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329 Backstage
    Author: Unknown
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"Solar System Defense Company? The Cicero family? What does it mean?"

     When Renato said these two names, he emphasized his tone, but Gao Yuan had never heard of these two names.

     However, the translated Li Yang was somewhat abnormal. He looked calm, but Gao Yuan knew he knew what the two names meant.

     Li Yang couldn't speak his own words, he could only translate Gao Yuan's words. Although he knew Gao Yuan was asking himself, Li Yang still translated it, so he became Gao Yuan asking Renato.

     Renato looked at Gao Yuan and smiled: "Have you never heard of these two names?"

     Gao Yuan shook the head and said: "I haven't heard of it."

     Renato smiled and said: "It's no wonder that you are the national team, we are just a club, we are of different nature."

     Renato’s explanation was quite simple and easy to understand. Gao Yuan suddenly said: "Are you a private company?"


     Gao Yuan thought for a while and said, "Then these two companies are very powerful?"

     Renato said not to know whether to laugh or cry: "If you know, then you won’t ask me, if you don’t know, then you ask me nothing else meaning, if you do things for the country, I will serve the company. We are two worlds, we don’t have any intersection with each other. You just need to know a little. I’m not harming anyone because I’m just doing business.”

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Yang and said, "Is it just a businessman?"

     Li Yang smiled, shook the head, and then he translated Gao Yuan's words.Renato said in Chinese to Gao Yuan: "Listen, my man, the Solar System Defense Company is a private military service provider that has just been established, that is, pmc. We recruit some veterans to the company. Those with actual combat experience are the best, so I Came here, but I am stuck here, without other problem, that's it."

     Gao Yuan dumbstruck said: "You can speak Chinese?"

     Renato shrugged again: "Now that I don't know how to speak Chinese, it's not easy to be confused. I hired a private teacher and spent a full 120,000 euros. Then I was tortured for two years to get my current level of Chinese, buddy. Now it’s easier to find a job if you can speak Chinese."

     Gao Yuan dazed for a moment and said: "Yes, I can't learn English, so let the businessman with me speak Chinese."

     Renato exhaled and said: "What else is there you want to ask?"

     "Uh, what is the Cicero family?"

     Renato scratched the head and said: "The Cicero's nothing but a long-established family. I am an Italian, belong to this very well-known family, and then work for the Solar System Company. ."

     Gao Yuan looked at Li Yang and said, "Really?"

     Li Yang looked at Renato, then at Gao Yuan, and said in a low voice: "The Cicero family's largest family business is intelligence. Yes, the Cicero family is an Intelligence Organization."

     Renato's body language is very rich, but it seems that the body language of every Italian is quite rich.

     "You are not an ordinary soldier, otherwise you would not know the Cicero family."shrugged the shoulders, pouting, Renato spread his hand and said: "Since you know the Cicero family, then you should know that I am harmless to you."

     Li Yang whispered, "So, where is the Solar System Company now?"

     Renato thought for a while and said: "[no comment], trade secret."

     "Please, mankind is dying now, what else is there commercial secrets?"

     Renato smiled and said, "Yeah, mankind is almost extinct, why are you still asking about this?"

     Li Yang sighed and said: "We are looking for Solar System Company."

     "Do you have any business with our company?"


     "Sorry, our company has stopped all business activities now."

     Li Yang thought for a while, then he nodded and said, "Yes, it's not necessary. Forget it, I won't ask."

     Renato still had his iconic smile, raised his head high and said: "Where are you leaving for?"

     Renato thought for a while and said, "Where are you going?"

     "We are going to Africa, and if you want to go home, shouldn't you go to Italy?"

     Renato smiled comfortably, and said, "Of course, I just want to return to it."

     I couldn’t ask anything. Renato’s mouth was very strict. Li Yang whispered from the side: "You can live next to us. We can take care of each other when we leave. We are not malicious to you. If you want If you go to Africa, we are also happy to go with you."

     Renato was a little surprised, and Li Yang whispered: "The choice is yours. You don't have to accept it. Okay, there is an empty room over there. You can live in the officer's dormitory, whatever you want."Renato hesitated for a moment, then he nodded and said, "Ok, thank you."

     Without staying any longer, Renato hurriedly walked to the room Li Yang pointed to.

     At this time, Gao Yuan said in a low voice: "Is there something I don't know?"

     Li Yang lowered his voice and said, "This guy is not easy."

     "I know, I mean, do you hide what's the matter from me?"

     Li Yang smiled and said, "Nothing is hiding from you, but you really don't know the Solar System Company?"

     "I do not know."

     Li Yang looked around, then he whispered: "What we are looking for in Africa is this solar system company."

     "Huh? Our people?"

     "No, I don't know more. This is top secret. I thought you knew it, but if you don't know at all, I don't know anymore."

     Gao Yuan scratched the head and said: "It turns out to be related. It's a pity what exactly is it relationship, but we don't know at all."

     "The person we are looking for has something to do with the solar system company, but we are not the solar system company we are looking for. Moreover, this Cicero family is extraordinary. This family holds the largest black market for intelligence in the world. As long as it is engaged in intelligence, it is inevitable. Dealing with this family, so this guy reveals his identity, regardless of whether it is public or private, he has to give him face, of course, before the aliens come."

     Gao Yuan nodded, and then he immediately said: "People like Renato definitely speak with a definite target. They don't speak of the Solar System Company with no cause, no reason, so how about Solar System Company?"Li Yang nodded and said: "Yes, it hasn't been a few years since Solar System Company has emerged, but it has developed extremely fast, as far as I know, as well as Dongwu, and Sequence Asia, all of which are in the presence of Solar Company. Moreover, this company has its own aircraft and its own ship. In short, it is a very powerful private defense company. It has received many defense outsourcing orders from the United States, and also directly participated in the war in hot spots. It is a company between pmc and mercenaries. In just a few short years, they are the top five companies in the world. They are very powerful. Anyway, I am not very clear. However, the people in this company and some armed factions in Afhan really dare not provoke them because this company is famous. has enmity must avenge, and this company is not like any other country. If they want revenge, they just send someone to do it, regardless of international influence.

     Gao Yuan sighed and said: "No wonder Renato can get here from Cabourg smoothly, there is a backstage."

     Li Yang smiled and said: "Of course there is a backstage, and the backstage is very hard. Renato is not easy. There is no need to let him know our purpose. So, don't tell him something, but guard him. ."