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319 Magic Kung Fu
    Author: Unknown
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Gao Yuan, they came back with a captive.

     At least Andrew and the others thought so, so after the armored car drove into the base, Andrew immediately stood impatiently in front of the armored car.

     "Why can you fly? Well, wait a little longer for this. Let's talk about the important thing first. How is it going?"

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "They agreed to cooperate, and in order to show their sincerity, they also sent a very important person over to see our sincerity by the way."

     After speaking, Gao Yuan waved his hand and said, "Lao Jian, call the doctor over. I think the old man may have a dislocated shoulder."

     For Ashraf, these people gather together feel very complicated.

     Someone subconsciously touched the gun, and then someone glare at Ashraf, and a soldier suddenly yelled at Ashraf.

     After seeing Ashraf coming off the armored car, Andrew dazed for a moment, and then he shouted: "It turned out to be him!"


     "This guy, killed many of us..."

     Andrew's face was hesitant, he even unconsciously touched the pistol, Gao Yuan shook his head and said: "Mr. Colonel, I think you need to calm down."

     Andrew sucked in a mouthful of air and whispered: "Cooperate with this guy? I think..."

     Gao Yuan without the slightest hesitation said: "Mr. Colonel, ask you a question. Would you like to cooperate with another group of people to beat them, or cooperate with them to fight another group of people, you can now make a choice."Andrew frowned and said, "Should we choose one? Why not we can reach a peace agreement with them all and let us leave peacefully."

     Gao Yuan just watched Andrew, silent nothing else reacted, and Andrew quickly sighed saying, saying: "Well, I know it's unlikely. They attacked in the morning and one side attacked in the afternoon. If they can join forces, then this is not necessary. The tacit understanding was formed only because they couldn't join forces, and Afhan was confused."

     After speaking, Andrew sighed and said: "If it weren't for me, the Afuhan people have started fighting by themselves. If I can only choose to cooperate with one of them..."

     Of course Andrew couldn't be an idiot, and he had been in Afhan for longer, so he naturally knew what was going on here.

     Looking at Ashraf, Andrew whispered: "Well, of course I still choose the strong."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said: "He was injured by me. I invited him to come here for treatment to show our sincerity, and I promised to send him away safely. The specific cooperation details will be negotiated at this time tomorrow and today. ."

     With a slap of his hand, Andrew said: "All right, heal him, send him away, and talk about it tomorrow."

     After speaking, Andrew looked at Ashraf, and then he said loudly: "Send this old guy to the medical room, heal him and let him go!"

     At this moment, Wang Ning had already arrived.

     Looking at Ashraf, then at Gao Yuan, Wang Ning said: "Dislocated? What's wrong?"

     "I hit his rifle and he got hit by the butt of his shoulder."Wang Ning looked at Ashraf's rifle, and then he was nodded and walked directly to Ashraf, grabbing the old man's right arm and moving it a few times.

     With a slightly painful expression on Ashraf's face, Wang Ning suddenly said, "Your name?"

     Ashraf was taken aback and said, "What..."

     With a bang, Ashraf bit his teeth, and then Wang Ning let go of the arm he was holding, and said, "Okay."

     Ashraf moved his right arm with a look of surprise, and then Wang Ning said to Gao Yuan: "Nothing else, it's dislocation. It's just that the old age is older. The old arms and legs are no better than the young, so let him be careful. Stay in peace for a month, don't use your right hand too hard, I will leave first if there is nothing else, it's time for Lao Liu to change the dressing."

     After Wang Ning finished speaking, he turned his head and left.

     Andrew looked at Wang Ning's back, and then he suddenly said: "It's also a dislocation, his bare hands reset is really very awesome."

     Is this worth talking about? Gao Yuan felt that if he praised Wang Ning for resetting the dislocation with his bare hands, Wang Ning would consider it an insult.

     Li Jingang is also in one side saying: "It's a dislocation? You still call the doctor for a dislocation. I can't finish it for him, really."

     Now that Ashraf's arm is connected, Andrew also doesn't want him to see too much of the reality in the base, so he said to Gao Yuan: "I can guarantee his safety, but he has to leave."

     Gao Yuan said to Ashraf: "You can leave now. See you tomorrow."

     Ashraf faced Gao Yuan nodded, and then he suddenly said: "Why do you fly, you have not replied my question."Li Yang translated Ashraf's words, but Andrew couldn't understand it, but his translation didn't understand pashto language, but he understood a little Chinese.

     Then Andrew also nodded and said: "Yes, yes, why do you fly? You still have no explanation."

     If Gao Yuan can conceal it, then he of course does not reveal his strength, but Ashraf forces him to leak the ground, so he can only give a reason for the past.

     "This is Kung Fu! Chinese Kung Fu, mystical skill, if this is not the case. Because of the invasion of aliens, we will continue to hide among the world and refuse to reveal our Kung Fu, but now, we must show Kung Fu truly Looks like."

     Gao Yuan's face was solemn, and then he slowly punched in place, and then, he suddenly a supersonic shout, soaring high into the air, three meters high.

     There is a big gap between three meters and ten meters, but all the people present are cried out in surprise.

     Landed high, then he said to Li Jingang: "Fly one for them."

     Li Jingang took down the rifle and untied his body armor, then he turned four somersaults in a row, and finally rolled in a high volley and landed.

     After landing, a chic fist closing action is very beautiful and can conceal the lack of height.

     Gao Yuan looked at Andrew with a solemn expression, and said: "My family is a kung fu family that has been inherited for thousands of years and has hidden thousands of years. Now, we are going to be born Save the World, Kung Fu!"

     Suddenly shouted, and then clasped his fists high, bowed down to salute at Li Jingang, and said solemnly: "Thank you, brother, for the demonstration."Li Jingang clasped his fists and pushed forward suddenly, saying, "Thank you for your success."

     This fooling kid overwhelmed by emotions, Andrew's translator struggled to find a word suitable for the son of the world. He was not familiar with this word, so he finally translated the son of the world into a prince.

     Then, an unsightly, rather fat female soldier suddenly exclaimed: "Oh my God, he turned out to be a prince!"

     Li Yang's skill is that he will not laugh no matter how funny he sees it, unless he cannot bear.

     With a smile, Li Yang said to Ashraf: "This is Kung Fu, the real Kung Fu will not show up until the crucial moment."

     Andrew looked surprisedly and said: "Is it a prince? Oh my god, have we been rude before?"