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326 Talent
    Author: Unknown
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The Idali guy leading the team looks like he is in his thirties. He has neat clothes, a well-kept moustache, a dark crimson beret on top of his head, and a handle on the beret. The winged cap badge of the sword, and besides the cap badge that marked that he belonged to the unit, there was also a Roman team badge.

     A three-color camouflage commonly used by NATO, but there is a national flag on the left shoulder, representing the nationality of the visitor.

     The look was stern and full of style. Although the rank of the epaulettes proved that he was only one captain, the style looked like a general came to inspect him.

     At least in front of Andrew, the captain is more imposing than the colonel Andrew.

     "Colonel, my name is Renato Alfano, Captain Military Rank."

     The Idullian saluted, and then he stood in front of Andrew in a standard posture, at least more like a soldier than Chubby's Andrew.

     Andrew responded with a military salute. He looked at Renato in front of him suspiciously. Then he looked at the three soldiers behind Renato. Through the armbands on the soldiers' arms, he recognized the nationalities of these three.

     Andrew pointed to the other three people with a face full of in doubt and said: "Are they the winners?"

     Renato looked back and glanced at, and then he said indifferently, "Oh yes, I heard that you are going back to Europa. After I asked, they were willing to go home with me, so we left together."

     Andrew still had doubts on his face, and he whispered: "Have you gotten the permission of the Kabul resident officer?"Renato shrugged the shoulders, and then he smiled and said: "Uh, about this, I am the liaison officer of Italy in NATO. I can end my current mission and return home at any time. In fact, I should have gone back long ago. The damn alien broke the trip."

     Andrew continued to frown, then he pointed to the three winners and said: "Then do they have permission to leave? Why are you only four of you?"

     Renato smiled and said: "They... are responsible for escorting me. I can't always go on the road alone, Mr. Colonel, I think your focus is off? After all, what we should consider now is how to get home. ."

     Andrew exhaled for a long time, then he touched his chin and said, "in other words, only you alone?"

     "Yes, our army has already finished the combat mission in Afkhan, and it has all been withdrawn. Now only me alone, the Italians are here, and I need protection, then I will find three who are willing to come back with me Soldiers at home, this is not very excessive, right?"

     Andrew thought for a while, he suddenly shouted to the three German soldiers who had just got off the car: "Hi, you guys, can you speak English?"

     The three winners shook the head together.

     Andrew turned around and shouted, "Come and translate for me who can speak it!"

     Renato’s complexion slightly changed, and then he said loudly: "Colonel, don’t you want to ask how I got here? Don’t you want to know what Afhan has become?"Andrew shook the head and whispered: "I care, but I want to figure out what happened, because when I was in contact with the commander of Kabul air base, he clearly rejected the proposal to evacuate with us."

     Renato opened his arms, and then he exaggerated: "Please, there are always people who understand, not each person is so rigid and can't see the situation clearly, I have to stay and die!"

     At this moment, a German soldier rushed over. He saluted Andrew, and then said anxiously: "Sir, I can speak English, and of course I can speak."

     Andrew pointed to the three soldiers who came with Renato, and said, "Ask they actually what's going on, why only three of them came, and what happened on the way."

     Renato said: "Sir, you can ask me."

     Andrew didn’t pay attention to Renato at all. The German soldier inquired about his fellow villagers. They had a good chat. After a few words, the English-speaking soldier said to Andrew: "Sir, they I heard that we were going home, so we left with the chief Renato Alfano."

     Andrew frowned and said, "Destroyer?"

     The German soldiers hesitated for a moment and said: "It is not a deserter, because there is no order to prohibit them from leaving. Now the situation in Kabul is in a mess."

     Andrew pondered for a moment, and then he finally gave up asking whether Renato was a deserter or not.

     "Ask how they came, whether there was a fight on the road, how did they walk so far and came here alive.""Sir, there was no fighting on their way, but they encountered locals many times, but every time it was this... Chief Alfano managed the locals, and they went smoothly along the way."

     Andrew looked at Renato somewhat surprised, and Li Yang, who had been translating to Gao Yuan, was also somewhat surprised. As for Gao Yuan, he was very, very curious.

     Afhan is not at peace. With four people, running smoothly from Kabul to Kandahar, this may not be what everyone can do.

     Andrew put his fingers under his chin and rubbed it for a long time, then he finally said to Renato: "How did he achieve it?"

     Renato said: "It's very simple. We just need to respect their customs and understand the needs of the locals. We can become friends with anyone."

     Andrew immediately looked at the translator and said, "Ask them how they got here, why not fight."

     The German soldiers questioned their compatriots again.

     It can be seen that Andrew doesn't trust this idiot, and he prefers to learn the truth from the three soldiers.

     The interpreter quickly looked at Renato, and then he whispered: "Bribery, by paying certain supplies to the intercepted militants in exchange for a safe passage. They encountered three interceptions along the way, but they all left by this method. of."

     Andrew said in surprise: "how can it be! Don't those militants know that they can take all the supplies by killing them, so why did they choose to get a small amount of supplies and let them go?"Renato coughed slightly, and then he smiled and said: "Friendship, especially friendship based on long-term cooperation, Colonel, I don't think this kind of thing is too much."

     Andrew whispered: "I should have thought of it. You have used this trick before. You and those terrorists reached an agreement privately, in exchange for bribery in exchange for them not to attack you. Li has withdrawn his troops long ago, and now you can still use this hand."

     Renato stood on tiptoe, shrugged, spread his hands, and looked innocently replied: "This will prevent our soldiers from dying in the distant Afohan, Colonel, I just want to know if you really want to take them home, otherwise, You should discover my value instead of trying to cross-examine my friends to figure out if I am a deserter, am I right?"