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325 Somebody Is Coming
    Author: Unknown
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When Shenzhou was quietly conducting an experiment related to the destiny of mankind, the Spark team had the happiest week since the end.

     Why be happy.

     Because here you can pretend to be forceful, you can satisfy your vanity in all directions without dead ends, you can enjoy the vision of others' worship, and you can enjoy the exotic flavor.

     You know.

     Like Pan Xin and the others, even at the end of the day, they must abide by the man’s duty of a Shenzhou Army. Some things are not allowed to be done, that is, they cannot be done at death.

     However, under the leadership of the captain Gao Yuan, the people of the Spark team can enjoy the unscrupulous carnival.

     So Spark Team is really happy, except for Gao Yuan.

     Because Gao Yuan has that guilty heart and guts, but there is no such opportunity.

     But Gao Yuan is not alone, because Liu Deguang and Nie Erlong are with him.

     Liu Deguang was seriously injured, Nie Erlong, it was purely because he was ugly, not to mention that he was injured on his leg.

     But now even if Nie Erlong can go to the ground and abduct it, he still cannot receive a female apprentice and learn English at night.

     Therefore, the main reason for Nie Erlong's loneliness is still because he is ugly, he doesn't know how to say, and he doesn't know how to work.

     Even Wang Ning can find someone to talk about life at night.

     Wang Ning can speak English and is very good, so he can directly enter the stage of talking about life without studying.

     So this World is really fair, but everything is do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution (idiom, from Analects), everyone is holding back that it’s okay, but everyone else is singing every night, just staying It's really easy to get into trouble if you keep the vacancy alone.Therefore, Gao Yuan is now okay to talk about life and ideals to Nie Erlong, lest Nie Erlong can't think of anything.

     "What is it? Rejected again?"

     Nie Erlong was nodded, he turned his face to the side and let out a light sigh of seeing through life.

     "I just don't bother to find someone who is as cheap as them."

     Gao Yuan smiled and said, "Admit it, you are ugly. Also just sufficed. Also just sufficed. The most important thing is that you don't speak English yet."

     Nie Erlong looked at Gaoyuan and whispered: "I will kill you!"

     "Come on, come on, I'm standing here and not running. You win with a finger next to me. If you win, you can do whatever am I doing, but you come."

     Nie Erlong looked at Gao Yuan and said deeply: "I know why Yu Shunzhou always calls you a bitch. I didn't find out before, but now I understand, you are really cheap!"

     Gao Yuan smiled and said, "No."

     Nie Erlong looked high and said disdainfully, "You said that to me, so what about you? You run to stimulate me every day, not because of you can only run to stimulate me, do others have time to deal with you? I'm busy, and you can't even say anything except looking for me. What do you say you are happy about?"

     The lofty smile disappeared quickly.

     Nie Erlong sneered and said, "Come on, hurt each other, come on!"

     "It's boring to chat with you!"

     Gao Yuan quickly got up, turned around and left. Nie Erlong said loudly from behind: "Don't go, learn English, Bitch! Faker oil!"

     Gao Yuan turned around and said angrily: "Fakyoutu!"Nie Erlong discovered his weakness and found his weakness, so it would be boring to talk to him about life.

     Gao Yuan was very melancholy, and he couldn't find a sense of superiority from Liu Deguang, a seriously wounded man. That would be too shameless.

     At this moment, the intercom finally rang.

     "Captain, the colonel said that they have completed all the preparations and we can set off at any time, but this requires you to communicate with Attic first."

     Gao Yuan said weakly and without strength: "Understood, I'll go over."

     It's really boring, let's leave this ghost place quickly.

     Gao Yuan definitely not because of jealous, just because he wants to hurry up Mission Completion, it's really just that.

     Otherwise, go to Kandahar city to find some urgently needed items?

     Although the city of Kandahar is small and dilapidated, and I also know that this place has been beaten and broken in the years of war. The materials are absolutely not rich, and there is no wine, maybe there is smoke, but you can always find what thing. Right?

     It's hard to restrain this idea anymore. Although he knew that Li Yang would not agree, Gao Yuan felt that if he argued with reason, he might be able to move Li Yang.

     Gao Yuan saw Xinghe, and Xinghe waved at him.

     "Where have you been? Squad leader Cao made the pies. They were delicious. I brought you two."

     Looking at Xinghe's oily mouth, Gao Yuan reluctantly smiled and said, "I went to visit and comforted Erlong. Now I go to Li Yang. He has something to do with me."

     Xinghe waved his hand and said with loyalty: "Go, come back early, don't worry about me."

     Worry, what can I worry about...Gao Yuan took two pies, stacked two of them, and bit them down. Um, the beef filling, the fried scorched on the outside and tender on the inside. It was delicious, but it was only two of them. The greedy worm hooked up, but it was impossible for Gao Yuan to eat.

     What's the fun in this day?

     Gao Yuan sighed saying, and this time, he saw Andrew and Li Yang walking out together.

     Originally, it was not far away, from the residential area to the office area, but why did Andrew and Li Yang run out?

     Li Yang shouted at Gao Yuan from a distance.

     "somebody is coming!"

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment, he wiped his oily hands, and then walked with Li Yang and Andrew.

     "Who is here?"

     Li Yang said, "Someone is coming from Kabul base! already arrived Outside, I just used radio to contact here."

     Gao Yuan jumped in his heart and said, "How many people?"

     "I don't know, the other party didn't say anything!"

     There is someone at the Kabul base, what are Andrew and Li Yang excited about?

     I must be excited, because we can know a lot of outside information, but this matter is of great significance to Andrew, but it is of little significance to Gao Yuan and the others.

     But Andrew was so excited, Li Yang would also like to express his excitement, but Gao Yuan immediately lost interest. Even if there were female soldiers among the people who came, it would not be good for him.

     Andrew took the walkie-talkie and yelled a few times, then he was shocked and said a few words in a row.

     Gao Yuan said: "What are you talking about?"Li Yang looked high and stunnedly said with a full face: "People have already come in, two cars, four people, flying the Italian flag, all Italians, just four people!"

     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Isn't it possible? It's a few hundred kilometers away from Kabul, with zombies everywhere in the middle, and rebels and bandits are everywhere. Can the four of them come over?"

     Li Yang looked at Andrew and said, "That's right. He is also curious about this. It is possible that all the large troops will come, but the Cabour base clearly said that he will not leave the base, but there are several reasons The dulli came suddenly, and Andrew wondered if it was a conspiracy."

     When I say no, I won't flee Afhan together, but a week later, there are four Italians from the air base of Cabourg. This is not an explanation.

     Gao Yuan now feels that there might be a conspiracy.