle it."

     This kind of surrender is actually not different from asking everyone in Kandahar's air base to die.

     However, as long as the condition is surrender, rather than having to kill everyone, there is room for action.Before knowing the identity of Attic and the others, Gao Yuan didn't actually know where to start to convince them, but after knowing it, many things were easier to handle. Although the deeds of Masood were not very clear, Gao Yuan knew about Masood. People, know what Masood means to Afhan, the most important thing is that he knows how Masood died.

     So Gao Yuan knew what to do.

     "There are many types of surrender. Putting down your weapons and leaving this country is surrender. After you put down your weapons, you will also surrender. Even if you let the enemy perform a surrender ritual, let the enemy leave with their weapons and dignity. This is also surrender."

     Gao Yuan smiled, he waved his hand at Attic, and said, "You said that they should surrender. This is no problem. I can even agree to surrender for them right away, but the one you mentioned is the most demanding surrender. In this way, their life and death are completely in your hands, so this kind of surrender is not good."

     Atik calmly said: "Let down your weapon, kneel and surrender, without other way."

     Gao Yuan also calmly said: "without the lips, the teeth feel the cold."

     Li Yang dazed for a moment, he looked at Gao Yuan, then he thought for a bit, and said: "Without lips, teeth will feel cold."

     When translating Gao Yuan's words into pashto language, Li Yang had to open his lips and show his teeth so that Attic could understand what he was talking about.

     Sure enough, Atik was still frowned and said: "what are you saying?"Gao Yuan smiled and said, "Is the enemy of Kandahar air base really your worst enemy? Kill everyone inside, and the war will be over? The Americans killed your son, but the Americans are gone. , Are you without other enemies?"

     In the face of the three high souls, Attic remained silent.

     Harry Keane said that the two groups who harassed Kandahar's air base were mainly two groups, a black beard and a white beard. Gao Yuan is now negotiating with the white beard, then who is the black beard?

     Gao Yuan didn't know who Blackbeard was, and he didn't need to know.

     Gao Yuan pointed his finger at the air base, and then he said solemnly: "Why don't you attack with the Afohan on the other side? How did Massoud die? Who is your biggest enemy?"

     Three souls again, and this time when Gao Yuan finished speaking, Atik gently exhaled.

     Why did Gao Yuan ask this, because there are historical reasons.

     After the Aphrodites with great difficulty defeated the Soviet Union, the Northern Alliance led by Masood had not had time to enjoy the fruit of victory. Taliban rose, and Taliban assassinated Masood, and then Taliban and the U.S. Gotta do it.

     So the water inside is very deep. For Attic, the Americans are enemies, but Tariban is his mortal enemy.

     When the Americans came, Afuhan destroyed the country, but the Americans destroyed the Taliban, but now, End of the World, the Americans are finished, the Taliban is about to rise again, or it has been once again. Rise up.Gao Yuan’s expression was still very calm. He said to Attic, “I can tell you that the Americans’ food will last at most for another half a year, at most half a year. After half a year, they will either starve to death or leave. You can easily kill them one by one."

     Li Yang didn't hesitate this time, and translated Gao Yuan's words according to the truth, although Gao Yuan took the initiative to leak the greatest secret of the Americans.

     Gao Yuan stretched out his hand again and pointed in the direction of the base: "The Americans are your common enemy, but without the Americans, will you go to war with another group of people? Will you have the advantage after the war? The one who gets the most benefit? Is it you?"

     Still three souls.

     Attic was exhaled long this time.

     Gao Yuan said softly: "The Americans come to Afhan and perish, but if you want another group of people to completely take advantage, you will be extinct..."

     This is the soul blow.

     Why the water is deep and the situation is complicated? That's because strictly speaking, before the Americans came to Afhan, the Northern Alliance left by the U.S. and Massoud was not an enemy, but could be regarded as an ally.

     After the Americans came, Afuhan could be regarded as subjugated.

     The Americans have been in Afohan for more than 20 years, and they have developed new hatred with Attic and their tribe, and both sides have become enemies.

     But if they fight with another group of people, Atik and his tribe will face the disaster of genocide.Doesn’t Attic know this? Of course he does. He not only knows but also knows very well, but he just can’t fight the other party first when the Americans are still there. After all, there is the biggest one before him. The enemy, the United States, is the same for the other side.

     As long as you probably know these chaotic historical disputes, Gao Yuan doesn't need to be too clear about the truth. As long as he can do one thing, he can definitely convince anyone.

     "I can persuade the people inside to surrender, but please think clearly about whom Kandahar's air base surrendered to. The result for you is very different."

     As long as Gao Yuan speaks out what he can do and puts it on the table, then he has won this negotiation. Attic and the others certainly did not lose, but Gao Yuan has already won, because this was originally so a win-win result. .

     Finally, Attic gently nodded.